6 ways to work remotely abroad

Leave the walls of your company and opt for remote work: find the perfect place to work remotely abroad!

Tired of endless “work, metro, sleep”? Working at home is no longer enough and you dream of international mobility? Whether you are an employee or the leader of your company, Leave the borders of the European Union and choose to work remotely abroad. Immerse yourself in new cultures and help revive the economy of several destinations affected by the health crisis.

Accompany yourself in your steps to leave on good terms Nomamundi. Built by Visamundi, this service aims to: handle administrative formalities digital nomads andget electronic visas. With this Grail in your pocket, you will be able to combine tourism and professional life without monopolizing the work of the locals.

Still don’t know where to put your suitcases? We give you a helping hand with the choice 6 ways to work remotely abroad.

Bahamian language

Adventure under the Caribbean sun

Photo credit: Shutterstock – icemanphotos

  • ? Capital: Nassau
  • TV Visa Name: It’s beating
  • ? We love: a variety of breathtaking landscapes

Are you working or freelancing and dreaming elsewhere? Set sail to the sunny Bahamas. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this archipelago of 16 main islands has everything you need for your dream destination. Between him postcard views With its rich and colorful culture, you will quickly fall under its spell. Discover it plural atmospheres – varies from one island to another – and dive into the heart of the islands the inimitable sweetness of life.

From the picturesque streets of Nassau to the miles of white sand beaches that wind through more atypical corners, the Bahamas has many surprises in store for you. Lift the curtain on its piracy past, enjoy it sunny coastline and try for it lush nature. With a visa that allows you to stay for 1 to 3 years while maintaining your working status, you will be able to appreciate every aspect of it.

Green hat

Attractive and original bracket

Cape Verde telecommunications

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Samuel Borges Photography

  • ? Capital: Praia
  • TV Visa Name: Remote working Cape Verde
  • ? We love: the sun always shines

It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Senegal, in Cape Verde It welcomes you with warmth and authenticity. This island nation, consisting of an archipelago of volcanic islands, enjoys pleasant weather at the end of the world. is ideal for unparalleled detachmentwill delight water sports enthusiasts and hiking enthusiasts.

With your camera under your arm and your computer in your backpack, let yourself be tempted an exceptional remote work environment. A true land of contrasts – between desert expanses, paradise shores and lush areas – the archipelago surrounds you. single energy. You’ll find that there’s as much atmosphere as there are islands, and there’s no shortage of activities.

With the possibility to stay there from 6 months to 1 year, thanks to the visa you can work remotely and visit without problems.


He indulged in dreams of grandeur

telework dubai

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Rasto SK

  • ? Capital: Abu Dhabi
  • TV Visa Name: Dubai’s Virtual Job Program
  • ? We love: futuristic urbanization and an almost endless leisure offer

A very popular destination for several years, Dubai has dreamed about it more than once. Formerly a small fishing village, the town now stands out for its characteristics impressive infrastructure and his incredible lifestyle. Famous for landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and its artificial palm-shaped island, it epitomizes luxury and excess.

But, more than rhinestones and sequins, Dubai wants to be – in the end – as you wish. Whatever your interests and budget, you’re unlikely to be twiddling your thumbs. Enjoy it wide selection of activities and live experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Explore the desert, climb to the top of the world’s tallest tower or zipline along the marina.

If you prefer to work remotely from abroad, Dubai and its visa that allows you to stay there for more than 1 year will surely tempt you.


Peace foam

tele-work Mauritius

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Lobachad

  • ? Capital: Port Louis
  • TV Visa Name: Premium Visa
  • ? We love: magnificent panoramas

To the east of Madagascar, in the trough of the Indian Ocean, you’ll find Mauritius. Known for its paradisiacal shores and clear waters, it abounds in many unexpected treasures. Rich a breathtaking naturewhere rainforests and waterfalls rub shoulders with towering mountains calling for peace and escape. Take a deep breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Swimming in magnificent lagoons, diving into the heart of the sea Black River Gorges National Park, hit the hiking trails or explore the river trail. If followers green tourism it will be paradise, culture lovers will not be left out. Between museums, delicious spicy cuisine and the rhythm of food Segayou will have a good time.

With Visa Premium, Mauritius invites teleworkers to combine work with pleasure for a year.


The gates of heaven

remote work seychelles

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Vaclav Volrab

  • ? Capital: Victoria
  • TV Visa Name: Seychelles Business Visitor Permit
  • ? We love: Edenic reception and outdoor recreation

True A tribute to the feasts of Eden, the Seychelles archipelago has established itself as an unavoidable destination. Its 115 islands adorning the Indian Ocean like pearls promise an unforgettable stay. Among them, 3 are selected: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Consider yourself a passionate lifestyle painted with shades of blue and green.

Experience the pleasures of water sports, conquer the green mountains, get interested in local traditions and take time to relax. What could be better than sleeping in the shade of a palm tree after a video conference with your employer? One thing is for sure, opting for a Seychelles telework visa, you will have plenty of time to soak up the beauty of the place.


A break between tradition and modernity

telecommunication Taiwan

Photo credit: Shutterstock – DronaVision

  • ? Capital: Taipei
  • TV Visa Name: Taiwan Employment Gold Card
  • ? We love: meeting of modernity and traditions

Long overshadowed by its famous neighbor China, Taiwan has managed to create a strong identity over time. Combining modernity and traditionthis island state takes you somewhere a fascinating cultural vortex. Open your eyes wide and think of every wonder it has to offer. Between picturesque villages and bustling metropolises, you won’t know where to turn.

Walk the crowded streets of Taipei, lazing on the white sand beach, climb the sensational mountains or visit the Taroko Gorge. You can also choose to explore the countless small islands that surround Taiwan. Worried about running out of time? With a remote work visa, the island allows you to stay on site for 1 to 3 years. A great place for digital nomads who want to combine expeditions and work.

Why get support from Visamundi?

Brooke Cagle - Telecommuting Abroad

Photo credit: Nomamundi

you would like to have using remote work abroad, but are you afraid of steps? Visamundi comes to the rescue. This service – 100% digitized – wants to free you from one more mental burden. assists you with your administrative formalities. In particular, it helps individual and professional travelers to get their travel electronic travel documents.

To best help digital nomads (freelancers or employees) and employers, Visamundi founded Nomamundi. Its main purpose: make it easier to get a telework visa For destinations looking to revive their economies post-Covid-19. It also covers health obligations and contributions, jet lag, applicable regulations, and more. gives information about

So trusting Visamundi means being guided by experts, making sure you have the right information in real-time, getting your documents and saving valuable time.

Are you a freelancer or able to travel without leaving your company? Which destination for remote work abroad attracts you the most?

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