Booba, Banijay: the pope of influencers Magali Berdah explains

Magali Berdah has been a public figure for a long time. During the last presidential campaign, he met with the main candidates, from Emmanuel Macron to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, not forgetting Marine Le Pen. However, those who don’t watch reality shows or TPMP columnist Cyril Hanouna’s shows or are addicted to social media have only recently heard about it. The founder of Shauna Events, an influencer marketing agency that manages the careers of many reality TV stars (Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam), has become a central figure in the long-running conflict. “In real life, there’s more that’s said than what happens,” he says under the gaze of his lawyer, Rachel-Flore Pardo.

To understand why the guard is looking at him now, you have to remember the context of this modern series, which would make people smile if it weren’t for the death threats against him. Since June 2022, Booba, the most popular rapper on the French scene, never stops criticizing the practices of reality TV influencers. He filed a complaint in the summer and the Grasse prosecutor’s office started an investigation against him

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