The number one target of the interim report requested by the Ministry of Sports

It is the target number of the interim report of the inspection mission commissioned by the Ministry of Sports of the President of the French Football Federation. A report that could mark the end of Noel Le Graet’s reign, even if the scenarios to end the crisis are still unclear.

Noël Le Graët, who has overseen the country’s most powerful sports federation since 2011, is the first target of a pre-audit report by the Inspectorate General for Education, Sports and Research (IGESR).

The Breton leader is chosen for both “Behavior towards women”judge “at least sexist”only for “management failures” In “3F”.. Listeners note that a “collection of problematic expressions”, “beyond exemplary requirements” are his duties.

Under these conditions, the noose on the 81-year-old entrepreneur, who retired on January 11, is getting a little tighter. Even within the executive committee of FFF (“Comex”), which is made up of historical supporters, the “Menhir” of French football is no longer defended. “Compared to January 11, his condition has worsened. With the same sadness and this time a little more determination than I would ask him to take
his obligations”On Monday France Info Eric Borghini, member of “Comex” emphasized.

In addition, “NLG” is conducting a judicial investigation into moral and sexual harassment, and the auditors of IGESR have warned that they will bring to justice other related elements taken from the report.

Nevertheless, the former socialist mayor of Guingamp, who did not publicly react to the transmission of the preliminary report, has fifteen days to make observations before the publication of the final and contradictory report, scheduled for mid-February.
FFF is also waiting for this date to release the results of this mission.

Will Le Graet resign on his own, as he promised during an unpleasant inspection on January 11? Many internally hope so, as the choice will keep Comex and Vice President Philippe Diallo in charge until the Federal Assembly in June. But nothing is less certain. Leader really in recent days a “A clearly conducted administrative investigation”and audit alone cannot compel him to surrender.

However, several levers are available to override the controls. An extraordinary General Assembly is likely to be called by Comex to remove the president, but that would lead to new elections and discredit Comex as a whole.
The Federal Assembly can also be convened by a quarter of its members if it so wishes, again allowing Comex and the president to be dismissed, or at the request of the Supreme Football Authority (HAF). .. But the latter has so far preferred to temporize.
The final option suggested in the pre-audit report: referral by Comex to the Federal Disciplinary Commission to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the president.
– What will be the future face of “Fede”? –

At 87 boulevard de Grenelle, the institution’s Paris headquarters, there is no doubt that the era of Le Graët is over. And already, the vexed question of succession is raging behind the scenes.
“I fear that reading this extremely strong report will encourage the idea of ​​degagism. But if Noël Le Graet takes responsibility and resigns, we under normal conditions we have all the means to go until 2024″comments Eric Borghini, interview with AFP.

Vice President Philippe Diallo, ad interim, seems determined to keep the feature. He entices some with his in-depth knowledge of issues, behind-the-scenes work and minimalistic communication. His support for Comex could be invaluable because if Le Graet were to step down, it would be Comex that would have to appoint a successor from among its members and propose him to the Federal Assembly in June.
Comex member Camel Sandjak, president of the powerful Paris-Île-de-France League, also has presidential ambitions, according to several inside sources. Close to the amateur world, he was one of Le Graet’s main rivals for a long time before joining him in 2021.

Marc Keller and Jean-Michel Aulas, Le Graet’s historical relatives who have also been mentioned in the presidential race in recent months, leave with a further delay, as they will first have to leave their respective clubs (Strasbourg and Lyon).

If he is kicked out of Comex, former Ligue 1 president Frédéric Thiriez will undoubtedly enter the race for the French football coach position, as he did in 2021. Regardless of what happens, a potential successor will have the difficult task of overhauling it. FFF.

The audit report recommends a range of measures, from revising the law to implementing an action plan on gender-based and sexual violence…

(via AFP)

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