3 Beliefs You Can Have…

With an annual growth rate of almost 14% in the coming years, digital marketing is one of the hottest industries today. But beware of certain pitfalls and beliefs in terms of digital marketing training…

1. A long certification training will earn me the title of digital expert

Oh no! You know very well that digital marketing involves applying various online marketing strategies to find prospects, convert them into customers, retain them and ultimately grow your business. But this activity sector is very broad and includes many disciplines: social media, e-commerce, SEO, SEA, inbound marketing, mobile marketing… It seems simple yet. So why is it impossible to become an expert?

The popularity of digital marketing has convinced many of you to pursue a career in it. But sooner or later you will realize that it covers different concepts that are related to each other. Therefore, the more you progress in studying each of them, the more you will understand that there are different professions and specialties in this field.

So, if you want to be an “expert”, focus on one field of choice and the expert title will come by itself.

2. Digital marketing training is not for the “too old”.

FAKE. There is no age to learn, and that’s in any field! Digital work is not limited to a Community Manager or a WordPress expert and digital marketing is the present, not the future. So there is always time to start.

In addition, digital marketing certification training allows you to solve the problems of different profiles:

  • Business or management school students who wish to complete their courses with a one-year qualification
  • Entrepreneur looking to build a dedicated team to develop digital marketing strategy, expertise and business
  • An employee in the company to acquire new skills and evolve in his position or evolve in his organization.
  • Those who are actively retraining to build a new professional project
  • Digital professionals who have strong skills but want to learn about new technologies.

The challenge of digital marketing training is mostly in the type of training to choose according to your needs: long or short, global or specialized in one area or specific tools or technologies.

3. Getting the best training will guarantee me a job at the end

Not necessarily. When you combine a certifying and accredited training, the results are not guaranteed, on the contrary:

  • Inspiring trainers and experts in their fields;
  • Proven and effective teaching methods;
  • Tools to update knowledge and operational know-how;
  • A certificate highly valued by employers.

However, keep in mind that adding lines to the “education” section of your resume is no guarantee that employers will rush you. That’s why it’s important to work on your reputation, especially online and on LinkedIn, in parallel with your training.

Caring for your online reputation includes:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile by having an active online presence on that platform (it’s also a great mine of information and resources);
  • Master the main social networks used in influencer or content marketing strategies: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.
  • Revive your blog regularly to increase its visibility by creating content and demonstrating that you know how to use a CMS.

Are you following or looking for digital marketing training? Be curious, dare, express yourself and show your personality! This will make you stand out from the crowd of candidates and ultimately make you stand out in the field.

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