PORTRAIT. Victor Wembanyama, “it’s a UFO”! The French player who panicked the world basketball

On the occasion of the 20th day of the Betclic Elite between Blois and Boulogne-Levallois, France 3 Centre-Val de Loire, ADA presents the phenomenon of French and world basketball: Victor Vembanyama.

Victor Wembanyama is extraordinary: 2.21m, 2.43m wingspan and size 55. The 19-year-old hopeful has an exceptional physique that he puts to good use on the courts, where he’s racking up counters. The new phenomenon of world basketball has already been named the best youth of Betclic Elite twice in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.

Returning to the Paris area this season at Boulogne Levallois after a year at Tony Parker’s Asvel, the 19-year-old takes on the role of a key player and draws crowds wherever he goes.

The young French international (2 picks) is unique and has been noticed by two of the biggest names in world basketball. Some have already called it “unicorn“Because of his extremely rare ball handling and shooting skills.

American legend Lebron James has his own nickname for the young French basketball player: “What do I think when I see him play? Like everyone else, probably: everyone’s been using the term unicorn lately, but he’s more of a UFO!”

As for Tony Parker, he was interviewed on The Pop Corn flow Domingo: “He is a unique talent, the likes of which we have never seen in the history of basketball, whether in France or in the whole world.” The young basketball player has so many statements that make his head spin.

This season, Victor Vembanyama is the leading scorer (22 points/game average), rebounder (9.6 rebounds/game average) and blocker (3.3 blocks/game average). Simply the best Betclic Elite player (average 25.5 rating/match).

Thus, “Wemby” is promised a bright future in the biggest basketball championship in the world: the NBA from the summer of 2023. He should be the first player. draft The recruiting system for potential stars of tomorrow in the NBA, America’s championship.

Why is it so impressive? France 3 Centre-Val de Loire put that question to some basketball players in the region, all in unison. As Germain Castano, coach of Orléans Loiret Basket: “We’ve never seen a phenom with a body like this, handling the ball so well. He’s not only tall, he’s also slim. We’ve rarely seen that in a player of his stature and such an early age.” ADA Blois coach Mickael Hay agrees: “this is a phenomenon, i have never seen it before!

Vincent Pourchot, France’s tallest man (2m22), professional basketball player, former pivot of Tours Métropole Basket and social media influencer sees him. “Certainly a planetary phenomenon that will revolutionize basketball.

“He can play anywhere, the proof of this is that he is the best scorer, rebounder, blocker and in the rating of the championship”

Vincent Pourchot, 2.22 m professional basketball player

So why is the 19-year-old interior so different? For a player of his size, Victor Wembanyama is a very accomplished player. His wide technical palette is impressive: he is very fast, while players of his size are usually quite slow and, among other things, play the role of a pivot, burdening the opposing defense or grabbing rebounds. He shoots very well, especially at the three point and from almost any position.

A wide technical palette that allows you to take several positions on the ground. “I don’t think there’s a player like him. He has the ability to play the 2, 3, 4 and 5, he has the ability to put the ball down, make threes and be very consistent, and I’m just exaggerating. His free throws. Also, interesting about the game for his young age. has the knowledge Germain Castano claims.

According to Mickael Hay, an unprecedented phenomenon in France: “I’ve been through Tony Parker’s progression, it has nothing to do with it. It’s ten steps up, it’s pushing boundaries, it’s going beyond everything.”

Vincent Pourchot also applauds the French phenomenon’s perfect career choice: “It’s a very good choice to be with Vincent Collet at Metropolitan. So far they’ve managed it very well. We’ll see how it goes on the other side of the Atlantic.”.

Wemby opponents Blésois this Saturday, February 4, are also in awe of the French prodigy. ADA Blois General Manager Julien Monclar emphatically states: “He will make his mark on world basketball in the coming years, how much is the question? The European player who was drafted number one in the NBA in June is already history.” For Blois’ strong Senegalese winger Mbaye Ndiaye, ADA, who has already trained with Wembanyama, adds: “He is an impressive player, he shocks everyone, the whole world.”

Blésois has been warned, Victor Wembanyama never ceases to impress and will inevitably be one of the players to watch in the 20.c Betclic Elite day between ADA Blois and Boulogne-Levallois. The match will be broadcast live on France 3 Center-Val de Loire from 15:00 on Saturday, February 4.

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