USAM Youth betting for next season

This morning, USAM President David Tebib provided an update on next season’s roster. The Nîmes club is betting on young nuggets and a training center with several experienced players such as Julien Rebichon, who has been extended for a year.

We know this in handball, it is during this period that everything is finalized to build the workforce for the next season. Nîmes, who now qualify fourth for the junior European cups, should be better equipped to fulfill this goal, which the club nevertheless wants to achieve at the end of the season. For several years, David Tebib’s strategy has been to identify young bulls, hatch them before they join larger stables. And it will be even more so with this workforce set for the 2023/2024 season.

After the birth of Egypt as the new great nation of world handball and the success of Sanad and Hesham, a new pharaoh will arrive at the Snow this summer. This is 19-year-old Mohab Saeed, who participated in the last World Cup where he was selected as a quarter-finalist. “He is a real diamond to polish like Elohim Prandi and Ahmed Hesham”, president David Tebib comments. The right-back has signed a two-year contract and will support Luc Tobie in the role. Mathieu Salou, who has been loaned to Tremblay-en-France for six months, is likely to leave the club this summer.

First professional contract for Derisbourg and Vincent

The second ingot hired isn’t even old. This is Reyhan Zuzo (17), who already plays in the Proliga near Villeurbanne. Son of former France international Semir Zuzo, the left-back, who already has options for the France U19s, has been signed on a three-year deal, the first two on a professional coaching contract. “He is the most promising talent of his generation”, David Tebib assures. By securing this player, Nîmes is preparing for the future. Betting on young people, which is also realized through the Usamist training center. In recent years, 40 of the 75 youngsters who have trained in Nîmes have signed professional contracts.

Tom Poyet gets three-year extension at USAM • Anthony MAURIN

In June 2023, it is the job of Guéric Vincent, who is already part of the first team. The left midfielder signs a 3-year contract. On the other hand, Damien Giberno is being discussed for a three-season extension (until 2027). Lou Derisbourg, who is back on the field after tearing his cruciate ligament, has also verbally agreed to work with USAM for three or even four years. An opportunity to have an additional center half alongside Konradsson. Tom Poyet, who also trains at the club, has extended his contract for three seasons until 2026.

Rebichon extended, Gallego thought

Young talents are trained as well as experience. If at first the tendency was to put an end to more adventures, the iconic captain Julien Rebichon finally extended a year. “After many years here, there was a passion to spend my whole career in the same form. I am very happy to continue at least one more year.”, the 34-year-old winger has been speaking to the club for more than 15 years (see video below). Before the extension became official, Rebichon received requests from other clubs. After June 2024, a long-term retraining mission awaits him at the club, especially to train the youth teams. If Gardois, adopted at 35, still doesn’t want to play.

There is speculation about his friend Benjamin Gallego, whose contract expires in six months. According to our information, the 34-year-old pivot has received offers from other clubs, including one for a two-year contract. No action has been taken yet. Defensive competition will also be strong with Kamchop-Baril, Tom Poyet and Quentin Dupuy returning from injury. Benjamin Gallego couldn’t be the only one to leave this summer. Mohammad Sanadi is also looking for big clubs and can be tested. “We will take time to discuss and see the future. He belongs to the category of players who have very good offers and could ask for a new challenge.”, concluded the Usamist president. The 32-year-old right-back could be loaned out for Romain Tesio if he stays, as Nîmes also have Damien Gibernon in that role.

In any case, Ahmed Hesham’s departure is well recorded. The 22-year-old midfielder will join Montpellier for a fee. A few seasons ago, a talented Egyptian like Elohim Prandi appeared in Nimes and now wants to play in the Champions League for a higher salary than USAM can offer him. A well received springboard club position and David Tebib hopes to repeat the same with Reyhan Zuzo and Mohab Saeed. So the workforce for next season is almost complete. Unless an additional job is accepted. “We are a world-class left-back, but maybe it will be for next season.”concludes David Tebib.

Next season’s lineup

Goalkeepers: Demaille, Baznik. Pivots: Kamtchop-Baril, Poyet, Dupuy. Right back: Said, Tobi. Left back: Acquevillo, Zuzo, Minel. Center: Derisburg, Konradsson. Right-back: Sanad, Gibernon, Tesio. Left winger: Rebichon, Vincent and Sissoko (winger / center half).

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