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Baby grand pianos which stand 5 to 5 ½ feet tall and weigh 500 to 800 lbs. Medium grand pianos standing 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 600 lbs. Living room grand pianos which are 5 feet 10 inches tall and typically weigh 600 lbs. Professional grand pianos which stand 6 feet tall and weigh 700 lb s Most upright pianos weigh between at least 300 - 500 lbs. Larger upright pianos weigh up to 900 lbs. A baby grand piano weighs between 622 - 690 lbs. Most 9′ concert grand pianos weigh as much as 990 lbs. If you're planning to move a piano, then it's important to know just how much it weighs Baby Grand Pianos are the most sought-after piano type for homeowners. They weigh anywhere from 500 to 600 lbs and are 5' to 5'6 long. The most popular manufacturer of them is Yamaha. Popular Baby Grand Piano How Much Does A Piano Weigh? In Kgs And Lbs (A Movers

When it comes to your baby grand piano—the smallest of the family—you're still dealing with a sizeable instrument that can weigh more than 500 pounds. Your grand piano might just be the biggest piece of furniture in your home. Even enormous, high-tech refrigerators will rarely climb past 300 or so pounds Most of the standard-size grand pianos today weigh anywhere between 500 to 1,200 pounds. Even the 6-feet long baby grand pianos are still heavy. Specifically, their weight ranges from 500 to 800 pounds. Because of their insane weight, it is advised that you should contact professionals if you want to you move your piano A baby grand piano will weigh around 500 pounds (226 kg). A grand piano is the biggest type of piano and normally weighs 600 pounds (272 kg) on average. A concert grand piano can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds (635 kg). The largest piano in the world weighed 2,800 pounds (1,270 kg) Weights differ slightly from model to model, from brand to brand, but on an average, a baby grand piano weighs 500 pounds, about 100 pounds less than a standard grand piano. Upright pianos weight about 300 to 350 pounds, as a comparative. Again, when shopping for a piano, check out the specifications of the piano you want to get exact dimensions

Grand pianos are typically going to weigh between 500 and 1,500 lbs. Most of them, however, will not be over 1,300 lbs. It depends on how big they are and the year they were made. A lot of the materials used today are lighter than what was used years ago The smallest grand piano starts at 54 inches long (which is equivalent to a 54 inch high upright piano at 500-600 lbs.) and they can extend out to 108 inches long for a 9′ concert grand, topping out at 1000-1200 lbs. So grand pianos can weigh anywhere from 500 to 1200 lbs An average professional grand piano weighs about 700 lbs. (317 kg), and an average baby grand piano weighs between 500 lbs. (227 kg) and 600 lbs. (272 kg). The below table gives a summary over of the weights of all different piano types. Read on to learn more about the weight of different pianos and tips for moving pianos The average piano weighs just over 750 pounds, with some larger models coming in around 1,400 pounds and some smaller models at around 300 pounds A typical baby grand piano can weigh around 500 pounds, on average. Grand piano: Finally, the largest version of the grand piano can weigh upwards of 500 pounds and sometimes closer to 600 pounds, depending on the make and model of the piano. Finding a piano mover To find a piano mover, you can search online for piano movers in your area

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  1. Baby Grand Pianos The popular Baby Grand piano is the next step up horizontal pianos. They can be up to 5'7″ in length and weigh 500lb or more. It will take three or four people to move one once the legs and pedals have been removed
  2. Price: $11,000-14,000. The GC1 or GC1M - Length: 5' 3 (161 cm) is built similarly to the C1, having duplex scaling and a rich and warm tonal character. It is a much affordable piano than the C1 because Yamaha uses cost-saving materials for its production. Price: $18,000-21,000. The GC1M Yamaha baby grand piano is basically a C1 piano
  3. The average baby grand piano (under 5' 6) weighs around 700 lbs. or 317 kg. A full concert grand pianos can weigh up to 1,200 lbs or 544 kg. These are the average weights for different kinds of pianos, but they have a wide range because there are different lengths and weights of both upright and grand pianos
  4. ing the price. The bigger the size, the more the unit will cost. However, baby grand pianos are not as expensive as the normal grand pianos, which is why a large number of people opt to purchase a baby grand. The price range of baby grand pianos is from $8000 to a maximum of $20,000
  5. Very Nice Chickering Baby Grand Piano-5'5 Built in 1940ies, at the highlight of American piano building, cabinet is a wonderful tiger mahogany, does have a few nicks and scratches, but not to noticeable, the real gem of this piano is its tone and touch, very nice for any professional player, holds tune well, a great bargain at this price Buyer.

Musician/Appraiser. Master's Degree. 6,591 satisfied customers. I am going to look at a Knabe baby grand piano, serial #. I am going to look at a Knabe baby grand piano, serial # ***** that is 54 wide and 55 deep. I would like to know the year of its manufacture and, if it is read more. Tyler, MM, AAGO How much does a grand piano weigh? I realize there are different sizes. Let me be a little more specific -- about how much does a 5' 8 grand weigh? We will have to move our piano around the house, since we will be having new carpeting put in the living room. We will have it partly disassembled and moved to the dining room . .

Baby grand piano (generally under 5 feet) weigh in at about 475 pounds. Parlor grand pianos (about 5'6) weigh about 525 pounds. A full concert grand piano at 9 feet or longer can weigh as much as. Grand pianos can range in weight from around 600 pounds for a baby grand to over 1100 pounds for a 9-foot concert grand. Upright pianos typically range from around 400 pounds to 600 pounds. From a sound perspective, grand pianos are usually capable of producing more volume than upright pianos GB1K Grand Piano - Length: 5' 0 (151 cm). Price: $11,000-14,000. The GC1 or GC1M - Length: 5'3 (161 cm) is built similar to the C1, having the duplex scaling and a rich and warm tonal character. It is a much affordable piano than the C1 because Yamaha use cost-saving materials for its production. Price: $18,000-21,000 If you don't already know, the average baby grand piano has a total string tension of 36,000 pounds. That's a lot. Now you can understand why a strong frame is necessary. If you've ever played a Yamaha grand piano, you've likely experienced the bright and rich signature tone. Each of their pianos has a unique tone and character, which is cool

Baby Grand pianos - one of the most popular grand pianos because of the sound quality and affordable price. It is slightly bigger than the previous one with a height of 59 to 66 inches and a weight of over 500 pounds. Check out our article on How to move a baby grand piano to learn the right way for relocating this type of pianos In most cases, the new model's price ranges from $130,000 to $200,000, depending on the brand. Parlor grand - This middle ground piano comes in the size of 6 to 7 feet (1.8 - 2.1 m), and its average price is up to $95,000. Baby grand - Every grand piano with size from 5 to 6 feet (1.5 - 1.8 m) is considered a baby grand So how much do upright pianos weigh? A small model weighs in the region of 300 to 400 pounds (136 to 181 kg). Larger upright pianos weigh between 500 and 900 pounds (226 to 408 kg). Weights Of Various Upright Pianos: Yamaha SE122 - 531 pounds (241 kg) Kawai K-600 Upright Piano - 623 pounds (283 kg) Steinway Model D - 990 pounds (449 kg

At 4'11, this piano can fit in most homes. This piano is in excellent playing condition. We have gone through the piano and found it to be up to our standards and ready for us to add our full warranty. Bergmann TG150 4'11 Baby Grand Piano| Polished Mahogany - Serial TG0014103 - Call (844)251-1922 - YouTube. Alamo Music Jason P Pianos are also extremely heavy; Kimball uprights are typically between 300 and 800 lbs. and grand pianos can weigh up to 1,500 lbs. When moving a piano, you will need a few additional people. Things You'll Need: Heavy Duty Dolly With Straps Work Gloves Tape Two To Five Additional People

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A baby grand piano can weigh about 500 pounds and a full 9'concert grand can weigh as much as 1300 pounds. Unfortunately, along with the weight come problems of balance and inertia. Knowledge in knowing how to deal with these problems can make all the difference in moving a piano safely and efficiently The one-piece continuous bent rim, 2 1/4 thick, is one of the most significant technical innovations in piano building. The rim provides the foundation for the beauty, stability, and quality of each Steinway grand piano. The rim of the Steinway Model S is comprised of 10 layers of hard rock maple — with both inner and outer rim being pressed together in a single operation — which provides.

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How much does a Kawai baby grand piano weigh? A baby grand piano can weigh anywhere from 500 to 1000 pounds. What instrument has keys pedals and strings? the piano or a pedal harp or concert harp I custom make Baby Grand piano shells for digital keyboards. It can be loaded in an SUV or even on the roof rack of a small car. The shell is light weight, but strong. Removable pins for the Lid just like a real piano, real piano hinges, and brass hardware. It can be taken apart (like a real piano: Legs, Lid, Music Stand, Key cover The wood on most pianos is probably not solid wood, but fine veneer over pine. Not worth much at all, unless you get a REALLY old antique one. Same with the ivory. They stopped using ivory in the 1950s so anything newer than that is plastic. You can check using a hot pin. Heat it with a lighter and stick it in the key The Steinway Grand Piano Model L is considered a baby grand piano, and some piano technicians often refer to it as the smallest concert grand. While the Model L may not be able to match the depth and volume of the B, C, or D models, many professional pianists choose this model for their home. The Steinway Grand Piano Model L has an overall width of 58 (148 cm) and length of 70.5. Steinway Model B Grand Piano. Length: 6′ 10 1/2 Width: 4′ 6 Weight: 760 lbs Introduced in: 1872 Available in: Mahogany, Walnut, Ebony: Steinway Model C Grand Piano. Length: 7′ 5 Width: 4′ 6 Weight: 882 lbs Introduced in: 1884: Steinway Model D Grand Piano. Length: 8′ 10 3/4 Width: 4′ 6 Weight: 990 lbs Introduced in.

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  1. Baby grand pianos provide sonorous, concert-quality sound without taking up as much space as grand pianos or concert grand pianos. As with all grand pianos, the horizontal action of the hammers on the piano strings make baby grand pianos a superior option to uprights, because notes are repeated more reliably and with more consistent tone
  2. e how much space you have available
  3. Note: because a grand piano can weigh up to 1,200 lbs, you should seriously consider working with a professional piano moving company. Attempting to move a grand on your own can quickly result in injuries to your back and damage to the piano. How To Move a Baby Grand Piano

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Review: The Yamaha GB1K carries the classic lines of Yamaha's famous G and C series grands. While the new models ending in X (ie C2X or S7X) have the newly designed cabinet, the GB1K carries on the traditional style lines. Measuring in at 5′ long, this baby grand is considered the entry level. But make Read Mor Old, full-size upright pianos built in the late 19th and early 20th century can be exceedingly heavy and may weigh more than many popular grand piano models! These large pianos weigh anywhere between 500 and 700 lbs. Large upright pianos, due to the combination between height and weight, can be difficult and potentially dangerous to move The GB 1 K and GC Series pianos may be small, but they have a powerful resonance and tone that brings out the subtle nuances of every note. Great pianos start with the finest wood. Soundboards and ribs are crafted by Yamaha artisans using hand-selected spruce from our Kitami Wood Mill in Hokkaido, Japan

HOW TO MOVE A BABY GRAND PIANO INTO A STORAGE UNITIn this job we are moving a baby grand piano to a storage facility.After taking out the piano lid we wrap i.. The Steinway Model S Baby grand piano (5'1) weighs 540 pounds. Over 300 Craftspeople work in the New York Factory. The NY Steinway factory is located on 11 acres of land ; A piano restored by the Steinway Restoration Center receives the same 5-Year warranty as a new Steinway piano This is an economy baby grand. Sorry about the poor image. as with all our pianos, this piano includes a matching bench, free delivery, free tuning upon delivery and a 10 year warranty on all parts and labor. Similar Pianos. Bluthner - Victorian. Price: $39,000. Chickering - Artcase Your method will depend on the type of piano you're moving. While upright pianos weigh between 500 to 600 pounds, grands range in weight between 600 to 1500 pounds. Whether you're moving an upright or a grand piano, always be sure to wrap the piano with moving blankets or padding to protect it from scratches or any other damage

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A Timeless Classic Since 1852. Born in Bayern, Germany on July 8, 1828, Albert Weber learned to play piano from the age of five and composed music from the age of eight. He was influenced by. leading musicians of the classical era including canonical pianists Beethoven and Mozart. At a young age of 24, he opened his own piano shop under his. According to the Columbus Dispatch, last year the Estonia Piano Factory in Tallinn exported 300 pianos both grands and baby grands, most of them to the united states. Chris Foley Points out that it would be interesting and important to know how these piano age. Sounding wonderful in a show room is one thing - sounding great after a few years is. For the 140th anniversary of PETROF's founding we built the PETROF III, Jubilee Model Opus no. 595000, an exceptional and unique grand piano. We equipped it with a magnetically accelerated action, which improved its dynamic qualities while reducing the weight of the individual components

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Pianos weighing upwards of 1,000 lbs. will require more men and equipment to safely move it. An upright piano will cost less to move than a grand piano. The grand piano takes up more space and is heavier. For example, the cost to move a baby grand piano is $180-$1,000 while the cost to move an upright piano is only $100-$295. Distanc You dont need an expensive set of gram weights to measure your pianos touchweight. You can do it easily, and with as much accuracy, using common coins. For this test, you will need a set of gram weights for measuring between one and 70 grams, or barring that, a set of pennies and/or other coins Spinet pianos are less than 40 inches tall and weigh about 300-400 lbs.; Upright pianos are compact instruments that weigh between 500 and 800 lbs.; Grand pianos have a distinctive shape with beautiful curves. They are longer than they are tall and can weigh anywhere from 600 to 1200 lbs. 2) Measure the size of the piano precisely The Model L was pretty much a New York specialty and was not manufactured at the Hamburg Steinway factory. However, in 1984 and later in 1985, rims, soundboards and plates were shipped to the Hamburg factory from New York where they were completed into finished Model L Grand Pianos The Essex grand piano outer rim is made of laminations of European Maple (Acer platanoides) while the inner rim is made of laminated European Beech (Fagus sylvatica). The wide-tail design featured on all Essex grands is a special innovation by Steinway & Sons that creates 6% more surface area in the soundboard

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If you do decide to use a pickup truck, make sure that it can transport at least 2000 pounds of weight. This will not only take into account the instrument, but all moving supplies, lifting gear, and whoever is riding in the truck as well. A Team Of Helpers. It's important to remember that most pianos weigh between 500 and 1000 pounds Petrof Baby Grand Piano. Made in the Czech Republic, good condition, just a few small hairline splits on the sounding board. Come and play and take it away for cheap, this piano listed for $6,000.00, 3 alike pianos available. Missing one leg. Petrof Grand Piano 5'3 Ebony Polish 2001, Chicago Call 708-516-2506 Large upright pianos: their initial weight is about 500 lbs., but due to their variations, they can easily reach 800 lbs. or even more; Grand pianos : weighing up to 1000 lbs., or sometimes even more for some specialized models, grand pianos are the hardest ones to move from one house to another due to their one-of-a-kind bulkiness too For this, you will need to put on your work gloves and get help from friends. If you never thought about how heavy is a piano - the weight of an upright piano is around 130 kg. As a comparison, a grand piano can reach 500 kg. You need at least three strong pairs of arms for lifting an upright piano on the dolly (and at least six for a grand. Chickering was established in 1823 by Jonas Chickering and James Stewart in Boston, Massachusetts. The partnership of the Stewart & Chickering firm dissolved a few years later. By 1830 Jonas Chickering. Chickering & Mackay until 1841. In 1852 Jonas' 3 sons entered the firm and the named changed to. Chickering & Sons. Jonas passed away in 1853

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Why most people buy baby grand pianos When people spend about £4000 - £6000 on a 4ft - 5ft baby grand piano they are usually making a furniture decision. They like the idea of the baby grand piano and they are often willing to overlook the fact that the musical quality may be compromised due to the size The smallest of horizontal pianos, the petite grand still produces a very powerful sound that is impressive for musicians. Its size is usually around 4 feet, 5 inches but can go as much as 4 feet, 10 inches in height. 6. The Baby Grand. The next up from the petite, the baby grand measures around 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches in height

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We were looking to purchase a Baby Grand Piano late last year but didn't have any idea what we should expect to pay. After finding this site, we began by cross referencing all the pianos we were looking at with the valuation calculators. We quickly worked out which pianos were over priced or good value Don't forget shipping costs. The average cost to move a grand piano down the street is $275-$350, and as much as $1,900 or more nationwide. Why does shipping affect the selling price? Would you buy a $1,200 piano that will cost $1,200 to move? General Formula for Older Grand Pianos $$ How much the piano could sell for in mint conditio

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Baby grand pianos can weigh between 500-800 pounds. PianoTels Tel loves her life as a piano player, a piano teacher, and a mom. Amid piano blogging, piano teaching, and piano playing, she loves a chance to fit in a good exercise class, volunteer at her kids' school and at her church, and go on long dates with her husband.. various parts that will me much more costly to replace than to simply tighten and align. For a bit more information on the action, click here Generally, to recondition and regulate an action for a Grand piano is about $400 -$1,200 for a young piano (30-50 years old) and up to $2500 for a much older action (70+ years old). When a A fundamental feature that separates a grand piano from a baby grand piano is size. A grand model piano will generally be longer than 5 feet in length. A baby grand piano is built to be shorter than 5 feet in length. Because of the grand pianos increased size, its strings are also longer. The result is that this type of piano is generally has a. I just bought a baby grand piano. it is aged cracked white. The front at the keyboard says Chickering Est.1823. There are two old stickers on the underside of the piano. both say #650477, National A read mor For large grand pianos or other expensive instruments that require a high level of skill, some tuners charge as much as $200 per hour. For concert pianos, prices may be even higher. Additional services. Many piano tuners also offer piano repair and are able to recommend additional services that are needed when they come out for a tuning. If you.

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Steinway Grands. The Steinway grand is the gold standard of musical instruments, representing over 160 years of dedication to craftsmanship and uncompromised expression.It is for these reasons that over 19 out of 20 concert pianists choose the Steinway grand piano — and why the instrument remains at the heart of cultured homes the world over.. Discover the latest innovations and improvements. Pianos are one of the harder items in a household to move, considering their size, awkward shape, and bulkiness. It's a good idea to enlist the help of a professional moving company. Today, I will specifically talk about moving a baby grand or grand piano. These babies can weigh between 500 to 1200 hundred pounds [ This Vose & Sons baby grand piano provides a great step up from most uprights to a piano that provides more volume and character. You can take this baby grand piano home for low monthly payments. Vose & Sons began building pianos in Boston in the 1800s, and this piano displays the strong American craftsmanship that the firm was known for However, an upright piano does weigh between 2 to 5 times less than a grand piano, which can weigh over 1300lbs! The smallest grand piano is the baby grand piano and the largest is the concert grand piano. Grand pianos are generally considered better than upright pianos thought they're usually more expensive, too

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If you've longed to own a grand piano but were discouraged by the cost or weight, then the Roland GP607 could be the perfect addition to your home. A stylish digital mini grand piano in polished ebony or white, the GP607 pays homage to the classic grand piano form with an imposing-yet-graceful design Top Notch Movers 3430 NW 16th St, Bay 4/16 Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33311 Website: https://topnotchmoversinc.com/ Get a free estimate for your upcoming move - 9.. How much does a baby grand piano weigh? 200 to 300 pounds. 300 to 500 pounds. 500 to 800 pounds. 800 to 1,000 pounds. Advertisement. Pixabay/FrancisRomeo How wide is a standard wood pallet? 24 inches. 36 inches. 48 inches. 72 inches. Advertisement. Pixabay/Vitamin.

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Baldwin piano company offered the DH Baldwin line manufactured to their specifications. This piano has benefitted from the gentle California climate and has had minimal wear. So, everything plays great! Our technicians have performed full regulation which entails several adjustments on each of the 88 keys for precise performance Baldwin BP148 Grand Piano Baldwin's new Professional Series has a piano for all budgets and every requirement, and the BP148 makes a great case in point. If you always wanted a genuine grand piano of unparalleled Baldwin quality but thought you didn't quite have the space to accommodate one, the new BP148 just might be the answer to your dreams

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Grand Piano Young Chang G150, black polished, 5ft long, piano stool included. $5,600.00. Local Pickup. or Best Offer. Young Chang G-150 Baby Grand Piano in polished ebony. Excellent condition. $6,000.00. Local Pickup. or Best Offer PERZINA PIANOS. Perzina pianos have a rich and storied history in Germany, at one time being the largest producer of pianos in that country. They began in 1871, and had a significant level of success leading up to the partition of Germany following WWII. Their prominence fell in the west after the 'wall' went up, with much more limited markets to sell pianos to, and contending with price. The Steinway Grand Piano Model M is a medium grand piano that is great for conservatories and many homes. Designed by Steinway, the piano delivers a rich tone, is responsive in action, and is a manageable size. The Steinway Grand Piano Model M has an overall width of 57.75 (147 cm) and length of 67 (170 cm). The overall floor area of the Steinway Grand Piano Model M is 22.4 ft2 (2.08 m2) Considering the fact that pianos typically weigh anywhere between 300 to 1,000 (or more!) pounds, we certainly recommend hiring a professional moving company with piano moving experience to do the job. Many times, a piano also happens to be the most valuable and expensive item inside a person's home

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1 thought on Review: Yamaha G2 Grand Piano Connie Stella September 18, 2016 at 5:24 pm. I have a mint condition Yamaha GH2 with serial 4530514. Just wondering if you could quote me approx price to ask bc I have to sell for financial reason Get an accurate estimate of the total weight of your belongings for a more accurate quote with the All World Moving & Storage Weight Calculator. Moncton: (506) 387-7730 Saint John: (506) 635-110 Baby Length (Height) In general, during the first six months, a baby grows about one inch per month. 1  Between six months and one year, that growth slows down a bit to about a 1/2 inch per month. The average length of a baby boy at six months is approximately 26 1/2 inches (67.6 cm) and a baby girl is about 25 3/4 inches (65.7 cm) 5ft 10″ (177cm) 1920 - 1938. Commonly found in mahogany or black occasionally in walnut. Excellent grand piano with rich warm tone and powerful bass. L. 5ft 6″ (167cm) 1920 - 1938. Also known as 'Lilliput' model. This shorter Bechstein is one of the best baby grands available with a rich tone and good bass for its size Knowing the fair market value of Story & Clark pianos is useful to sellers, buyers and owners. This information can help guide you in making important decisions. STORY & CLARK. Story & Clark Piano Co. 269 Quaker Drive. Seneca, Pennsylvania 16346. 800-247-6557 / 814-676-6683. www.qrsmusic.com

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The Steinway L. L Does Not Mean Large. According to piano moving professionals, the Steinway Model L, along with Steinway Models S, M and O, is considered to be a baby grand piano. That is, any grand piano below six feet long is considered to be a baby. For the professional piano technician, baby grand is nothing more than a term of. The question of how much does a grand piano cost? really is answered when you consider how much you are willing to pay for one. The upright piano and the baby grand come in slightly smaller increments; the orchestral grand piano, in use when Paderewski first played in the great concert halls at the turn of the century, is considerably more expensive Working with Mid-America Piano far exceeded all our expectations! We appreciated how much care and consideration went into our purchase, delivery, and set-up of a lovely white, polished 2010 Kawai GM-12 baby grand piano that looks and sounds brand new. Dan and RW made the entire experience effortless About Lester Pianos . Perhaps the most common the Lester pianos still found today is the Betsy Ross Spinet. This was a popular model because of the size and sound, and it was available in a 37 and 40 inch and a variety of styles. Lester also marketed a piano specifically for use in schools during music classes and performances Piano Sales and Restoration at Ackermans is the best choice. Established in 1895. Known for quality and integrity in the piano and furniture restoration, refinishing, and rebuilding industry. Ackerman's can repair any piece. In fact, our restoration & finishing facilities are state of the art Enabling us to spray modified and standard.