How to find a job in old age?

Looking for a job as you get older brings with it self-doubt. There is a tendency to think that companies can reject you because of your age. However, the online space offers more opportunities for older workers. Here are some tips for job hunting when you feel like you’re too old.

1. Learn digital skills

You can learn digital skills yourself to expand your job opportunities. These days, more and more companies are using social media, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, web search, and more. needs employees who can perform the roles related to Even traditional industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, and transportation depend on computers and the Internet.

Digital skills can be divided into two categories. Digital skills like coding or cyber security are essential for a tech job. But you also need digital skills in non-IT sectors.

Learn basic tools like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace to stay competitive. You should also be familiar with online email, video conferencing, and instant messaging applications. Do some research and download these apps to get started.

2. Take an online course

Close the laptop screen with the Udemy and Skillshare e-learning platform tabs open.

If you’re the type to learn best with someone’s help, consider taking online courses. Learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare and edX help you learn and understand current trends in your industry. Most of these platforms are paid, but there are ways to get free online certifications and improve your professional skills.

Here are some tips for choosing the right online courses to improve your skills. With so many options online, you can feel overwhelmed. Review job descriptions and check the skills needed for the position you want to fill. Then choose a course taught by a trusted teacher. You can also check the course outline and reviews to gauge the effectiveness of the online course.

3. Plan your professional goals using the ANPT professional skills review plan.

ANCA website with Job Skills CheckUp outline.

The National Coalition on Aging (NCOA) website offers digital tools to support older workers so they can succeed in their careers. This includes the Age Well planner, where you will find articles and digital assessment tools. Underneath JobYou can access the Professional Skills Check Plan, a free assessment to guide you through the next steps in your career.

The Job Skills Screening Plan asks simple questions about your career goals and current situation. After you submit your answers, the site will take you to your custom plan. This plan contains a list of tasks that you can delete or mark as complete.

4. Look for inclusive workplaces

The best companies for diversity and inclusion Glassdoor

Inclusive workplaces support and value every employee regardless of age, gender, disability or any other difference. Global management consultancy McKinsey & amp; The company emphasizes that diverse and inclusive businesses are ahead of the competition. However, he also found that not all companies embrace this culture.

There are several resources you can use to find a job that gives you a sense of belonging. Glassdoor brings you a list of the best companies for diversity and inclusion based on employee reviews. You can also check out company awards, such as Forbes’ list of America’s Best Diversity Employers. You can also view diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) information on the company’s website.

5. Look for an “age protected” job

A man with glasses draws a movement diagram on a white board with a red marker.

Although some companies have been slow to embrace inclusion, you can still look for a job that doesn’t care about age. These jobs focus on skills regardless of your date of birth. As long as you are physically and mentally capable, you can work until retirement.

But what are the jobs that take age into account? Teaching is a profession where there is no age difference and it is an advantage. You may even be tenured after teaching for a few years. Another option would be freelancing, where clients value skills above all else. Check out the best freelancing jobs and websites to find them to start your freelancing journey.

Laptop showing LinkedIn profile

Don’t miss out on the business opportunities that social media can bring you. Although social media can be distracting and feel inauthentic, it’s also a useful job search tool. You can apply for jobs on LinkedIn, create Facebook pages, join communities and groups, and participate in discussions to help you in your job search.

Optimize your social media profile to highlight your strengths. If you have skills, ideas, and experiences to share, take the time to create posts that add value to your network. Choose the images and words you use carefully. How you present yourself online affects how potential employers view you.

7. Revise your resume

CV printed on the desk

You are not required to list all of your work experience. For example, you can skip the few months you serve as a student waiter if it is not related to the job. If you present a CV with relevant skills and experience, it will show that you are a good fit for the job.

Also, be strategic about including dates on your resume. If you’ve recently taken a certification course to improve your skills, you’ll want to add a date to show it’s current. On the other hand, if you got your degree ten years ago, you don’t have to mention its date on your resume. This way, you will avoid any age discrimination when looking for a job.

8. Apply for an internship for adults

A woman in a white coat is smiling and holding a clipboard during a meeting.

Previously, the experience was only for students. Fortunately, today even adults can apply for an internship. These opportunities are valuable if you are transitioning to a new career or after a long break. Internships help you get back on track and gain the skills you need to re-enter the job market.

Some companies offer internships for adults to jump-start your career. Completing a “return placement” does not guarantee full-time employment, but it is a valuable opportunity to learn and network professionally. Be sure to read the application requirements and deadlines for your chance to land an internship.

9. Check the job description

A woman reads information on a computer screen

Check the job description carefully before applying. Sometimes the reason you don’t get hired is because you’re overqualified for the job. Look for opportunities that match your experience and skills.

However, even if you are an older professional, there are good reasons to apply for junior positions. For example, you may want a role with less responsibility or you may want to move into a new career. If so, state your reasons positively in your cover letter or job interview.

10. Consider doing side jobs

Red wallet with few dollars and coins on marble table.

While you wait for a response to your application, consider taking on a side job. Odd jobs can be profitable opportunities that give you peace of mind. A simple search on the Internet will allow you to find the best programs to earn extra money.

Some side jobs can even turn into career opportunities. Side activities like taking online surveys or driving cars may not bring you steady income. But others, like e-commerce sales, consulting, and coaching, have the potential to become full-time careers.

Use your age to your advantage when looking for a job

Age should not be a barrier when looking for a job. Older professionals ideally have the experience and maturity to work in higher positions. If you feel you lack the skills, it’s never too late to learn. Employers will appreciate your ability to adapt and be flexible.

When you’re ready to start looking for work again, don’t forget to focus on your resume. In addition to being strategic about the dates you include, you can read other tips to make your resume stand out to recruiters. Your age does not give a complete picture of your abilities. But if you do it right, you can have a resume.

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