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To calculate the net profit margin, you take the company's total sales for a given period, subtract total expenses, and then divide that figure by the total revenue. For example, let's say your company generates $1000 in t shirt sales with an operating expense of $500. The net profit margin would be 50% T-shirt Business Profit Margin Calculator [Free Excel File Download] If you're looking to start (or already own) a t-shirt business you need to get your finances in order. After looking around the web we were frustrated that most t-shirt business calculators were missing key calculations like returns, credit card fees, and packaging costs It is recommended to set the final t-shirt price to end with .99 and start selling on a single POD shop. You will need a Google Spreadsheet account to use the Tshirt Business Profit Margin Calculator! Feel free to share this Online Tshirt Business Profit Margin Calculator with your friend artists. Make a T-Shirt Mockup to Make More Sales

Once you have your t-shirt cost down, you can use it to calculate a price determined by your desired percentage of profit. An article from Entrepreneur states that most retailers shoot for a profit margin of about 50%. Using the 50% margin, all you would have to do is multiply your cost to produce by 2, and you'd have your retail price This business is a hugely profitable business if properly done. For each T-shirt sale, one can get 20Rs, 30Rs ie., 10% as profit margin in a wholesale market. In my point of view, the minimum profit of a T-shirt printing business would be 10,000 Rs/Day. But, if you do it with low investment your success rate is very minimum How Much Profit Does a T-shirt Business Make in a Year? by Alice Davis. If you research on the most profitable businesses that don't require a huge amount of investment, the t-shirt making business would be among the top 5. You can make money by engaging in the t-shirt making industry online, and there are lots of people earning a huge amount.

If this is your first drop I think it's always better to focus on building a brand as oppsed to making profits. It's better to sell all 30 t shirts and make $10 profit per shirt, but gain 30 new customers, than to sell 15 t shirts but make $20 profit per shirt The time it takes to press heat 500 t-shirts is only 7 hours for a beginner. You will be able to do it in four hours or less once you become conversant with press heating shirts. If you sell 300 t-shirts at $20 each, you make $6000. Nowhere else you can make such an amount of money for less than 7 hours Combine competition with slim profit margins and building an online t-shirt company becomes a little harder than it might first appear. If you want to design and sell t-shirts online, you have to make the right decisions from the get-go. There are several critical elements involved in starting a successful t-shirt business

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Consider the following pricing tips: Most creators go for a 20% profit margin while retailers go for 50%. Check the prices in your niche to find the average t-shirt price. The recommended retail price ranges from $24.99 to $30.99 per shirt (some successful sellers set their prices at $3-5 above the typical range) These are going to be smaller orders and custom deigns. This isnt an order for 1000 t shirts and 500 hats. These prices are based on selling singles to a few dozen to one customer. Left Chest Logo T Shirt $10-15. Baseball Jersey Shirt $20-35. Logo Hat - $12-25. T Shirt Logo Front / Full back - $15-25 Still, the dream of selling my own t-shirt designs to people who wanted them was always on my mind. And that's why I love the internet. Because now a guy living in Florida can profit $100K in only five months with just a computer. The same guy in Florida created an app for $1,900, hired a company in the Ukraine, and was featured as App of the. This year, he and his business partner Todor Karlikov made $150,000 in profit by selling T-shirts online. Lasson met Karlikov, who is from Bulgaria and now 29, through an internet marketing forum.

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  1. There are 4 essential steps you'll have to take in order to start a successful t-shirt business. 1. Find your target audience and niche. While you might be the first one in your circle to design and sell t-shirts online, in the wide world of ecommerce, there are a bunch of other merchants chasing the same dream
  2. The unofficial average price range for the majority of t-shirt brands. Most brands you come across will have their tees at this price range whether they're new or have been around for a while. Great profit margin if you can afford huge orders, good enough margin if you place small wholesale orders
  3. If YES, here is a sample t-shirt company financial projection, cost, profit & loss statement. Our Startup Budget and Expenditure These are the key areas where we will spend our start - up capital on; The Total Fee for Registering the Business in Beverly, California - $750
  4. We do custom printing on t shirts for corporates and groups. We mainly earn from customizations dn not just selling t-shirts. But one can easily expect to earn atleast 1lakh a month from selling t shirts online . A si.ple round neck tshirt comes f..

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Considering the average net profit margin ratio in the retail industry hovers around 1.9%, we can conclude that Tex's T-shirt business is doing great. How to use profit-margin analysis As you can see, running these types of profitability ratios can give you some great insights into the health of your business T shirt Printing Business | Attractive Profit Margin and Low Investment | Business Plans and Ideas #tshirtprintingbusiness #lowinvestmentbusiness #businessp.. Starting a custom T-shirt business is easy, but being successful is not. You need to narrowly define your niche, build a distinctive brand, create amazing designs and use fantastic marketing. If you can get all of these areas to align, you will have a successful T-shirt business. Low profit margins

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  1. While a printing shop in a busy metropolis might make more annually than a local screen printing business in a more rural location, the breakdown of the profits tends to be along the same lines. According to industry sources, the average t-shirt shop makes $100,000 annually, with more work equaling higher earnings. The average print shop can.
  2. ute read; The Perfect T Shirt Markup - Pricing Your Shirts Right. 9.9K views; Choosing the right T Shirt Markup is crucial to the survival of your business. Price too high and you'll lose customers. Price too low and you'll go bankrupt. Twitter 630. YouTube 170
  3. Just curious on what are the average profit margins for people who own t-shirt businesses. I am currently in the process of creating my own t-shirt website using Printful to manufacture the shirts. Right now, for just a short-sleeve print I've got a gross margin of 33.72% with the retail price being $26.69 AUD and printful charging $17.68 AUD
  4. Print on Demand: Ety T-Shirt Business 150% Profit Margins! How To Create A Fully Automated Money Making Print on Demand Stores with Etsy + Printful Rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4 (132 ratings

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IMHO I wouldn't look at typical margins but at what your business model can deliver in terms of value and therefore pricing. If you're delivering strong values (for a unique process, or for great artwork and style of the tshirts or anything yo.. Business; Accounting; Accounting questions and answers; Question 13 (1 point) A T-Shirt costs $9.97. How much gross profit margin, in dollars, does this T-Shirt have when the retailer sells the T-Shirt for $15.99 T-shirt pricing tips. Keep the following pricing tips in mind to keep your cost per-shirt as low as possible. Use 1-3 colors in your design; Print on one side of your shirt; The more shirts you order, the cheaper your shirts will be; Order 5 or more shirts to get free shipping in the U.S. Order 11 or more shirts to receive bulk discount This is when you take your t-shirt production costs we talked about above, add them together and add in your desired profit margin. Add your direct costs and labor + overhead = your total costs. To get your wholesale selling price, multiply your costs x 2. To price your t-shirts for retail, multiply your wholesale selling price x 2

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It will also increase return on investment, revenue earned by your t-shirt business, profit margin and reduce the losses and penalties incurred. By being affiliated with various banks and payment options, Deskera books will also make it easier for your customers to make your payment which will hence improve your cash flow balance Sell custom products online and start a t-shirt business from home. Get started Take a quiz. Make your own t-shirt designs and sell shirts under your brand without inventory. Start an online t-shirt business with ready-made ecommerce platform integrations. Promote and grow your t-shirt business while we take care of the rest

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It's important to bake the cost of running your business (and some profit!) into your t-shirt prices as well. Otherwise, it will be difficult to sustain your business over time. Aim for prices 30% - 50% higher than your expenses to ensure a profit. Profit is, after all, essential to your business's success While selling a t-shirt for $200 will give you an extremely high profit, no one in their right mind will be willing to buy a $200 t-shirt and especially not online. On the other hand, if you have a product whose product cost is $0.90, let's say a spoon, selling it at $1.90 may seem like a high profit margin Online Original Design T-Shirt Sales in the US industry outlook (2020-2025) poll Average industry growth 2020-2025: x.x lock Purchase this report or a membership to unlock the average company profit margin for this industry

Building an online T-shirt business can be profitable with relatively low startup costs. If you're looking to become an entrepreneur, this may be an effective way to add an additional income. Contact one of our advisers for more information about starting a t-shirt business. The time it takes to press 300 t-shirts is ONLY about 5 hours for a newbie . You'll be able to cut that time down once you become more familiar with pressing tees. Now where else can you pocket $2,720.00 for about 5 hours of actual work, or the equivalent.

Starting an online t-shirt business might just be the best-and fastest-way to break into the booming fashion industry. It's now easier than ever before to find an eCommerce website builder offering designer-made t-shirt store templates, full integration with print on demand services like Printful and Printify, and multichannel marketplace integrations to expand your brand's reach T-Shirt Marketing 101: Price. Of the 4 P's of the Marketing Mix (price, product, promotion, placement), I saved price for last. Pricing your t-shirts is a big part of your marketing strategy, and should not be taken lightly. Pricing will determine how many you sell, your margins, and ultimately your profits. If you don't set your pricing. Calculating Profit: Now that we know what it will cost the DIYer to make a one-color print on a fashionable t-shirt if they print 175 a month, let's calculate how much they would have to charge for the final garment to get 45% profit. $12.57 (total cost per shirt) × .45% (desired profit) = $5.65 (profit made per shirt

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Profit. Calculator. Use this profit calculator to choose the prices of your products quickly and effectively! To use the calculator, simply choose your fulfillment region/currency, adjust the price in the retail column and the profit column will adjust accordingly! The calculator is pre-loaded with our recommended selling prices Question: NEWS WIRE COMPETITIVE PRESSURE The T-Shirt Business: Too Much Competition At First Blush, The T-shirt Business Looks Like A Sure Thing. All You Need Is A Bunch Of Blank T- Shirts, A Wall Full Of Jazzy Transfers, And A Heat Press. You Can Buy Blank Shirts For As Little As $1.60 Apiece And Stock Transfers For $1.50 A Shot Your sales total: $‎688.10. Printful fulfillment fees: $‎529.40. Earnings total: $‎158.70. *The profit displayed above is illustrative. Multiple factors can affect your profit - the shipping strategy, ecommerce platform subscription fees and others Redbubble's Profit Model. Artists making money on Redbubble earn an average margin of 17% of the retail price, but above all, artists can earn anywhere between 10-30% depending on what they set as their markup. Redbubble gives this model for pricing The global custom t-shirt printing market is rising significantly, expected to expand at CAGR of 6.30% throughout the forecast period from 2019 to 2027, starting from US$ 6.93 Bn in 2018. The t-shirt design and printing industry has evolved, driving fashion trends in form of personalized t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, vintage t-shirt designs, and.

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Business Law Advocates - Mention The Side Hustle Show for $30 off your first month of on-demand legal support. Learn. The processes Elaine used to upload more than 6000 t-shirt designs in one-year while working just 10 hours a week. How Elaine turned over more than $128k in merch sales in 2016. How to get started with Merch by Amazon How I Made Great Margins with Little Cost while starting my T-shirt Business from Home. Ever wonder what items you can make to build your business with great margins? Check this video out! We break down the cost on supplies, labor, overhead and show the profit per hour. Pretty awesome

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  1. To make money, just add your own profit margin (such as an extra $10) onto the base price of the shirt. Don't forget to take shipping rates into account. In conclusion, both Printful and Printify are great options in terms of product selection, pricing, and ease of use
  2. Sarah's T-shirt business makes and sells tie dyed and embroidered T-Shirts. Sales information for the last year is shown below. During the year, Sarah's fixed manufacturing costs were $40,000 and.
  3. utes to understand how each is calculated so you can run your business budget with the right information to strategize and plan.
  4. Step 4: How to Start a T-Shirt Business- Use High-Quality Tees. Other than the design of the print, the next important thing is the quality of your blank t-shirts. The last thing you want is your pattern to crack or fade after a few washes. Needless to say, this won't help you to establish a loyal following
  5. Lower profit margins. If you're willing to put your delivery process into the hands of a reputable third-party printer, then print on demand is a great way to start your business. Although profit margins are lower, you can still make a solid income while establishing your brand and building your core market — quickly, without a lot of overhead
  6. For example, in 2019, industrial banks had the highest reported profit margin, with an average of 51.8%. While average profit margins in manufacturing hovered around 8.5%, according to the same research. Retailers usually have a low profit margin compared to other sectors: Brick-and-mortar retailers tend to have profit margins between .5 and 4.5%

Protect your profit margin. Keep in mind that when setting a wholesale pricing strategy, the profit margin should be 50% or more. Retail margin percentage can be determined with the following formula: Retail price - cost / retail price = retail margin % 4. Set your direct-to-consumer and business-to-business prices Here's a breakdown of the numbers so that you will know what to expect when you start your t-shirt business online. Adobe Photoshop Subscription - $19.99/month. Domain name from Godaddy - $0.99 cents for the first year. Shopify Store - 14-Day Free Trial, $29/month thereafter. Amplifier Starter Plan - $50/month Is T-shirt business profitable? So if you have realized the popularity of this product and considered about building your own business, it could be a productive decision as the global market for the custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to surpass 10 billion US dollars by 2050, which shows that the fashion industry has secured a stable and sturdy place in e-commerce The amount you make will definitely depend on your profit margin, the demand for what you are offering, how much time you are able to invest, your reputation, and the quality of your work. When it comes to sharing your knowledge with others - whether it be through a blog, YouTube, a course, etc., there can be a huge range for profit as well Your profit margin will be 40%, calculated as such: ($100-$60) / $100 = 0.4 or 40%. Mark up: A product's retail price minus the wholesale price. Let's go back to our sneaker example. If the wholesale price for a pair is $40, and you sell each pair for $100, your markup will be 150%. ($100-$40) / $40 = 1.5 or 150%

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  1. If gross profit is insufficient, you should consider raising prices, lowering production costs, or both. The contribution margin tells you how you should evaluate incremental sales. If, for example, the contribution margin is $400,000 and you sold 100,000 T-shirts, each T-shirt contributed $4 to gross profits after all variable costs are deducted
  2. Profit STARTS at one penny above this number, at $26,414.67. It isn't enough to cover the cost of your product in your profit margins, you must cover everything. Many don't do this, and it's a big part of the reason most businesses fail. You could take that number, in this case $26,414.66, multiply it by 12 then divide it by 365 to know.
  3. Master the t-shirt seller game with best business guides to make it right! Dodge any rookie problems you may encounter with the best tips and tricks to sell and promote your merch online! Online Tshirt Business Profit Margin Calculato
  4. How to Use Our Sublimation Cost Calculator With Suggested Pricing. Enter your costs by using the built in arrows or simply type your costs into each box. When entering costs LESS than $1.00 be sure to start with a decimal point: Example .50. If your blank cost $4.25 make sure you include the decimal 4.25
  5. Considering the fact of the demand for t-shirt printing, it is an amazing business to start with! Important Points To Remember Before Starting T-Shirt Printing Business In India: The survey of the market for any business needs to be done first and for then launch it. For the above said business, the rules are no different

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Gross Margin (Percent) = [($30 - $15) / $30] X 100. Your gross margin for each T-shirt you sell is 50%. This means you have half of your revenue left over after you factor in cost of goods sold. How to improve your gross margin. Ideally, the higher your gross margin is, the better off your business will be Consider a business designed with a minimum acceptable gross margin percentage of 40%. That $3 T-shirt would be priced at $5, whereas the $38 jacket would be priced at $63.50. Again, the profitability scale varies widely across items, creating an imbalance Business is all about profits Classic T-Shirt. By krishna2020. $20.73. Tags: profit, money. Profit Premium Scoop T-Shirt. By Ravi Kshatriya. $30.58. Tags: make a profit man, make, profit, funny, 100, slim fit, fit, cases for phone make a profit, cases for phone. Make a profit man. 100% Classic T-Shirt In order for your business to be profitable, you need to price your products properly. Your profit margins are entirely up to you, but a healthy margin would sit at around 40% or higher, depending on your costs. This means that if your POD solution charges $10 for an item, you should sell it for at least $16.67 to hit a 40% profit margin Shirts have a $4 profit margin but think of the other products you could sell. Mugs and sweatshirts might have a much higher profit margin. Depending on what you price at, of course. Small business owners who keep searching for the best revenue streams win in the long run. Step 5 For Your Online T-Shirt Business: Optimize Your Amazon Listings

These are the techniques you need to focus on when starting a T-shirt business that will actually make money. Keep an eye on your profit margin. Remember that you've got to keep the cash flowing, and don't forget to market yourself With the revolution of digital DTG t-shirt printing the future is bright for early adopters and fast movers.. Whether you're a new entrepreneur, an existing screen printer, or embroidery business, this type of garment production line can contribute significant profits to your bottom line Gross Profit = Revenue - COGS. Gross Profit Margin = (Revenue - COGS) / Revenue. For comparison, the gross margins of apparel retailers industry-wide is around 47%. Though ecommerce is growing, online stores tend to have much lower margins, with averages in the ballpark of 30%. Amazon's gross margins are just over 20%

A cheap t-shirt won't make much difference to your profit if you're paying significantly more for the shipping. There are also other costs that are going to be applicable - for example - if you're using a marketplace, then you will most likely be charged a fee based on a percentage of any sales made Screen Printing: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Own T-Shirt Business Just $4.95 as an e-book. Direct to Garment: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Own T-Shirt Business Just $4.95 as an e-book. Scheduling and Estimating Production Time for Garment Screen Printing Just $2.99 as an e-boo 4. create a print on demand account (printful, culturestudio, etc) and upload your assets onto different clothing, add your profit margin, etc. 5. Create a shopify account and integrate your print on demand account to sync your product All you need is time, transportation, and your own know-how—so this low-overhead business model is almost pure profit. 6. Personal trainers With a net profit margin of 19.8%, bookkeeping. Market Size & Industry Statistics. The total U.S. industry market size for Commercial Screen Printing: Industry statistics cover all companies in the United States, both public and private, ranging in size from small businesses to market leaders.In addition to revenue, the industry market analysis shows information on employees, companies, and average firm size

Controller at Online Digital Marketing (2014-present) ·. June 4. To determine the profitability of your business, net income (Revenue - Expenses) divide your net income by your revenue ( also called net sales) mutiply your total by 100 to get your profit margin percentage. 32 views There's a lot of confusion surrounding the how-tos of finding your business's profitability. Here we offer up an easy way to understand the equation that goes into a profit calculator. The problem is, there really is no one-size-fits-all answer. Here we offer up an easy way to understand the equation behind a profit calculator When you create a shirt, Teespring will recommend a price point to ensure you earn a suitable profit. For example, a basic t-shirt that you design may have a base cost of $10, which is the amount Teespring would take when it sells. However, if you price your shirt at $24.99, you'd still make a profit of $14 once the base cost is deducted from. Printsome can then drop ship product within 3-5 business days in the UK and Europe and 8-12 days worldwide. The first step is to connect your Shopify Store. From the moment you connect your online shop with our Shopify T-shirt fulfillment platform, anyone can buy one of your designs. We deliver all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world

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Profit margin in bread making business. You may also check this: How to Make Money from T-shirt Printing Business. Profits margin in the bread-making business. In present days bread is becoming one of the important food items in the human diet for its ready-made accessibility and high nutritional value Combine competition with slim margins and building an online t-shirt company becomes a little harder than it might first appear. To be successful with your new t-shirt brand, you have to make the right decisions from the get-go. There are several critical elements to starting a successful t-shirt business T-shirts are a terrible way to try to make any decent money as an artist, the profit margin is extremely low. Quit claiming you know about business models, if you think you do put your money where. 01. Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt lets you upload your t-shirt design for free. In fact, you can open your own online store at this site for free and then you can sell it to your audience. What is more, the site allows you to set your commissions, which means that you can have complete control over your profit margins T-Shirt Business Ideas. With almost everyone wearing T-shirts, there is ample room in the industry for entrepreneurs armed with with a good idea and plenty of energy to execute it. Thriving small businesses can sell T-shirts at retail, wholesale and over the Internet. The key to success is focusing your idea on a.

Business profit margin is a metric for measuring the percentage of revenue that a business keeps after paying for expenses and expenses. You can calculate the profit margin to see the profitability for a certain period. It costs 15,000 dollars to make a t-shirt (HPP). To find your gross profit margin, plug your total into the formula below. In that case, your profit for a single shirt would be 6 USD (15 USD - 9 USD), or a 40% profit margin. The retail price that you choose for your products is completely up to you, however, we recommend a minimum profit margin of 40% for your business to grow with Printify In fact, when I started my business I was making over 30% margin on every job without doing any painting. Low start up cost. You can start your painting company for less than $1,000, depending on the state you are in and licensing fees. I started my company for less than $300 and made a profit in the first week T-shirt Printing & Embroidery Business FOR SALE High Cashflow, Excellent Team!! Our business model provides a necessary service at a high-profit margin, which as an owner you can easily and grow over time. More info. $650,000 Cash Flow: $174,000 Chicago, IL View Details The minimum startup cost of this business up to $3,000-$5,000. You will need a printing machine to start this business and the minimum cost of printing machine is $100. Buy the machine according to the size of your business. As your business grows you can invest more money to gain more profit. Other infrastructure includes

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A small selection can be found here: RedBubble. On RedBubble you can sell men's, woman's and kids's clothes, smartphone cases, stickers, posters, bags, and other products. You coMmission will generally be between 10% and 20%. Spreadshirt. Merch by Amazon. With Merch by Amazon you can sell shirts and hoodies in the US and selected countries in. However, like any business, starting a t-shirt printing business is challenging. It can be tough attempting to compete with the many other online options people now have at their fingertips. In this article, we look at the ins and outs of starting a t-shirt printing business and how to give yourself the best chance of making it a success Though T-shirt printing is an age old business but with flying times, you can now avail orders from any part of your country or the world. The startup will cost you anywhere between INR 10000-INR 30000 depending on the type of website you are using, quality of your material and the designs you are using and other overhead expenses

Whether you're searching for an idea to turn into a full-time business, or you're looking for a side hustle to make some extra cash, a t-shirt printing business is a great way to go. T-shirts have never been more popular, and starting a business in your own home is easier than you might think.. Use the following tried-and-true steps to start your own business Nas-T-Shirts will sell 125,000 units on year one and will grow its sales by 3% through advertising. Price of the shirts will start at $3 per unit and will increase by 1% per year. The gross margin of the enterprise will start at 23% on year 1. Table 2 Nas-T-Shirt Revenue and Expense Projections

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The customer likes your design, so purchases your design on a T-Shirt (for example). Redbubble prints your artwork onto the T-Shirt and ships it to the customer. Redbubble credits your account with a royalty (a percentage of the sale price) - and once a month Redbubble pays out your royalties to your Paypal or bank account Example: Effect of discounts on profit reports. A T-shirt with a regular price of $20 and a cost of $10 shows as having a 50% margin on the product details page. If you discount the T-shirt 25% to sell it for $15 during the reporting period, then the same T-shirt shows as having a 33% margin on the Profit by product report If you're shipping a standard T-shirt, for instance, it costs $3.99 to ship in the US, £7.99 in the UK, and up to $15.99 in Australia. Additional items are pretty expensive too. You'll pay $2 for each extra T-Shirt in the US, for instance, but this goes up to $7 for Australia Tina's t-shirt gross margin is 18.75%. What Is a Good Gross Profit Margin? This means Tina's business is doing exceptionally well with a 18.75% gross profit margin. Her business might be a model for other companies to follow. However, her store is in a prime tourist location, and she charges a heavy premium for her clothing.. Armed with this guide, readers will learn how to establish a target market, t-shirt design, branding, printing techniques, trade shows, dealing with retailers, costs and profit margins, e-commerce, copyright, advertising, SEO and much more! Here is a snapshot of what you will find in this book


There are so many ways to create your t-shirt, sell your t-shirt, and market your t-shirt - and my post should give you a leg up on throwing yourself into this exciting new venture! Use my starter guide and the resources I've linked here to get your t-shirt business up and running. Published January 2018. Updated March 2019 The ratio of profit ($20) to cost ($80) is 25%, so 25% is the markup. Now that you know what the markup definition is, keep in mind that it is easy to confuse markup with profit margin. Profit margin is a ratio of profit to revenue as opposed to markup's ratio of profit to cost One can easily gift a custom t-shirt to anybody on special events. to start a tshirt business with no money pdf is t-shirt printing a good business t-shirt business opportunities t-shirt business plan t-shirt business profit margin in india t-shirt business success stories t-shirt manufacturing business plan in india t-shirt printing.

That's why I developed 7 Days to Profit Challenge It's a guide that walks you through aspects of your business you can uncover hidden profit. Thanks, Tom Rauen. P.S. You will learn the same tips and tricks I have implemented over the last 10 years to grow my business from my parents basement to over $5 million in revenue and 50 employees However, its profit margin is 20 to 30% if the business is booming. You can set up a local grocery store in an area where the local market is quite far. You can also offer services like online shopping and delivery to stand out from the traditional local grocery stores. T-Shirt Printing Business. Start-up cost: PHP 80,000 to PHP 200,00 14. Weanas 12″ X 15″ Professional Swing Away Heat Press Machine. For your busy small business, you'll need to invest in an all-in-one heat press machine to help you maximize your profits. This Weanas unit features a 5-in-1 design and comes at a great price point, making it a viable model for your small business