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Instructions. In a large mixing bowl, combine coleslaw mix, red pepper, black beans, grilled corn, cilantro, and jalapeño. In a separate small bowl, combine mayo, sour cream, taco seasoning, and lime juice. Add mayo mixture to coleslaw mixture and stir to combine. Previous Post Mix together mayonnaise, sour cream, lime juice, and taco seasoning in a small bowl. In a large bowl, combine cabbage mix, red cabbage, black beans, corn, red pepper, red onion, cilantro, and jalapeno. Add mayonnaise mixture and stir to combine. Cover and chill for at least 30 minutes. Sprinkle with pepitas just before serving Many coleslaw recipes require melding in the fridge for an hour or so, but this Mexican coleslaw is perfect right away. A unique feature of this recipe is that it has both cumin seed and ground cumin: to really bring out that cumin-y flavor! It's very easy to make: the hardest part is the knife skills to chop up all the veggies. Here's how. Mexican coleslaw recipe notes: You can use fresh corn, canned corn (well drained) or frozen corn that's thawed. (Run it under a faucet for 1-2 minutes to thaw it quickly.) Feel free to grill or slightly char your corn in a sauté pan for extra flavor. For a spicy coleslaw, leave some of the membranes in the jalapeño Still a really nice slaw. Served with Mexican pulled pork from this site. Nice pair. Thanks mommy. Helpful (3) Nshell. Rating: 5 stars. 10/08/2016. This was great! Made as is. The La Costena pickled jalepenos were spot on. We made a huge batch for football on sunday. Originally it was just supposed to be a chips and salsa substitute but it was.

Mexican Coleslaw Recipe is a great way to spice up the way you serve tacos or is fabulous as a side dish or salad. Loaded with vibrant vegetables and an oil-free dressing, Mexican coleslaw is a healthy, delicious, and easy to make Simple Mexican Coleslaw. Oh, this Ukrainian girl sure loves her cabbage. Cabbage rolls, fried cabbage and onions, it doesn't matter what way it's made, I love it. One of my very favorite ways to eat cabbage is in a crispy coleslaw. Pure crunchy, healthy, vegetable bliss, is what it is. (This from the girl who doesn't really like salads. This 5-minute Mexican Coleslaw is just the quick side dish recipe you've been looking for it. Perfect for Taco Tuesdays or any other night of the week! I often serve Mexican food like enchiladas or tostadas with shredded cabbage instead of lettuce because I like the crunch and extra vitamins. Sometimes, we're having something that is hard to balance lettuce on top of like taquitos or nachos The English name coleslaw is mainly associated with the mayonnaise-dressed cabbage. It is often written as colesław or kolesław (pronounced [kɔˈlɛswaf]), because of the similarity to many names ending with -sław (e.g. Bolesław)

This Mexican Coleslaw Recipe is Part of A Meal Prep Plan. This recipe is featured in a Meal Prep Plan which also includes four more make ahead dinners. In this plan, I give you the prep list, shopping list and plan to prep on the weekend, so you can have all your weeknight meals ready to go with 20 minutes (or less) of time in the kitchen. Simple Mexican Coleslaw. Wash the outside of the cabbage, and then cut in half using a large, sharp knife. Thinly slice the cabbage after cutting out the core. Add to a large bowl, and then add the cilantro. Add the rest of the ingredients together in a small bowl or glass measuring cup, and stir together. Pour over cabbage and cilantro, and toss This Mexican coleslaw is a combination of shredded cabbage, black beans, corn, red peppers, jalapeno and avocado, all tossed in a creamy dressing. A great side dish for a barbecue or picnic! Coleslaw is a summer time classic and can be found at almost every party or gathering Have some Low-Carb Mexican Coleslaw - for Mexican night! Coleslaw has always been eaten as a side dish with all sorts of meats and even with other side dishes like fries and potato salad. In different countries across the world, people have taken this simple healthy dish and made it unique to their tastes

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Mexican Coleslaw is a blend of shredded cabbage, onion and cilantro that is tossed in a lime and olive oil vinaigrette. It is super easy and so delicious either by itself or with all kinds of Mexican dishes. To make this slaw follow these steps: Whisk together olive oil, lime zest, lime juice, salt, pepper and chili powder Add the coleslaw mix, green onion and cilantro to a large mixing bowl. To a smaller bowl, add the mayo, sour cream, lime juice, cumin, salt, pepper and cayenne. Mix well. Taste to adjust seasonings. Pour the dressing over the cabbage mixture. Toss well to incorporate the dressing into the salad Toss all the slaw ingredients together in a large bowl and set aside. Place the dressing ingredients in a blender or mason jar (where you can use an immersion blender ). Blend on high for 1 to 2 minutes, or until smooth. Add more lime juice (or water) if needed to get the consistency you want

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Instructions. In the bottom of a large bowl mix together the sour cream, mayo, lime juice and cumin. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix together thoroughly. Refrigerate for an hour or two before serving to let the flavors marry All-American Cole Slaw Alaska Cooperative Extension Slaw Creamy Cole Slaw Sweet and Tangy Party Slaw Confetti Slaw Apple Coleslaw Cabbage Salad German Cole Slaw Mexican Cole Slaw Napa Cabbage and Carrot Slaw with Toasted Sesame Seeds Oriental Slaw The word cole slaw comes from the Dutch koolsla, which means cabbage salad. That name doesn't give a clue about what, besides cabbage, went into. A quick and spicy Chipotle Mexican Coleslaw made from cabbage, carrots, jalapeños, chipotle mayo, lime juice, and cilantro! Makes a perfect dish for summer picnics, BBQs, and potlucks and is paleo, Whole30, and dairy free. I'm a little ashamed to say that this is my first coleslaw recipe on the blog. I know, what have I been waiting for?! But don't worry, we are starting off strong with this. Directions: In a large bowl, combine the coleslaw mix, cheese, bacon, sunflower seeds, grapes and black pepper. Drizzle over the coleslaw dressing and gently toss until all of the ingredients are evenly coated. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 1 day before serving This has sliced jalapeno peppers instead of red cabbage and shredded carrots. It's based on one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in my hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado. It's a hole in the wall restaurant called El Tapitio, with the best carnitas. They serve a cabbage slaw dip like this as a side with chips and salsa

4 oz. angel hair cabbage. 2 oz. raw tomatoes, diced. 1 oz. green bell pepper, diced. 1 oz. green onion, chopped. ¼ cup apple cider vinegar. 1-2 packets no calories sweetener (such as Stevia) 1 tsp. chili powder. 1 TBSP each: dried cilantro, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper Mexican Coleslaw. 1/4 head savoy cabbage, thinly sliced in a food processor or chopped; 1/8 head purple cabbage, thinly sliced in a food processor or chopped Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed Instructions. In a large bowl combine coleslaw mix, cilantro and jalapeno. Toss until well combined. Add the juice of 1 lime, the vinegar packs and olive oil packs. Mix until well combined. Taste and season with salt and pepper as necessary Place the fish on a foil lined pan and transfer to the oven. Broil for 8-10 minutes or until thickest part of fish registers 145 degrees F. Remove from the oven and transfer the tilapia to a heat proof plate. Using a fork, break up the fish (for faster cooling). Allow to cool for at least 15 minutes or until no longer steaming

Mexican Coleslaw Recipe Mexican coleslaw is the perfect blend of that fresh traditional coleslaw crunch with a hint of zesty kick. By adding a little fresh lime juice, cilantro, and jalepeno, the average coleslaw turns into a flavorful addition all year round Pour in the Nakano Seasoned Red Pepper Rice Vinegar, add water, mix well, add the two bay leaves, salt to taste and cover the pot. Lower the temperature to medium heat and cook until cabbage and carrots are soft, approx 15-20 minutes. Let it cool down then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving Instructions. In a large mixing bowl, combine coleslaw mix, red pepper, black beans, grilled corn, cilantro, and jalapeño. In a separate small bowl, whisk together mayo, sour cream, taco seasoning, and lime juice. Add dressing to the coleslaw mixture; gently stir to combine. Refrigerate until ready to serve

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  1. Made with traditional Mexican herbs and vegetables, such as jalapeno peppers, cilantro and jicama, it is great addition to any Mexican-inspired meal. Or, use it on tacos, such as fish tacos. An all-in-one way to spice up fish tacos! Try Fiesta Coleslaw for Cinco de Mayo, if you are planning a get-together
  2. Directions. In a large bowl, toss together cabbage, onion, carrot, and jalapeño, if using. In a small saucepan, combine vinegar, salt, and sugar a cook over medium heat, stirring, until salt and sugar are just dissolved. Pour brine over vegetables and toss to combine. Cover and refrigerate for one hour before serving
  3. This recipe is for a smaller batch of Mexican coleslaw. If you need enough to take to a BBQ or a bigger group double everything in the recipe or even triple it.; If you are short on time you can buy pre shredded cabbage in a bag in the produce section.; If you want to add some additional items diced tomatoes, chucks of mango, or tortilla strips go perfect in this recipe
  4. • Simple Mexican Quinoa Bowls • Mexican Quinoa Salad • Mexican Chocolate Dairy-free Ice Cream • Lacto-Fermented Escabeche • 7 Layer Mexican Dip. Simple Mexican Coleslaw • 1 medium-large cabbage (I sometimes use half of a green, and half of a red) • 1 bunch of cilantro, washed, stemmed and chopped • ½ cup fresh lime juice
  5. utes to make. Here's basically how it goes: Prep the cabbage: Remove and discard the loose outer leaves from the cabbage. Then, cut it in half from top to bottom, through the large stem. Lay the cabbage flat and thinly slice it
  6. ced cilantro. 1 jalapeno seeds removed and finely diced. ¾ c. mayo. ¼ c. sour cream. ½ package taco seasoning
  7. in a small bowl. Pour over cabbage mixture and toss to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate 20 to 30

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In a small bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, lime juice, cumin, garlic powder, salt and cayenne. Place the shredded coleslaw mix, green onions, and cilantro into a large bowl. Pour the dressing over evenly and toss to coat. If you have time, refrigerate the cilantro lime slaw for an hour to let the flavors develop The Mexican Slaw is made with shredded cabbage but what I love about his recipe is how you can add all sorts of other crunchy veggies to the mix-like grated radishes ( yummy!) jicama, kohlrabi or carrots (so pretty!).. You get the idea! Clean out your fridge. And if short on time, YES, store-bought, packaged slaw mix is totally fine!. Fresh jalapeno (or serranos) and lime zest give it a. Tangy Mexican Slaw. Move over regular coleslaw, Mexican slaw is here to slay! This recipe is a tangy riff on the mayo-based classic, and the flavors are spot on! In this tangy Mexican slaw, the cabbage and red onions are not coated in mayo. Instead, they're bathed in a fresh and citrusy dressing made with cider vinegar and olive oil Instructions. To a large mixing bowl, add the first 7 ingredients (through black pepper) and whisk to combine until smooth. Add green onions, coleslaw mix and red cabbage and toss to combine. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour, to allow flavors to fully combine Instructions. In the bottom of a large bowl, combine all the dressing ingredients and whisk to combine. Taste, and adjust the amount of lime juice or salt if needed. On top of the dressing, add in the sliced cabbage, cilantro, green onion and jalapeno. Toss to combine

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This Mexican coleslaw recipe is the perfect, clean eating coleslaw for all your spring and summer festivities! Clean eating Mexican coleslaw is light, refreshing and has just a slight tang to it from the lime juice. It's perfect for tacos, burgers and just about any spring or summer foods you need a good sidedish for 3/4 cup mayonnaise. 1/3 cup sour cream. 1 (13.75 oz.) can black beans, rinsed and drained. 1 (13.75 oz.) can corn, rinsed and drained. 1/3 cup fresh cilantro, minced. 1/4 cup lime juice. 1 jalapeño, seeds removed, minced. 1 package taco seasoning This fresh Mexican slaw recipe is one of the easiest recipes on the site - but one of the best. I've always loved the crunch of cabbage in salads, and most of my paleo salads have some cabbage thrown in. Even though this is a Mexican red cabbage slaw, I could (and did) eat it alone as a meal Instructions. Mix all the dressing ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well. Make sure the sweetener dissolves. Use a mandolin to finely slice all the slaw ingredients and place into the bowl with the dressing in. Let the slaw sit for 5-10 minutes in the fridge. Top with slices of lime and serve! Print this recipe Coleslaw is a great, crisp side dish for all kinds of meals. And this Whole30 Mexican Coleslaw is perfect on the side of tacos or enchiladas for a cool, crisp side dish with Mexican spice. I hope you enjoy this Whole30 Mexican Coleslaw! Ingredients (serves 4-6): 2 cups shredded green cabbage; 1 cup shredded purple cabbage; 1/2 cup shredded carrot

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Instructions. In a small bowl, add the mayonnaise, lime juice, green onions, jalapeño, and salt. Whisk together to combine. In a large bowl, add the jicama, cabbage, and cilantro. Add the dressing and toss together to combine. Serve immediately or store in the fridge until ready to eat Coleslaw Recipe Ingredients Slaw Mix. Coleslaw Mix: This is my favorite shortcut for when I am feeling a bit lazy in the kitchen (so like every summer day).Feel free to make your own mix with green and purple cabbage and some shredded carrots. Green Onions: Scallions add a nice fresh little bite to this delicious Mexican slaw.; Jalapenos: Seeded, deveined and chopped Cilantro Lime Bacon Slaw Ingredients. With just a handful of ingredients, this coleslaw comes together in a cinch! Bacon: Master super crispy bacon bits with my oven baked recipe!; Cabbage: I'm using green cabbage, but feel free to add in some red cabbage for a pop of color.; Cilantro: You'll need just 2 cups of lightly packed cilantro leaves.; Lime Juice: As always, fresh squeezed lime.

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Instructions. Stir together the mayonnaise, lime juice, honey, cumin, salt, and cayenne pepper. Refrigerate the dressing until ready to use. This may be done 1-2 days in advance. Combine the coleslaw mix and green onions in a large bowl. Pour the dressing over top, and toss until the cabbage is evenly coated Mexican recipes. 61 Recipes. Magazine subscription - Try your first 5 issues for only £5. Put on a feast with our Mexican-inspired recipes. Try popular dishes such as tacos, tortillas, fajitas, burritos and quesadillas, plus sides like guacamole and nachos. You're currently on page. 1

In a large bowl, combine potatoes with olive oil and cumin and toss to combine. Place onto prepared sheet pan and spread out evenly. Roast for 10 mins, take out and stir. Place back into oven and conitu roasting for 10 additional minutes. While the potatoes back, prepare the dressing STEP 1: To make the creamy avocado dressing add the garlic and cilantro to a food processor to mince both. STEP 2: Next add in the avocado, salt, pepper, water and lime juice. Process until nice and creamy like the picture below. STEP 3: In a large mixing bowl mix the bag of coleslaw mix with the avocado dressing

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STEP 1. Combine cabbage and cantaloupe in 1 1/2-quart serving bowl. STEP 2. Combine all remaining ingredients in another bowl. Add to cabbage mixture; toss lightly. Tip #1. To prepare ahead, place cabbage mixture and sour cream mixture in separate covered containers I don't know the real name for this recipe but I call it ensalada de repollo or Mexican coleslaw. This usually goes as a side dish with birria. Can be sued with any meal I suppose. Will need 1 bag of coleslaw, 1 can of mixed vegetables ( drain liquid), 1/2 cup of mayonnaise , 1/2 cup of sour cream, about 1 tsp of salt and black pepper

Mexican Coleslaw. Yield: 4 to 6 portions, 7 cups. Print Recipe; Add To Cookbook; Rate & Review; Share Recipe; Ingredients. 4: cups: shredded coleslaw mix (from a 16-ounce bag) 1 1/2: cups: radishes cut into thin wedges 1: can (19 oz.) black beans, rinsed and drained. Home » Recipes » Mexican » Mexican Coleslaw. Mexican Coleslaw. By Dannii · Published 8th February 2018 · Updated 26th February 2021 · 78 Comments · This post may contain affiliate links and generates income via ads · This site uses cookies · Post contains 1292 words. · About 7 minutes to read this article

Directions. In a small bowl, mix together mayonnaise, sour cream, lime juice, and taco seasoning. In a large bowl, combine cabbage mix, red cabbage, black beans, corn, red pepper, red onion, cilantro, and jalapeno. Add mayonnaise mixture and stir to combine. Cover and chill for at least 30 minutes In a medium bowl, whisk red wine vinegar, lime juice, honey, garlic, cumin and sea salt. Slowly whisk in olive oil until emulsified. Taste and add a bit more salt, if needed. Dressing can be made a day in advance and stored in the refrigerator Mexican Cole Slaw: Slice 1/3 head of cabbage, 1/4 head of red cabbage, 1/3 of the ends of a bunch of cilantro and in your cuisinart, julienne 4 carrots. My name is Peter and this blog is a labor of love expressing my passion for cooking and bringing family and friends around the kitchen table. I (now) make gluten free and mostly healthy.

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Mexican Coleslaw, though not a traditional dish, is my creation using a mixed bag of green and red cabbage that you can find at the local grocery, but with some Mexican pantry ingredients thrown into the mix. Jarred pickled jalapenos can do wonders to a coleslaw dressing, both the chilies and the juice add so much tangy taste, not to mention a. Instructions. Mix cabbage, radishes, carrots and cilantro in a bowl. Set aside. In a small bowl or jar add the minced jalapeno, orange juice, lime and zest, cumin, and honey. If using a bowl, whisk as the oil is slowly drizzled in. If using a jar, add the oil and shake together. Add salt and paper to taste Cilantro Lime Cole Slaw Tips. Make this cole slaw at least four hours in advance to give the ingredients the time they need to marry.; Serve it on on pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, chicken, or as a kicked-up side dish with baked beans and corn on the cobb for your next barbecue.; It even goes well with a pot of pinto beans and Mexican cornbread.; It doesn't matter the event, this cilantro lime. Granny Smith Apple Slaw. Sabrina S. Baksh / Regarding BBQ, Inc. This lively Granny Smith apple slaw is half thinly-sliced apple pieces and half shredded cabbage, along with some surprising ingredients such as cilantro and thyme. It's a fun break from the same old coleslaw. Continue to 9 of 9 below. 09 of 09 Combine mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper in a bowl. Using a whisk, mix sauce until smooth. Place the shredded cabbage mix in mixing bowl with dressing. Toss with dressing until thoroughly blended. Gently fold in mandarin oranges. Place in refrigerator to marry flavors for at least one hour

Mexican Cole Slaw 1/2 lime, cut into wedges. To assemble: Heat tortillas in microwave or oven to soften. Remove and add 1 piece of tilapia, top with a heaping spoonful of Mexican coleslaw and garnish with some crumbled queso fresco and/ or a dollop of cilantro-lime yogurt. Squeeze a fresh lime wedge over taco if desired An easy, spicy lime and jalapeño coleslaw recipe. 1 In a large bowl combine the cabbage, bell pepper, cilantro, and jalapeño in large bowl and toss to combine. Set aside. 2 In a small bowl whisk together the olive oil, lime juice, and cumin. Pour this dressing over the cabbage mixture, add salt and pepper to taste, and toss to combine Cook on high for 4-5 hours or on low for 7-8 hours. Remove from the slow cooker and shred on a platter or plate. Drizzle with the juices left in the crock pot. Keep warm until you're ready to serve. Meanwhile, prepare the coleslaw. Shred the cabbage into very thin slices

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  1. Step 1. In a large mixing bowl combine the cabbage; jicama; apple, peach, or nectarine; and red onion. Advertisement. Step 2. In a small bowl stir together the mayonnaise dressing or salad dressing, cilantro or parsley, vinegar, sugar, and ground red pepper. Pour the dressing over cabbage mixture, tossing to coat
  2. In a bowl combine garlic, tomato paste, honey, orange juice, and lime juice. Pour over pork and onions. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or until pork is tender. Remove pork from slow cooker and shred. Pour 1/2-1 cup of liquid from slow cooker over meat for serving. Serve on corn tortillas with Mexican Slaw, recipe below
  3. May 30, 2017 - Taco Salad meets coleslaw in this creamy Mexican Coleslaw recipe! Packed with flavor, it's the perfect side dish for Cinco de Mayo and summer cookouts! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures
  4. 72 reviews of Mexican Restaurant Jalisco I think this is my favorite restaurant in Harrisonburg. I attended JMU for four years, and I faithfully went here whenever I was looking to dine out. First off, their menu is completely affordable. Want to make it even more affordable? Try ordering their quesadilla side items. The quesadillas are HUGE
  5. Thinly slice the cabbage in a food processor using slicing disk, or thinly slice by hand. Transfer cabbage to a large bowl. Use paper towels to squeeze cabbage and remove any excess water. Add jalapeno, scallions and cilantro. Stir in Vegenaise and lime juice. Stir, and season with a few dashes of salt. Taste, and adjust salt as needed
  6. Bobby's Creamy Coleslaw. A creamy, well-balanced vinaigrette lightly dresses crunchy shredded cabbage and carrots in this easy coleslaw recipe. More Coleslaw Recipes. Blue Cheese Coleslaw. Sweet.
  7. Combine the cream, mayonnaise, orange juice, vinegar, black pepper and salt in a large bowl and mix well. Add the cabbage and scallions and toss with the dressing

In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, vinegar, honey, lime juice, salt and pepper. Set aside. In a large bowl, toss cabbage, cilantro and poblano pepper. Pour olive oil mixture over cabbage mixture and toss again to coat evenly. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate. folder Method. Start by making the dressing. Lightly dry-roast the cumin seeds in a small frying pan for a minute or so to release their flavour, then grind to a powder. In a small bowl, mix the egg yolk, mustard, garlic, cumin, salt, vinegar and lime juice, then gradually whisk in the olive oil. Stir in the sour cream, taste and add more seasoning if. Coleslaw with jicama Mexican-style: What is the difference between 'coleslaw' and 'slaw'?The British use the word coleslaw to describe a shredded cabbage salad with mayonnaise dressing. It seems that the Americans use the word 'slaw' to describe pretty much the same thing with just one difference These Mexican-inspired breakfast bowls feature flavorful chorizo, sweet potatoes, black beans, eggs, avocado, and homemade pico de gallo. An easy to put together chorizo breakfast bowl with a south-of-the-border flavor, says My Hot Southern Mess. View Recipe. this link opens in a new tab. These Mexican-inspired breakfast bowls feature.

The fresh flavors of Mexican cuisine really shine through. Cilantro, jalapeño, and lime pair perfectly with the crisp cabbage to make a tangy slaw. It's great for topping sandwiches (like my Slow Cooker Mexican Pulled Pork) or as a side dish. I used some help from the store and bought a bag of coleslaw mix To serve, spoon some of the pork mixture into each bun. Top with Mexican-Style Coleslaw, if desired. For the Mexican-Style Coleslaw: Place the bagged coleslaw mix into a large bowl and set aside. Add the lime juice, cumin, garlic and olive oil to a blender. Cover and process until smooth. Pour the lime mixture over the cabbage Mexican Coleslaw Perfect for BBQs, garden parties and picnics, this Mexican-inspired coleslaw is seasoned with lime juice, garlic, cumin, oregano and a dash of hot sauce for a flavourful and. Instructions. In a large bowl combine cabbages, carrots, cilantro and scallions. In a blender, combine lemon juice, orange juice, Rice Wine Vinegar, olive oil, honey, cumin, cayenne and sea salt in a blender. Process until smooth. Toss cabbage with dressing and serve Mexican Coleslaw Go Mexican-style with this slaw that features lime, cilantro and cumin. (It's perfect in tacos!) Easy Cabbage Salad All you need is 6 ingredients, and the tangy flavor makes it a total crowd pleaser. Broccoli Slaw Why not make coleslawwith broccoli stems? This variation is irresistibly fresh and crunchy Method: Using a fork, stab the flank steak all over (about 15 times). Season both sides with salt and pepper generously. Place flank steak in the bottom of the crockpot. In a bowl, whisk together: the olive oil, the lime juice, orange juice, vinegar, jalapeno, red onion, garlic, cumin. Pour marinade over the flank steak