What should we remember from Saint-Malo sports meetings?

About a hundred participants contributed to the basics of the sport. © Malouin Country / Matthieu Baron

First sports seatsOrganized by the city Saint MaloIt was held on Saturday, January 28, 2023 at the Saint-Malo IUT.

From 9 am to 5 pm, 110 representatives from Falklands clubs and sports associations they were forced let them express their opinions about six subjects form participatory discussion workshops : sports equipment of tomorrow; tomorrow’s sports training; grants to associations; high-level sports; the boat and its effects; sport for young Malouins.

These sports meetings were led by the Mouvens firm represented by Mathieu Dorosz and Julie Carron-Sanson. At the end of the day, they compiled a summary of these exchanges.

Sports equipment

Before starting the construction of the sports facilities, the participants emphasized the importance of consulting with the upstream stakeholders (associations, schools, free practitioners). » They expressed their desire «modular and shared equipment that connects spaces and slots (…) Thinking about equipment for companions with waiting areas (…) Integrating sports equipment into future real estate projects (…) Building basic equipment to open very busy traffic jams multi sports halls. »

Pool human resources

The concept of reuniting equipment came up during exchanges so that gyms would not be saturated. The idea of ​​combining the skills of human resources and professional supervisors was mentioned among associations facing increasing difficulties in finding volunteer leaders. Another suggestion:

Create a box to refer to the offer of sports for people with disabilities, healthy sports or special audiences (ambiguities, audiences away from sports experiences).


Regarding the system of allocating grants to sports associations, the participants wished to “restructure the rules. In particular, they want to “simplify procedures with an online platform and support for answering questions about filling out grant files. »

Another suggestion: “Hire a ‘subsidy hunter’ to discover the funding that associations can claim.”

High level

The definition of high level is not the same for everyone, because on the one hand there are sportsmen named in the list of the Ministry of Sports and clubs that develop at the national level. This parameter can find its importance in the grant criteria, “so there is a need for a clear, legible, fair and non-controversial reading network. »

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The associative participants wish to “create a division accompanying the development of a double project in the area (secondary, undergraduate, additional) and the creation of a “pool” residence so that young people can continue their school courses. They also hope to “create a post dedicated to the high level with a reference guide, the development of territorial marketing to promote high-level athletes and the creation of a center to optimize performance (physiotherapist, mental training …) »

Go to the youth

One solution to getting young people involved in sports, despite barriers related to mobility, parental availability, even screen time, would be to develop a strategy to “reach out” to the public. This can be encouraged with outdoor equipment that can be used by both residents and associations. Compared to existing schemes such as Vacan’Sport and Quartiers d’été, established by the Office of Sport and Boating (OSEN), the participants believe that “the communication of these schemes, which deserve more media coverage, needs to be improved. »

Julie Carron-Sanson and Mathieu Dorosz, from Mouvens' cabinet, and Abel Kinie, deputy mayor for sports
Julie Carron-Sanson and Mathieu Dorosz from the Mouvens cabinet and Abel Kinie, deputy mayor for sports. © Malouin Country / Matthieu Baron

by boat

While boating is undeniably “at the heart of the region’s appeal thanks to the Route du Rhum”, the associations want to “separate the Route du Rhum from the everyday boating experience”. They also want to “give as many people as possible, especially young people, access to water sports by creating a sea passport from primary school to high school so they can explore all the marine disciplines. It is hoped to establish naval bases. “Creating a museum around water sports” was also mentioned. »

And then?

This restoration was the first step in this foundation of the sport. Mathieu Dorosz analyzes: “The second step is now to create a road map of sports policy directions, draw up the main lines, draw up everything that has been said to measure the scope of work…”. Once the road map is defined, the first results of these sports meetings should be reflected in the “next 2024 budget”, said Abel Kinie, the deputy mayor in charge of sports.

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