Meeting with Theo Lefebvre, founder of RAP & COM

Hi Theo, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

My name is Théo Lefebvre, I am 22 years old and a student at Kedge Business School Marseille. I am currently in 4th year of IBBA which is KBS International Baccalaureate. I am currently developing the Ecricome 2 competition to integrate PGE for the last academic year.

In particular, I have a rather unusual background in terms of experience abroad. As part of my parents’ professional transfer, I lived abroad in Vietnam for five years. This experience really opened my mind and allowed me to discover myself.

What are you currently doing and what are your professional plans?

My days are very busy at the moment. I am juggling an Internship as a recruitment manager at MANPOWER, student work on weekends and the development of my entrepreneurial project called RAP & COM. Indeed, being a determined student requires dedication and hard work!

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How did the idea of ​​creating a music marketing agency come about?

This idea came to me while exploring the environment through various people. Moreover, I realized that the entire music industry largely thrived on records, but very little on brand image and the daily lives of rappers. We understand today that every artist becomes an influencer. This allows the artist to tap into different communities to enhance their personal image and especially their brand image. Sometimes we see a real gap between the lyrics of the songs and the personality of the artist.

Thus, I intervene in these aspects by developing communication on social networks, at the level of partnership and networking, but also by preparing all the communication / marketing elements during the album release by example.

What did your associational and personal professional experience bring you to this project?

When I came to KEDGE BS, I first joined the Student Union as a partnership manager. This gave me the opportunity to discover business contacts and establish myself in the business world. In business school, you need to know how to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you. Of course, there are all the tools provided by the courses, as well as the neighboring school, that you should know how to use to develop your skills as well as your network.

You told me that you were incubated at Kedge Entrepreunarship, what exactly does the school and the incubator bring to you in this project?

This music marketing project is part of my overall project. Indeed, the idea is to connect influencer professionals (artists, athletes, lifestyle influencers) with companies that need to implement marketing campaigns.

Kedge Entrepreunership accompanies me in the upper phase of my project with the development of the business plan and the CANVAS business model (strategic part). The incubator also accompanies me in the development of the website and social networks, not forgetting the calculation of risks and the financial part of the project, thanks to meetings with experts with successful experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

What do you like? What are the disadvantages of this entrepreneurial project?

Entrepreneurship is not always rosy. Although it may be a dream in theory (for example, being your own boss), the reality is quite different, as being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibility and limitations.

For example, when we are employees, we have specific working hours (at my Manpower, from 9 to 18 pm), but when we are entrepreneurs, the work is permanent, because there is a commitment to the company, which above all allows. to live Also, all persons employed will be under the responsibility of the contractor.

Can you give us a specific description of your daily life?

My typical day goes like this: I arrive at the Manpower office around 9am, then work until 12pm. From 12:00 to 14:00 I have several phone calls about my entrepreneurial project or I work on the construction of the project. Then from 14:00 to 18:00 I’m back at my practice as a recruitment consultant at Manpower. The evening consists of a moment dedicated to sports to think about something else, but also about my personal life. (my project is never far away)

Are you considering a career in the music industry or do you have other projects for later?

It’s a great question and I don’t have a clear answer. Really trying to meet my need with this company. It’s easier on a daily basis because I’m passionate about it, especially since I already have certain connections in the music world and especially in Marseille rap.

I hope to find a career through the music industry. We’ll see where this project takes me later.

What is your advice to students interested in this sector and entrepreneurship?

Who am I to give advice? (Laughs) More seriously, you have to believe in your projects, because when you’re in school, we’re given all the keys to get there. Thus, the course between “having the keys” and “opening the doors” is necessary. Indeed, an entrepreneur will develop five out of twenty ideas, and perhaps only one will actually work. Above all, we should not close our doors because, for example, an idea that is not realistic today will be so tomorrow.

Last word

In entrepreneurship, there is nothing wrong with trying anything, believe in your project and follow your instinct!

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