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I was thinking of having the option of creating/picking character backstory for your character. It wouldnt change your gameplay or anything i just think it would be pretty cool and unique if each person could make their own custom or preset backstory that other players can view in the menu, i dont know what it would change in the gameplay or why i really want this, just think it would be cool DayZ Lore and Stories ; Character backstory Character backstory. By lwilkinson98, July 21, 2016 in DayZ Lore and Stories. Followers 0. Recommended Posts. lwilkinson98 1. Posted July 21, 2016. lwilkinson98. OFFLINE; WHITELISTED; 27 posts; Last played: 2 years ag I don't really have much of a story to my character I guess, more like morals that he follows. But even now with the game somewhat stale I haven't been exactly keeping up on them like I usually would. I remember back in the original Arma 2 DayZ mod I had the same moral thing going The following page is under administration by Rustycaddy. Please contact me if you would like to discuss any lore related topics pertaining to Chernarus. DayZ Standalone's lore is primarily based on the events that transpired prior to the outbreak. Currently, there is little to no information regarding the cause of the outbreak, as all of the events post-outbreak are intentionally devoid. Templetes for your Dayz character backstory [new one, more extensive] discussion. Here you have it. The latest version. Explanation. Example. Print templet. Others templetes can be found here. List of links that can help you to build a character (expanded list)

Backstory Generator. Race: Half-Orc. Birthplace: Brothel, tavern, or inn. Current Age: 53. Charisma: 12 (1) Parents: You know of your parents. Mother: Greeba Mitchell, Neutral Good Half-Orc Sorcerer that works as a Hunter. Your relationship was friendly. She is dead, killed by disease I consider the date of the earliest reports of the infection to be the same as when DayZ Mod was released (approx. Dec 2012). I usually refer to the current year in-game as being 4 After Day Zero (4 ADZ). I typically view the whole world as being infected to some degree, and as such our characters aren't quarantined in Chernarus Depending on the age of the character, we'll generate 4-8 paragraphs of text about him or her. This is ideal for quick inspiration or for creating portfolio's of minor characters for later work. character history generator / creative a character description / random character background / backstory generato

100 thousand years dayz began... A plague invented by Russia to take the world to its knees infected a doctor without anybody realizing this. That doctor later went into public and infected the city. The virus spread until it completely destroyed the Earth EXCEPT one group. That one group is a group of American soldiers in some secret base with a seemingly endless supply of helicopters and men Backstory description generator This backstory description generator will generate a fairly random description of either a fortunate or unfortunate backstory depending on your choice. These backstories will fit respectable characters best, though some could be used for villainous characters as well

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  1. The backstory is not, as some treat it, to hash out your character's personality in full, along with the many trials they've faced that have made them who they are. You are not writing a biographical history of your character, you are describing their origins and establishing some themes you may wish to explore with that character
  2. My DayZ backstory i originally did back in May 2012.. (at the bottom of the page is my first attempt at survival in game also in May 2012 ) Dayz.. a mod for ArmaII/ Operation Arrowhead that has you as a survivor in the middle of zombie apocalypse. Will you keep your humanity and help other survivors or will you tread the bandit path, slaying.
  3. CQD will have a series of other features, as well as a pseudo-blog not unlike DayZ Diaries, but for now I thought you guys might like to play around with the Backstory Generation feature! It compiles a list of traits and rules with which to play your character
  4. New Dawn DayZ New Dawn Tribune - IN CHARACTER ONLY Character Backstories... Backstory: Thread Modes. Backstory.
  5. Simple payed up for a year server, slightly boosted loot and the usual, tired of putting the effort in to servers to have them fold after a few months so started this server, a 42 slot at the moment server, no whitelist or password, free for all to join, no promises made that can't be kept and th..

I understand the urge to create a character you can relate to and become fond of, but the absolute freedom is what makes DayZ great. Specifying a backstory and profession would only be adding restrictions The official storyline of the virtual band members of Gorillaz, as established by music videos, Rise of the Ogre, interviews with the characters in magazines, interactive games on the official Gorillaz website, and social media. 1 Phase One: Celebrity Take Down (1997-2002) 2 Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades (2002-2008) 3 Phase Three: Escape to Plastic Beach (2008-2013) 4 Phase Four: We Are. It would be interesting for the character create if you could select a history like medic, Ex police officer, exconvict, ex soldier, hunter, and athlete which can give you bonus knowledge or skill in an area. For the health system how about you make it you have a carry weight and run distance limit, and the more you run eat and drink, the further you can run, and the more zombies you kill and. A DayZ Standalone Community. There is no need to have a deeply rooted backstory to engage with players, or requirements to engage with other players at all. For those that do have an interesting story to tell, and character to bring to life, there are others looking to share that story with you..

When writing character backstory, 'relevance' is key. Any event you describe in detail from your character's past needs to be relevant to (i.e. needs to have an impact on) later developments. For example, in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, the villain has killed Harry's parents long before the story opens Denied. You know this isnt allowed and I dont know why youd expect special treatment. No, I dont have any power over this, I just figured id let you know ahead of time. You probably wont get a response to this from Rocket.Dont listen to this guy he is just another kiddie that needs anger manageme.. 1 Starting Gear 2 Other Players 3 Types of Survivors 3.1 Bandit 3.2 Friendly 3.3 Lone Wolf 4 See Also Survivors are people who are naturally immune to the infection that devastated most of the world. They now have to learn to survive against the elements, Infected, and other Survivors while meeting their basic human needs. Every player begins as a minimally-equipped character in the nation of.

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  1. Is a good idea but you know how can you assure people is going to RP, if they KOS you they can say. Oh I was RP my character is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ psycho and wants to kill everybody or you sacred me and I used my gun. The problem is not RP servers or not the real problem is the people who plays DayZ
  2. The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide is the perfect way to create a unique character for yourself, and no two characters made using this book will be the same Even if you don't intend to use your character for anything, going through this book will give you an appreciation for the skill of creating characters
  3. The new Dayz update is out for the experimental branch! New features include bears, fishing, new guns, and a brand new map called Livonia! Join the Discord:.

Here is a look at the DayZ Standalone Map and a history to its design and back story. I personally find this all very interesting so I hope you do too.My Twi.. DayZ [Standalone] is a free roaming multiplayer zombie survival game. The stories and situations told here have been caused by player interactions in the game following a roleplay format (people act out characters, progress a storyline with arcs, etc.). Having a backstory and a history for your character will help you have something to.

Really get into these characters, guys. This will make you more sympathetic and into it. reply | flag * message 2: by Thomas (last edited May 28, 2012 10:12AM) (new) May 28, 2012 12:37AM. Name: Thomas Jensen Age: 25 Country/State/City: USA, Illinois, Chicago Personality: Caring, kind and helpful with a hidden selfishness.. 1 DayZ Mod & Pre-Release 1.1 Humble Beginnings 1.2 Riding Momentum 1.3 The Long Wait Begins 1.4 The Year That Would Never End 1.5 Everything in Flux 1.6 Closed Alpha 1.7 Timeline of Major Events 2 Early Access (Alpha/Beta) 2.1 What We Started With 2.2 Implemented content 3 Post-Release 4 Other Information 4.1 What We've Lost 4.2 Trivia 5 See Also The history of DayZ Standalone's development. Better Loadouts. Better starting gear that provides a roleplay back story for your character. Spawn as a construction worker, prisoner, nurse, hunter, policeman, biker, fireman, soldier, office worker or various other characters. I was tired of always spawning in the same old gear so I decided to create an alternative 1.3 Players are not expected to act as their characters appearance based on their gender but are expected to maintain a consistent character name with a backstory whether it be realistic or not. 1.4 Players must have a name assigned to their character in game. It must be either your RP character name or your steam name

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Welcome to BastionRP 's Lore Characters Lore Characters are a series of characters created by the Lore Team to introduce new RP dynamics to our server and bring the outside world to Korolgrad. The characters listed in this thread can be applied to by anyone in the community, but recruitment for said characters will be EXTREMELY SELECTIVE, based on the following factors Bronyais the third playable character and an obtainable character of Houkai Gakuen 2. 1 Biography 2 Outfit lore 2.1 Senba / Modern 2.2 Herrscher of Reason 3 Stigmata 3.1 Base Upgrade 3.2 EX Upgrade 3.2.1 EX Upgrade 1 3.2.2 EX Upgrade 2 3.2.3 EX Upgrade 3 4 Armored Bunny 19C facts 4.1 Short facts..

Is this DayZ SA or Fallout? :P #1. Jared 1st. Mar 11, 2014 @ 2:14pm lol i might have gone a bit too far but it would be crazy to get chased by a bunch of insane canibal rapists in the woods lol #2. Jared 1st. Mar 11, 2014 @ 2:17pm Maybe even an option to capture and chain up zombies to use as traps/torture devices like in the Walking Dead. In Dead by Daylight , there are two distinct roles to play and multiple Characters in each role to choose from. 1 Overview 2 Survivors 3 Killers 4 Legendary Characters 5 Ultra Rare Characters 6 Costume Characters 7 Lore Characters 8 Unused Characters 8.1 Unused Killers 8.2 Unused Alpha Survivors 8.2.1 Original Trailer 9 Trivia Each Killer has their own strengths, weaknesses and unique power. Having established character backstories is a crucial part for any DnD campaign, whether it's one of the published D&D Adventures or a homebrewed campaign. Download Character Backstory Template. What is a Character Backstory? Every DnD character has a story, even before the campaign starts Trailer Shows DayZ Creator's New Game Icarus. RocketWerks release a new documentary-style trailer for its upcoming title, Icarus, revealing the backstory and lore behind the planet Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.It was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on April 26, 2019, before later being released on Microsoft Windows (PC) on May 18, 2021.. Set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after a global pandemic, Days Gone follows the story of Deacon St. John, a.

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Step 3: Combining the sticks with rags. Drag the bundle of sticks to your action bar and equip it, after that drag the rags to the combine menu and cycle through the crafting options till the recipe for the splint appears, click LMB and wait a couple of seconds - a splint should appear on the floor! (You need x4 rags and x2 short sticks Extensive character biographies are an essential tool for a writer trying to build a believable world. In this one-day seminar, you will perform a series of exercises designed to generate a detailed, useful, and comprehensive biography for your characters. You will leave knowing your character's past, get to know how they talk, how they feel. First, you need a watchtower kit, so you'll need: x1 Rope. x4 Short Sticks. Place the kit whenever you want to, get 4 logs and place them at the watchtower, get out your shovel and create the foundations for your watchtower. You will need x4 logs for L1 Base, L2 Base, L3 Base each. x20 nails and 10 planks for L1 Roof, L2 Roof, L3 Roof each

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  1. J. Michael Wilcox, more commonly known as Iron Mike, is a major side character in Days Gone. He is a survivor of the Freaker outbreak and the leader of the Lost Lake encampment in the Iron Butte region of Oregon, United States. 1 Biography 1.1 Background and Early life 1.2 2017 Freaker outbreak..
  2. Picture Gallery 400 Days, retitled The Walking Dead: 400 Days, is a DLC and special episode for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. It focuses on five different protagonists: Vince, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie, and Shel, each in their own short personal stories in a tight geographic area.There is an epilogue which brings the 5 stories together. 400 Days bridges the gap between the.
  3. 2 very satisfying events can occur in DayZ - one, shooting a freshly spawned player in the face. Two - finding a can of baked beans after almost dying of starvation. You see, that's the beauty of DayZ, you can find stacks of weapons, clothes, and plenty of other stuff, but you can't find food, so..
  4. iZurvive provides you with the best maps for DayZ Standalone (up to date for DayZ 1.11 Release Version for PC, PS4 and Xbox) with loot positions, lets you place tactical markers on it and automatically shares those markers with the friends in your group

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Here with you Gamers React Comp. In this video you will see some of the reactions to the Zombie Horde in the game called World War Z.Gamers:1)Typical Gamer.. Check out the NoPixel Community Discord community on Discord - hang out with 84,425 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat

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Yes, in DayZ you get an option to tie yourself up with barbed wire - there are 2 reasons you tied yourself up in DayZ - you were being held at gunpoint by bandits and you were forced to, or you just thought it would be funny to tie yourself with barbed wire. Well, it's not, you're gonna get a cut and start bleeding to death Ayano may not have even met most of her relatives. No one is on bad terms, though. In short, this condition leaves her with a perpetual sense of being empty, hollow, and incomplete. There's a myth going around the school that if you confess your love under the tree to that special person, they'll gladly accept your feelings. If Senpai died due to murder, Ayano wouldn't rest until she was 100%. Out of Character Goals-Provide quality roleplay for both members and anyone we encounter-Provide realistic military/rebel roleplay-Set up events for members to participate in-Push the lore on the server forward Military:-Generál-mayór Vladimir Antiu (Major General)-Polkóvnik (Colonel) N/A 1st Infantry Unit (1-ya pekhotnaya yedinitsa

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REFER A FRIEND INCENTIVE: If you get a friend to play on New Dawn and write either: an OOC intro (http://newdawndayz.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=40) a Character. - It's the first Act. There is a lot of getting to know the characters. If you don't know them then you can't care about them, so I need to give you their backstory. Lots of the action, the vehicles and the really messed up stuff that DayZ is known for occurs in the second and third Acts. - It's only the first 120 pages and full of. Quartz (formerly known as Six) was introduced as one of the new characters introduced in Fantendo - Genesis.She, along with Flicker, were the main antagonists.She was an alien who is under the leadership of The Threat and planed to wipe out Earth due to it's connections with The Fan and The Enemy.During the story, she was defeated by Unten Bluzen during the battle in the Broken Jaw Pit A New Era Dayz Network™️. Established in August 2019 the network runs 2 Dayz Xbox servers & PC server. The discord is a nontoxic community of different levels of game experience, the owner looks after the community, discord, Xbox servers and is an experienced coder

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Original Male Character/Original Male Character (7) Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov (7) Include Additional Tags Military Backstory (585) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD (132) Angst (94) Military (85) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (78) Hurt/Comfort (70) Backstory (66) Fluff (52) Alternate Universe (51) Emotional Hurt/Comfort (48 Hōkai Gakuen 2 (崩坏学园2 Houkai Gakuen 2 / Houkai School 2), known as Guns Girl Z in the English release, is a Chinese side-scrolling shooter mobile game developed by miHoYo for iOS and Android. The game featured a in-game Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School-themed event in the Chinese and Japanese servers of the game in September 2016 and Chinese server in August 2020. 1.

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  1. Amazon MMO New World's Gameplay, Story, and Pre-Order Bonuses. The new survival MMO game from Amazon Games, New World, is a few months away and features players fighting battles and building towns
  2. -Character Backstory-Faction Registration-Live-streams-Videos-Survival Guide-Epic Meme Channel -Safe Verified Shops-Fight Club-Gamer tags-Role Ranking System We are a new private dayz server we have factions and are looking to expand our member base and in the future wed like to host events every other weekend . Unirse al Servidor
  3. Marvel's Avengers has just gotten its first new character: Kate Bishop. This serves as the first of many characters that will be added for free over time to extend the game's longevity. Bishop.
  4. 7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, RPG and Tower Defense style games. 7 Days to Die looks to carve out its own space giving gamers what they really want with a unique combination of combat, crafting, exploration, and character growth. It's not just Survival Horror anymore, it's Survival Horde. In the near future.

Cyberpunk 2077's initial release date was set for 16 April, but it has now been delayed to a much later date in September.. In the latest gameplay demonstration, the developers shared a ton of new details about Cyberpunk 2077, but some gamers want to know how long the game will take to complete. For all the details on the length of the Cyberpunk 2077 story, continue reading below Terraria! I'm HappyDays and welcome to my Terraria gaming channel! I am a huge Terraria fan and love everything about this game! I cover a lot of different aspects of Terraria 1.3 (as well as the. Scum Early Access Impressions- Not So Scumy. From Developers at Croteam and Gamepires comes the latest in a line of open-world survival games. Scum comes our way boasting an in depth character stat management system that involves not only hunger and thirst management, but making sure you use the restroom regularly We currently know that the Genshin Impact Aloy release date is the same as version 2.1. If the six-week time span between updates is the same as usual, this would be September 1, 2021. But remember that Aloy is only available to PS4 and PS5 players during version 2.1. If you want to play as Aloy but don't have either console, you sadly have to. Perhaps there are issues at home/trauma from the past that the other character will immediately understand. So, if one character appears with a black eye, their friend might know that the father was probably drunk the night before and got violent. Or if the character has a nightmare, the friend might know that it was about childhood abuse etc

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Raine is my 5th BJD, bought second hand from a local dolly friend and came home with me November 2017. She is a Little Monica Irin. Makyura is on my list to purchase as Raine's companion animal. She will be an Iplehouse Puma or Panther, most likely purchased second hand unless the company re-releases th HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELO AGAIN YOUR FAVOURITE SCUMBAG IS THERE YEYYYYYYY Part of OC backstory: 1/5 Time taken: 4 dayz Apps:CCP,Ibispaintx Hotel:ye..

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Please share your role play character name and backstory on the Roleplay Characters forum if you would like others to be able to role play your character. You may also try out other characters listed in the forums; Difficulty: Easy. Recommended Equipment: Roleplay character equipment. Minimum Recommended Squad: Any. Survivor Rescu Modern Character Motive Noble Opinion RPG Class Simple Character Tri-stat d10 NPC Zoomorph Places Arena Bazaar Combat Terrain Map Medieval City Medieval City Map Merchant Planet Portal Tavern Names Fantasy-Style Names Modern Names Name Jumbler Name Mixer Place Names Accessories Animal Companion Armor Art Object Car Charm Currency Familia Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, better known as Fonzie or The Fonz, is a fictional character played by Henry Winkler in the American sitcom Happy Days (1974-1984). He was originally a secondary character, but was soon positioned as a lead character when he began surpassing the other characters in popularity.To many, Fonzie is seen as the epitome of cool and a sex symbol

DayZ, Hall's open-world Clothes that represent your character more. thought about establishing some kind of narrative or backstory that was going to be about how you washed up on the shore. Characters. Will Mackenzie; Astrid Greenwood; Grey Mother; Methuselah; Hobbs; Jeremiah; Mathis; Molly; Father Thomas; Crash Survivor; More. Gameplay Other Community Back Gameplay Needs Survival mode Story mode Challenges Back Needs Condition Stamina Encumbrance Afflictions Aurora.

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By Christopher Livingston April 02, 2021. A new, mostly live-action trailer for RocketWerkz's co-op survival game lays out the planet's tragic backstory and lore. Thirty trillion miles from Earth. The Kagerou Project (カゲロウプロジェクト, Kagerō Purojekuto, lit.Heat Haze Project), also known as Kagerou Daze (カゲロウデイズ, Kagerō Deizu, lit.Heat Haze Daze) or Kagerou Days, is a Japanese mixed-media project. It started as a Vocaloid song series created by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) (じん(自然の敵P)).The story revolves around the Mekakushi Dan, a group of.

DayZ is the seminal multiplayer survival game. Set in a fictional country of Chernarus affected by a deadly virus with disturbing effects. Dead island gives you a choice of four characters, each with backstory, personality, and specialties. Your task, which you can accomplish in singleplayer or in co-op, is ultimately to escape the deadly. Batman Beyond (known as Batman of the Future in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia) is an American superhero animated television series developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett.It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation in collaboration with DC Comics and is the fourth series in the DC Animated Universe. The series began airing on January 10, 1999, and ended its run. H1Z1 also has a unique mode that allows your character to contract the virus and actually become a zombie, working to kill other survivors. This new angle is a great way of freshening up the experience and is certain to provide some good times. Overall, H1Z1 seems like a pretty worthy competitor to DayZ The Awakening is a new role playing DayZ community server on PS4&5 with a hardcore twist that'll challenge your survival skills! Our focus is to create a thrilling player vs environment experience as well as encouraging non toxic player vs player interactions with many roleplaying activities, weekly PVP events and The Dark Zone

Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Car As he excitedly explained the backstory and character development of whatever game he was into, he also showed an unusual capacity for strategic and critical thinking. There's so much more going on at a very deep level than you think. In Dark Dayz, the main character feels called to enter a virtual reality game world knowing he may never return Nether is a first-person, massively multi-player Survival Sandbox game set in a post-apocalyptic setting where the remnants of humanity struggle for existence in a world overrun by flesh-hungry ex-human creatures. The twist is that the enemy in Nether are not zombies, but rather mutant/demonic creatures called Nether which come in an assortment of subspecies and have the ability to teleport


Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game developed by Facepunch Studios.Rust was first released in early access in December 2013 and received its full release in February 2018. Rust is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS.Console versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being developed in conjunction with Double Eleven were released in May 2021.. A quote said by the subject of the profile (optional)Subject of the profile Kiana Kaslana is one of the main characters in Honkai Impact 3rd. 1 Background 2 Stats 3 Powers, Techniques, and Equipment 3.1 Powers 3.2 Techniques 3.3 Equipment 4 Key 5 Minor Feats 5.1 Attack Potency/Strength 5.2 Speed/Reactions 5.3 Durability/Endurance 5.4 Skill/Intelligence 6 Powerscaling 7 Weaknesses 8 Sources 9. ps4. dayz. DayZ Redux RP (PS4) DayZ Redux (RP/PS4) Chernarus. Welcome to a Dayz RP server for PS4/ PS5! We're a friendly, welcoming community looking for 16+ players. We have active players from UK and US. We have a 32 slot server that reaches high pop! Active Staff both on the Discord, and Server that are always around to help out with any. Backstory: The world was forever changed when the infection hit. Governments collapsed and all that was left was humans to fend for themselves. People started to look for leaders to give them better lives in the new world, but all they got were a bunch of upper class elites that only looked for more power When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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  1. Paladins vs Overwatch: Choosing and changing a character Overwatch. You can alternate between characters in every gameplay (except Mystery Heroes) when you reload the character selection screen and choose a fresh hero in the initiate room. This could go on till you have used all 31 characters of the game. Paladins. In Paladins, the reverse is.
  2. Classic Loki, wearing the character's original yellow and green garb from Marvel Comics, is a variant who faked his own death to escape the rage release date, where to watch and This article contains spoilers for Loki season 1, episode 5, himself in order to distract Alioth, so RIP to Richard E. Grant, I guess
  3. Without further ado, then, here are the 25 best co-op games on PC right now. You can either click the links below to go straight to the game in question, or just carry on scrolling to read the whole thing. It Takes Two. Human Fall Flat. Gears 5
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