Again, we are going to the 9th edition of Sports Cups

Polynesia promotes sports, or rather sports, during the month of February 1. From February 1 to 19, you will discover the Polynesian champions who stand out for their combined performances in all sports during 2022. Who will replace Hititua Maihi, Flore Hani and Michel Bourez? Participate now!

  • What are sports trophies?

PF’s “Les Trophées du sport” is an event proposed and designed by Local Vision, which takes place every year between January and February and consists of promoting and rewarding Polynesian sportsmen who have distinguished themselves by their performances during the N -1 year. sports combination.

The first phase consists of the presentation of candidates’ profiles in the media from February 1 to Sunday, February 19, and the second phase consists of the presentation of trophies and gifts by partners at the gala night scheduled for February 21 at 7:30 p.m. An evening broadcast live on Polynésie la 1ère TV at the Grand Theater of the Maison de la Culture.

Two SMS and Facebook games allow voters to choose their favorite sportsman with great prizes through a lottery among the correct answers.

Our champions are positive influencers in our community and deserve to be celebrated. Society needs it.

Exercising is good for the health of young and old alike, helping to combat the evils of addiction and the problems that arise from it in our society.

Promoting sports and its values ​​by highlighting our athletes means having a positive impact on society. Therefore, many private and public companies have come together to support the event.

The competition also aims to connect with the athletes who dare to face the outside level, to tell them “we have not forgotten you” and give them courage.

Sports, my only addiction

The arrival of the youth prevention delegation as a lead partner is fully in line with the competition’s DNA.

Its designer, Simoné Forges Davanzati, always hoped that the competition could be of public benefit by influencing everyone to exercise to prevent serious chronic diseases that affect Polynesians, especially diabetes, hypertension… Sports is good for everything. , for the head as for the body.

Specifically, the nominated athletes were asked to say how important it is to live healthy in the presentation video they prepared for the Internet with the slogan “Sport, my only addiction”..

The Olympic Games are the ultimate goal for many athletes and Polynesians Anne-Caroline Graffe In 2012, he was not satisfied with participating in London, where he won a silver medal in his discipline: taekwondo.

For the third year in a row, she will be giving us the honor of being the godmother of the event and will be coming all the way from the French capital of France for the evening.

He is now taking care of a French pole ahead of the Paris Olympics, but Polynesia means too much to him to consider skipping the meet. This year too, he will present the evening with his simplicity and natural kindness.

18 cups, 18 categories:

Block 1

  • Team 2022
  • Tuaro Maohi 2022
  • Handisport 2022
  • Sports health 2022

Block 2

  • Judge 2022
  • Coach 2022
  • Event 2022
  • DPDJ 2022 Special Award

Block 3

  • ATN Ambassador 2022
  • Sports legend 2022
  • Extreme sports 2022
  • Rowing of 2022
  • The wave of 2022

Block 4

  • Hope woman 2022
  • Hope man 2022
  • Audience Award 2022 (audience vote)
  • Female athlete 2022
  • Male athlete 2022

The jury:

Trophies in 17 categories are awarded by a jury of five sports journalists: Maruki Dury, Pure Nena, Vaitiare Pereyre, Désiré Teivao and Simoné Forges Davanzati.

Collecting the votes of the two SMS and Facebook games gives the winner of the public prize a total of 18 trophies made by the Prokop workshop.

The word “best” has been deliberately removed from the trophies, this competition is not intended to determine “the best”, but to promote the sport in general in a fun way.

Discover the 12 candidates for the 2023 Sports Trophies (BLOCK 4)

– 1 cup of tea

– 2 Kauli Vaast

– 3 Teiva Jacquelain

– 4 Benjamin Zorgnotti

– 5 Taputura Delpuech

– 6 Kauai Shell (hope)

– 7 Kahaia Tauraa (hope)

– 8 Waihei Samins

– 9 Vahine Fierro

– 10 Iloha Eychennes

– 11 Cintya Tetuaiteroi (hope)

– 12 Aelan Vaast (Hope)

2023 Sports Cups press conference:

Great competition

Two games with great prizes:

Two games allow the public to participate in determining the public’s favorite athlete in one of the three main categories that close the gala night to allow as many people as possible to participate, an SMS game and a facebook game.

Send the number 1 to 12 corresponding to your favorite athlete to 7701 “TDS” (SMS cost 130 Fcfp including tax)

14 prizes will be awarded to voters by drawing from the correct answers. For example, if the majority chose athlete “X”, the draw for 14 prizes is held among those who voted for athlete “X”, 7 people voted for the Facebook game, and 7 people voted for the SMS game.

There will be 14 draws with a total value of 743,020 xpf

2 iPhone 13 Pro with 256 Gb offered by Vini

2 round trip tickets to Auckland offered by Air Tahiti Nui

2 nights at the Intercontinental Tahiti Hotel for two with breakfast included

2 vouchers for two people for a catamaran trip to Tetiaroa offered by Poe Charter

2 nights for two at Moorea Golf Lodge in Moorea

2 Vikura Tahiti sets each include a hat, towel and magnet

2 Sport Trophies shirts offered by the Tahiti representative

It presents candidates competing in 5 categories of block 4: male and female athlete, male and female hopeful, audience award. All other categories (13) are awarded without public competition.

Sports Trophies 2023: 12 Polynesian athletes named

  • Athlete selection criteria in order of priority:

1.First, athletes are selected according to the level and quality of their performances in 2022* (*November 15, 2021 – November 15, 2022) in order of priority: international, regional (Oceania, Overseas), then domestic. The degree of competition should be taken into account (number of license holders per discipline, number of participants in the competition, per category, as well as the category of the sport itself (professional or amateur, senior or veteran, etc.)

2.Second, the jury must consider the attitude of the athlete, his propensity for professionalism (training, lifestyle), his propensity to be an ambassador of the sport and the positive values ​​of French Polynesia, and the quality of his performances. year related to his sports career. Prospects must be at least 14 years old.

3. Finally, if possible, the jury should consider certain balance in the election (surfing/wa’a/martial arts/ball sports) and, if there are ballots, allocate space to sports specifically practiced in Polynesia. The jury must take into account possible direct confrontations in the event of a tie between two athletes of the same discipline.

*Each selection proposal can be made during the year by a member of the jury, a sports federation, a club or the athlete himself, but the performance of the year (place, type) must be determined. competition, category, etc.). The final meeting of the jury is held annually in late November/early December.

*Hypothesis n°1 = Given the large number of sports federations and the limited number of places in each category (4 athletes per category), the jury will refrain from nominating an athlete two years in a row, regardless of whether he wins the category or not. of the year, for example).

*Postulate n°2 = The winner of the public award cannot be awarded by the jury with the award for male/female athlete of the year or male/female, the latter will go to the second choice of the jury based on their votes. .

Produced by Local Vision, 12 one-minute “message” videos from the 12 athletes named in the Block 4 category will be addressed directly to the public via the Polynésie la 1ère website (and its social networks). The athlete will introduce himself, talk about his performances in 2022 by encouraging the public to vote for him, and finally give a prevention message by encouraging the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Maruki’s portraits will also be broadcast on Polynésie la 1ère radio.

The gala night on February 21, which will last approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, will be broadcast live on television and the Internet.

The thrombinoscope, including the logos of the 21 partners, produced by the graphic designer of Sports Trophies, will be widely distributed on social networks as it is linked to the facebook game: the 12 mentioned athletes will appeal to their communities and ask them to vote for them. …

It should be noted that a second image promoting the evening, which is free and open to the public, will be posted on the Facebook page of Polynésie 1ère, as well as on the Facebook page of all the partners of the event.

Other media, in particular two 4- and 6-page publications in the quarterly Sport Tahiti magazine before and after the event, and the production of an event t-shirt are planned.

Finally, the trophy, designed by Prokop workshops and featuring the Vini logo on the front and each partner’s logo on the back, will be shared on various social networks, where the winning athletes will enjoy having their photos taken with their prized possessions.

Winners’ evening, February 21 live TV, internet and Facebook live

For this 9th edition, the organization will offer a slightly shorter show of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Four interludes will be offered: Marquis band Toa Huhina, Vaiteani will make their big return to the stage in Tahiti tonight after a three-year hiatus, accompanied by dancer emeritus Ranitea Laughlin, comedian and multi-talented artist Christopher Prenat. will present an original sketch around addictions that promises to be hilarious, and finally, Hei Tahiti from Tiare Trompette will enchant the last part of the broadcast.

The 9th edition of the Sports Cups will be presented specially for the evening by our future sponsor from mainland France, Anne-Caroline Graff. Trophies will be awarded in series according to 4 category blocks.

Multiple videos about the winners will be shown on the modular LED screens that will be used on the night. The event provider will be Visual Events, returning after three editions.

Long live sport in Polynésie la 1ère!

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