Cohort raises €3.2 million to make Web3 available to brands and their customers

The French startup presents itself as a technology intermediary. It serves approximately fifteen clients in France and the United States, including Etam and Adore Me.

Cohort, a French relationship marketing platform based on NFTs, announces that 1er In February, it raised 3.2 million euros in a funding round by Iris and Axeleo Capital with the participation of 3 founders and four business angels. Launched in March 2022, the startup presents itself as a technological intermediary between brands, consumers and blockchain. Its ambition is to “reinvent the customer relationship” by democratizing access to Web3 for customer capture and loyalty purposes thanks to its SaaS platform, “no code, no cryptocurrency, no wallet.”

“Anyone with a smartphone and an email address should be able to access NFTs”

“Anyone with a smartphone and an email address should be able to access NFTs. We started from this premise to create Cohort: the platform removes all the complexity associated with cryptocurrencies and wallets and ‘leave only the experience,'” explains Séraphie. de Tracy, Co-founder and CEO of Cohort with Nathan Barraillé. “Until then, Web3 was a microcosm because most of us don’t really understand these concepts, don’t use them, and buy less from them. Cohort allows us to access them with what we are used to in e-commerce. technology that takes care of the rest,” summarizes Iris partner Gil Doukhan.

Therefore, Cohort offers consumers all the potential of Web3 without its drawbacks, namely jargon, complexity, cryptocurrencies, wallet ownership and blockchain registration procedures, etc. “Many brands do not dare to integrate NFTs into their digital engagement strategies because the environment is still too intimidating,” concludes Séraphie de Tracy. “We’ve created a product that speaks to marketing managers with the concepts they’ve mastered so they can create their own NFT campaign in 5 minutes without a wallet, cryptocurrency, and even less coding.” Cohort builds wallets for brands. and manages all their flows and operations. Various integrations, especially with Salesforce and Shopify, allow them to maintain their current channels.

One year development

Socque Paris, a new high-end shoe brand from Paris, has launched a pair of shoes with a lifetime warranty at the end of 2022, with the simple presentation of an NFT certificate entitling it to repairs at partner shoemakers and unlocking online benefits. store.. In order to benefit from this NFT, the consumer needed to have a customer account in addition to simply buying a pair of shoes. Second example: on the occasion of the launch of 40 swimwear collections in 2022, Etam transferred them to 40 NFTs, most of which were tendered. These NFTs entitle various benefits in case of online purchase of the model. Again, there’s no need to buy cryptocurrency or sign up for the blockchain: it’s Cohort that creates the wallet associated with the customer account that hosts the NFT.

“With Cohort, brands integrate these new experiences, driven by NFTs, into their traditional channels: social page, e-commerce site, etc. The end customer sees only what he knows: the classic purchase page with a button, so he can participate in the competition. e -experiments by specifying a mailing address. He will find his digital asset, NFT, in the customer account, as he would any other product order that he “knows and masters” in his e-commerce journey.Séraphie de Tracy.

A year of development was required to implement this technology. This fundraising will allow the startup to accelerate commercial development in France and abroad and strengthen its product and technology teams, which should triple in size over the next 12 months.

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