FOOTBALL Who wants an OAK boss?

In terms of sport, OAC completely restarted the race for maintenance with wins over Louhans-Cuiseaux, Sète and Aubagne. But now these battered clubs have taken on the French Football Federation’s (FFF) Federal Commission for Regulations and Disputes to challenge the validity of Oasian player Souleymane Diaby’s licence. The sanctions are very disturbing…

Does Souleymane Diaby have a lookalike or a twin brother? The young OAC striker, who joined the Cévennes from Chusclan-Laud last summer, is at the center of a dark case that could threaten the Cévennes club. The 2022/2023 season is already full of events for Alésiens, who started an unexpected “rise” thanks to a 5-game streak after a change of coach in November and a 5-point penalty imposed by the football financial police in December. defeat (3 wins, 2 draws).

This Tuesday, January 31st, the return to favor of the OAC was unfortunately made worse by the revelations that were made. Feet Amateur. The specialized media announces that the Alesian club may lose the benefit of its last three victories (Louhans-Cuiseaux, Sète and Aubagne), these three beaten rivals question the situation by seizing the federal commission on the statutes and disputes of the 3F. Diaby is on three match sheets despite being a substitute at the start.

Souleymane Diaby, OAC summer recruit, in turmoil. (Photo OAC)

according to Feet AmateurAlesian will be a winger “I probably played with Amicale de Luce under another identity (Souhalia Mangama)” Located in Eure-et-Loir. It was Buccorhodanian club FC Aubagne, beaten twice by OAC this season and rivals in the race to protect, that triggered the warning. Serious charges could result in a 9-point penalty, which would have condemned Oakia to relegation to National 3, as they would have finished last in the standings, 12 points behind first relegation. A hole!

Publication of the article on the site Feet Amateur The blood of Cevennes fans quickly ran cold, perhaps reassured by the official OAC press release published in the process (not sure). “Olympique d’Alès learns that one of its players will then have two successive identities, each with a license issued by the French Football Federation. In turn, the player in question is registered to Souleymane Diaby. On July 13, 2022, the neighboring Football League of Occitanie As a player transferred from the Chusclan club and with his current identity, with a passport confirming him.first writes the direction of alesienne.

Who benefits from crime?

“The club respects the formality of the procedure in all aspects, in good faith, without omitting any element, without hiding any element, without deviating from the rules in force, and there is nothing else to add under these conditions.”, the statement said. Philippe Mallaroni, obviously upset by this latest unsportsmanlike incident, took care to provide further information this Wednesday morning: “We are not going to conduct any investigation outside of the procedure for each of the players we recruit. I don’t see what we can do more than once his license is approved by the FFF. I am in straight boots. I have absolutely nothing to blame myself.”

Especially as the general manager of OAC rightly noted: “I don’t even see how this pseudo-fraud can be useful. I wonder who benefits from the crime.” Because the player in question is called either Souleymane Diaby or Souhalia Mangama, but he uses his substitute status and has not been decisive in the league even once since his arrival.

Therefore, the following question arises: who wants the head of OAK? “There’s obviously a well-informed balance sending documents to several clubs other than ours, so there’s an intention behind it.”, analyzes Philippe Mallaroni. And to add: “It’s pool C, all shooting is allowed! But it’s strange that the ones who beat us don’t complain (laughs).”

18 or 24?

The Oacian CEO still hopes for a favorable outcome: “Essentially, what is the correct identity? Souleymane Diaby, this could be his true identity. It means that it is others who are being deceived.” Some research on the internet reveals photos from this summer of the player we officially know wearing OAC’s colours. We can see the young man wearing the jersey of FC Akanda, a club based in Libreville, the capital of Gabon.

In Gabon, several press articles actually mention “Souley” under the name Souhalia Mangama. The player is remembered with glowing statements that made him “A dribbler with great potential” who is going “be professional”. On site in 2021 Footeo, then he has a profile that mentions his date of birth: June 23, 1998. That would make Mangama/Diaby 24 years old today. However, when he signed for Alès last July, the player was registered on 1 June 2004 as a native of Bin-Houye, Côte d’Ivoire.

An attempt to “destabilize”.

To understand nothing more! It was the alleged youth and early age of the winger that caught the attention of the Alesian players when they played against Nimes Olympique in the French Cup. A match that almost collapsed because Souleymane Diaby, who introduced himself to the Chusclan club a few months ago, did not have the signature of the legal guardian on his license. “Undocumented Alienated Minor” (read here).

Philip Mallaroni at AAK knows this. If 3F and the seizure authorities can prove that the fraud was carried out in some way, the sanction against his club will become official. “on purpose”. “It’s understandable because it would be very serious.”comments Philippe Mallaroni, admitted that the situation “beyond understanding”. But the general manager sees the potentially lost 9 points “attempt to destabilize” Still on the road to maintenance after the metamorphosis of the sport, Alesian may raise doubts in the minds of the players.

Despite everything, the oacien club says it is in the spotlight “next deadline”, namely the reception of Jura Sud, a great chicken team, this Saturday (19:00) in Pibarot. Logically, Souleymane Diaby has been withdrawn from his much-hyped squad until further notice and is no longer participating in training.

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