Discover 4 new features of iOS 16 coming in 2023

Apple hits us every year, the company announces a bunch of new products with a major software update that comes out in September, but not all of the new products are available right away. Indeed, Apple prefers to introduce features that take time to develop later in iOS 16.1, iOS 16.2 updates…

4 new features coming in 2023

Did you know? iOS 16 has not delivered its full potential. An update that infuses iPhone with fantastic new features like Live Actions, changing and deleting already sent iMessages, widgets on the lock screen… there are more surprises !

During 2023, Apple will provide its users with the main features announced with iOS 16, where there are probably 4 new features that will come in the coming months in iOS 16.4 or even iOS 16.5.

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Web Push Notifications

Think you don’t have enough notifications about the apps you’ve downloaded? Good news, a reinforcement will come soon. Similar to the MacOS experience, sites you visit in Safari may ask if they can send you notifications when they have new articles or important information to share.

If you accept, you will receive a notification, as an app that sent you. Of course in it parameters You can remove the notification agreement for a website from your iPhone.

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Then Apple Pay

Apple Pay Later is a funding tool that was introduced at WWDC 2022 last June. The feature will be included in the program Purse and can be used to make purchases both online and in apps on iPhone and iPad. The purpose of Apple Pay Later is to enable Apple customers ease installment payment option.

Apple said the feature would be available in a future software update without specifying which one. Last year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman speculated that the feature could debut with iOS 16.4.

Checking the iMessage ignition switch

Apple wants to offer users the most with this feature sensitive (government member, journalist, human rights defenders, head of a large company, etc.) additional security. When iMessage’s ignition key verification is enabled, there are users communicating with each other savvy if a state-sponsored attacker or other malicious actor accesses cloud servers and inserts himself into an iMessage conversation.

As an added layer of security, people using iMessage’s FireKey Authentication can compare the verification code make sure they only talk to people they want to, in person, on FaceTime, or in another secure call.

carplay 2.0 2023

CarPlay 2023

Today, millions of people around the world use Apple CarPlay in their cars every day, which makes it possible multiple partnerships Between Apple and automakers, most of them chose Apple CarPlay over Android Auto.

At WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the future of Apple CarPlay to the world, with several new features fantastic multi-screen support, arrival of iOS-like widgets, car temperature control support, FM radio integration…

A number of manufacturers including Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche and Volvo engaged Launching cars that support Apple’s next-generation CarPlay experience in 2023.

When does all this happen?

We still know what new features are coming, but Apple hasn’t given us a specific date. Some of the features mentioned above should start beta program soon along with iOS 16.4. If a feature takes longer than expected to develop, Apple can defeat Introducing iOS 16.5, which will be released a few months before WWDC 2023.


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