What will be the footprint of marketing in 2023?

Event, podcast, employer branding, customer experience, CMIT deciphers what should be among the markers of 2023.

2023, face-to-face?

since 2020, Covid and successive arrests have accelerated the digitization of Marketing plans, especially for events. A digital alternative has proven to be easy to implement at a low cost while being part of a CSR approach. At the same time, partial remote working has been entrusted to many companies and organizations. But there are many types of events…

Today, companies can organize digital events live or through platforms Bright TALK Where Webikeo, but the proliferation of webinars, online conferences … has resulted in a dramatic increase in NoShow. (Only 30% of registrants attend live events, 20-25% subscribers re-follow them). In 2023, in addition to content, there is a need to focus on communication and interaction to increase presence and engagement online.

We thought we had seen the end of trade shows… But in 2022 we saw the return of large trade shows or professional conferences, with attendance recovering but not yet at pre-Covid levels. To overcome this, the organizers offer additional content (sessions, seminars)! This should continue in 2023 as the show allows exhibitors to make new connections and visitors to optimize their journey by meeting many industry players.

Finally, in 2023, highly targeted, hyper-personalized customer actions should return to support customers. ABM strategy (Account-Based Marketing), whether organized by the companies themselves or by third-party organizations. Customers travel less and will therefore prefer high value-added meetings where they can meet other peers.

In summary, 2023 should continue to see the return of face-to-face – hyper-targeted events and fairs – in addition to all online offerings!

Podcast, a new ally in 2023

The history of the podcast dates back to the early 2000s Adam Curry (programmer) and Dave Winer (developer) began experimenting with a new way to stream audio content over the Internet. Easy to access and fun, the podcast has since branched out and seems to know no limits to growth. It has made great progress and is very fashionable: 10.9 million monthly listeners Against 2019 in France 17.6 million in 2022 (Source the entrepreneur in you). Therefore, this is a real trend for 2023!

Why integrate podcasting into your B2B strategy? Podcasts are similar to videos: they fit an inbound and content strategy. They have a keen interest in optimizing the employer brand, increasing customer loyalty, reaching new audiences, new customers and above all building a community around the brand. Indeed, audio creates intimacy and strengthens the bond of membership. Above all, you need to offer content that is valuable, useful, and can improve your listeners’ daily lives. You must be inspiring!

One of the strengths of the podcast is its spontaneity, variety, and flexibility to be listened to anywhere and at any time of day. So, wouldn’t it be on track to emerge as the ideal communication tool for brands in 2023?

Employer branding is increasingly making its mark

The association of the terms “brand” and “employer” that appeared in the United States in the early 1990s may seem paradoxical. Not so long ago, the concept of employer was essentially related to the concept of production, therefore it has the connotation of HR; the brand was a marketing and communication platform. The combination of these two terms into a single concept shows a great social evolution: the power relationship between the customer and the company was followed by the relationship between the employee and the company. Previously, the candidate had to seduce, prove his qualities, sell himself. Now it’s up to the company to do it. When it comes to attraction, marketing has proven its know-how. If it has essentially done its appeal externally (prospects and more recently candidates), it must do so internally to encourage loyalty and thus limit acquisition costs. After all, within the symmetry of attention, employees are customers like everyone else. Marketing and HR now share a language, common goals and feed off each other.

In 2023, in a context that promises to be less, it is likely that companies will continue to worry about recruiting potential employees and candidates. Those that offer a positive, inclusive work environment and support professional development will be most attractive. Therefore, they will have to demonstrate a certain know-how and use marketing not only to co-build but also to spread awareness.

More on customer experience for 2023

We’ve been reading about the importance of customer experience for a while now. Whether it’s personalized or wow-effect, we feel we know everything about customer experience. It would be a little coffee to talk about this year’s trend. And yet…

According to recent research from Twilio, 67% companies should refuse to acquire to bet on their loyalty in 2023. But how much better is retaining your customer than improving their brand experience?

Take a look at this brand new concept…

For many years, brands have been satisfied with measuring customer satisfaction. However, this level of satisfaction is not necessarily synonymous with loyalty or loyalty. Indeed, a satisfied customer may go elsewhere because a competitor offers the same service at a lower price, or because a competitor offers something different. Rather than satisfaction, it is brand loyalty that will make your customer more or less loyal. It was then that the concept of customer experience emerged. And in uncertain times, customer experience remains a must to cover your back.

A few pieces of advice for 2023:

  • Focus on your customers and improve their experience
  • Continue to be flawless in delivering on your promises (time, quality, all-inclusive pricing, etc.) while keeping data protection and usage in mind
  • Adopt a 360 vision and focus on your employees
  • be original
  • Try new formats, but always focus on content – ​​you need to bring value to your audience.

Anne-Pierre Guignard, Rapid7 Marketing Director EMEA West, Patricia Thiélois, Director of Marketing and Communications at Digora, David Benguigui, Director of Social Media and Content Management and Laëtitia Baret, Head of Brand Positioning at Efficy, and CMIT Tribune members.

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