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The editorial team deciphers the media campaign of a brand, brand or institution every week. See you today with the “Cooperative spirit transforms real estate” campaign launched by Orpi and organized by Score DDB.

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In an active but competitive market, the Orpi network wants to reaffirm its position through 1350 agencies. positioning itself as a real estate expert at the service of every French looking to buy, sell or rent property. If investing remains stressful, Orpi offers comforting terms for every transaction, the message goes.


After winning Orpi’s tender, Score DDB envisioned a new campaign that reveals the territory of expression and signature real estate network: “Cooperative spirit changes real estate”. It reflects the willingness of a group of independents to approve its cooperative status. Having a cooperative spirit means sharing knowledge, skills, experience… A promise that resonates with customers looking for a partner to help them through a critical moment in their lives. A period of maximum stress where many questions remain unanswered. How much should I sell? Is it the right time to invest? How does energy diagnostics work? A real estate project inevitably raises many questions. Becoming obsessive, they sometimes prevent you from focusing on something else. Whether we’re playing basketball with our kids, drinking our morning coffee, or putting away our groceries, real estate problems can attack us at any moment until we forget what’s around us and what we’re doing. The new campaign reflects this three funny, slightly absurd films. To reinforce the distinction, Orpi reviewed its signature and visual expression. Thus, the brand’s letter “O” is reaffirmed as the main identity element adopted in all the brand’s media. Covers the face or subject of the visuals to express Orpi’s ability to focus on what is important. These new elements will also appear in all branches in France during the commercial operations of the 2023 action plan.


This new area of ​​expression aims to strengthen brand differentiation and recognition in a saturated market.

Review by Sophie Montfort, creative director of Score DDB

“We won this budget based on a fairly simple creative idea: selling, buying or renting a property is always a stressful adventure with thousands of questions. During this time that the property is on the market, it’s always a headache. We only think about it and not always at the right time. We wanted to capture these moments of reflection through fairly simple comedies where the characters are taken by inner thoughts without regard to their surroundings. The principle of internal voices allows to convey a lot of information without resorting to dialogue, which is very classic. we chose a humorous tone that dramatizes the situation Finally, the solution comes from Orpi with its advice and professional support. In a very busy and digitized real estate market, Orpi emphasizes its status as a cooperative agency that benefits from a network that can be mobilized throughout France. The casting directed by Owen Trevor Black features actors who are not so common in commercials and are realistic because they are close to us. The chief operator took care of it cinematic aesthetics with beautiful lights and different color codes for each film. This first outing will be followed by a year-long saga.

Campaign: “Cooperative spirit changes real estate”

Advertiser: Orpi

Agency: Score DDB

Broadcast: Advertising campaign with 3 films broadcast on TV and VOL from January 29 and throughout the year, as well as a window display campaign, local print, digital POS and social networks.

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