Textile design students from La Souterraine imagine patterns for a French underwear brand

Like nine other textile design higher education institutions, the Raymond-Loewy school complex in La Souterraine (Creuse) has chosen to integrate the national TextileAddict competition into its curriculum. In total, about 300 students pre-registered and joined this action Made in France.

This year, the challenge was to design an all-over model (repeating in leaps and bounds) for Lyonnais underwear brand Chérie Louve.

Armelle Duno (Applied art teacher)

Over the course of two months, under the guidance of applied arts teachers Armelle Duno and Aurore Mercier, DNMADE’s first-year Textile Material Design students created their designs to participate in the fourth edition of the competition. Some student projects are ongoing.

The competition invites creators of textile patterns to support the manufacturer brand in the development of its collection. This year, the digital printing technique is awarded by the Rhône-based company Chérie Louve to develop a printed collection of menstrual panties.

Become the new designer of the Chérie Louve brand

This collaboration contest is open to all French textile designers, hobbyists, students or professionals, and all internet users who wish to vote through the concours.textileaddict.me platform.

Daily : pre-registration of candidates from November 10; providing knitting patterns from January 10 to February 10; public voting from February 13 to March 10; March 7, jury deliberation; Publication of results on March 21.

Thus, creatives are offered the opportunity to become the new designer of the Chérie Louve brand.

By organizing this competition, we want to create a connection within our community: to promote the French know-how of textile designers, while supporting small brands. Made in France.

Elsa Lawrence (Founder of Textile Addict)

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Elsa Laurent, founder of Textile Addict, adds: “As an information platform

we also have an educational role, so we support candidates throughout the competition with advice, development paths and technical and historical explanations of textile printing”.

At La Souterraine, students benefited from the support of designer Magali Beaulieu, an expert in textile design. Since January 10, they have been able to present their products online.

The public has been invited to vote since February 13

From February 13 to March 10, the public will be invited to vote for their favorite designs on the competition website. The five works with the most votes from Internet users will be presented to the jury, which will determine the winning work for the Public Prize (jury prize 1000 euros, public prize 700 euros, student prize 500 euros).

The winning designs will then be incorporated into her new collection of menstrual panties printed on EcoVero fabric (eco-friendly viscose).

A parade of La Souterraine students kicked off the summer season at the Bridiers site

TextileAddict.me web platform is a place of information and professional connection between textile players. Founder of Textile Addict,
Elsa Lawrence Studied at La Martinière-Diderot (Lyon, BTS Fashion and Textile Design) and ESAAT (Roubaix, DSAA designer and textile designer). He was a textile designer integrated into the style office of homewear brand STOF France for five years and a freelance graphic designer for ten years.Its co-founder,

Sebastien Peltey

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