iPhone 14 Pro: delivery times are now controlled by Apple in France

“Chaos,” “disappointment” and “failure” are how the delivery times for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max were described during the holiday season. After Apple introduced its new iPhone series, it had great difficulty in meeting the high demand, then the situation worsened with riots at iPhone City, Foxconn’s largest factory in China!

Delivery times are finally under control in France and worldwide

If you tried to buy an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max in November or December, you might he was surprised With the specified delivery time before adding the model you are interested in to the cart. Indeed, Apple has shown a shortage of stock, exacerbated by delivery times up to 1 month waiting to buy a new iPhone. Obviously, this failure caused the Californian giant to lose a lot of sales, with customers preferring to move to a competing smartphone or postpone their purchase to the next iPhone series!

It must be said that Apple is facing difficulties from the beginning. The Californian giant placed large orders with its suppliers to meet demand, and placed a large order with its assembly partner Foxconn. However, the demand was very fast tight More than Apple ever imagined. Just 2-3 weeks after the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro, we were already seeing shipping times abnormally high.

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Apple then faced a strong don’t slow down from manufacturing to iPhone City, Foxconn’s massive factory in Zhengzhou, where the latest generation of iPhones are produced daily. The reason for this incident? foxconn who did not respect His salary schedule led to protests by thousands of workers who decided to destroy everything in the buildings and around the factory.
Foxconn apologized and regulated All salaries were delayed, unfortunately many workers could not continue working for Foxconn, believing that their trust with their employer had been broken.

There is this wave of resignations It is divided into 2 because of the factory’s production capacity, it was necessary to urgently hire and entice new people with generous bonuses at the time of signing the employment contract and beyond.

But how is the situation today?

Things have improved a lot since the beginning of the month. iPhone pallets are more likely to leave the Foxconn factories in China, and this is reflected in the delivery times at the online Apple Store!
Just see the difference from December 30 to today in silver and space black:

Model December 30, 2022 January 9, 2023
iPhone 14 Pro silver On average, wait 2 weeks Average wait 48 hours
iPhone 14 Pro black color On average, wait 2 weeks Average wait 48 hours
iPhone 14 Pro Max silver On average, wait 2 weeks The average wait is 48 hours
Space Black iPhone 14 Pro Max On average, wait 2 weeks The average wait is 48 hours

This trend is the same for other finishes and all storage capacities. Apple has finally been able to offer reasonable delivery times, and this is the case in France, the US and other countries.
This sudden mastery is explained by the current situation back to normal At Foxconn, also in low demand because the holiday season is over.

Availability at dealers

Note that there is also better availability between the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max sellers. Orders have long been behind schedule, but Apple’s partner warehouses are now accepting the two ultra-popular iPhone models faster.
we find at Fnac less than a week delivery time, same time Rakuten. Problems still exist on Amazon, where the iPhone 14 Pro cannot be added to the cart due to a message. “Temporarily out of stock”.

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