“You pay the poor and embrace the finances” in the assembly

The hall is full. Laptops are stacked on very small tables. Deputies are packed like sardines as in the demonstration. However, not everyone is marching in the same direction in the Social Affairs Committee, which has been investigating the pension reform project since Monday. “What did the French deserve that you hit them in the face with this bad project? The answer is quite simple: we have a government of bankers. You chose to pay the poor because they are the most. You’ve decided to embrace finance and take it to work in France! », Launches Sébastien Jumel (PCF) who, like all elected officials of Nupes, calls for the rollback of the reform. “Today, France needs moderation and refinement after three years of the Covid crisis, the war in Ukraine, the inflation crisis… And you brutalize the social body! » continues Francois Ruffin (FI). The brutality, which began with the cancellation of many special regimes, voted thanks to the abstention of RN deputies.

“We need to deconstruct the fantasies that are entertained around special diets. They belong to only 1.4% of the active population. You want to wipe them out with the stroke of a pen, drag us down, into a spiral of social waste! » but Pierre Dharréville (PCF) warned. “You will drive the TER, the subway, be an EDF agent and in two weeks, three weeks you will tell me if the special diet is worth it! » Caroline invites Fiat (FI). “Do you understand the society you are putting us into? Because some have rights and some don’t, should they be removed? You want to make them look privileged and profiteers while overpaying for their plans. Real profiteers, we see them with a crisis, but we have to be good with them “ also denounces Elsa Faucillo (PCF). “Difficulties cannot be compared,” you said. Therefore, we are against the abolition of special regimes corresponding to the conquered rights related to the characteristics and difficulties of each profession. finally provides Yannick Monnet (PCF). It went to waste.

“Just publish to avoid fine” high-level index

Then the deputies begin to examine the “high index” intended to promote the employment of older people. A “empty shell”a “decorative lettuce leaf”According to Sandrine Rousseau (EELV). “It doesn’t even force companies to produce satisfactory results: just publishing is enough to avoid a fine,” Sébastien Peytavie (Generation.s) observes. Therefore, Nupes MPs wanted to strengthen the text against Macronie’s opinion, who shouted that the RN and parliament were obstructing. “Why do we spend so much time on this index? Because behind it there are questions of great suffering.” replies Mathilde Panot (FI). “You despise the people with your idle steps. Already made 40 beds? Have you ever pushed a cart? You’ve never worked in a hotel or on a construction site! » furious Rachel Keke (FI). Persistence pays off: communist Pierre Dharréville’s amendment defining a high-level index (in terms of recruitment, improved consideration of challenges, access to training, end-of-career planning and knowledge transfer) was adopted. As an amendment by the same author, then removing the CSG increase on all retirement pensions.

The commission’s work was supposed to end on the evening of February 1, regardless of whether the elected officials finished examining the text. At the time of writing, Article 7 on the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64 had not yet been reached. The Defense Committee, which was seized for an opinion, however, rejected this article, which also applies to the military. “Each of our amendments carries one demand: the withdrawal of this unacceptable text. Either we take care of the capital or we take care of the business. You, the workers, chose to crash! » Pierre Dharréville, who warned in this regard, demanded that it be stopped “A fair of 75 billion euros of tax-payer-funded perks”. Haqq proposed another solution. Maybe the French would agree to work two more hours a week to avoid two more years at the end of their professional careers. Stéphane Viry (LR) managed 35 hours. As if we needed to work harder to fund our social model, which he argued: France had never been richer.

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