Galaxy S23 Ultra. Or why the Samsung Galaxy S24 is worth the wait

Samsung’s “acquisition” ends with very boring new Galaxy S23s, higher prices and a very fair-looking evolution.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 model confirms that mobile phones are more boring than ever.

We are almost in February and Samsung is starting the first “Unpacked” of 2023, which will open its doors in a few hours, and obviously, and as you all know, the main protagonists will be the new Galaxy S23. I thought a lot. expect more surprises.

You already know that Samsung is not good at keeping surprises, never has been, and as always, we know (almost) everything about its Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra to draw conclusions like I dare to draw. in this article.

I do this up front because I consider myself a loyal user of the Galaxy Note family since its birth in 2011, every generation as my primary cell phone, and the first time it’s certainly reasonable for someone to like it. Me, a die-hard technophile, he really doesn’t get it… Is the Galaxy S23 Ultra worth buying?

➡️ Samsung Galaxy S23: Release date, specs, models and all known information

There is no doubt that cell phones are boring in 2023 and rationality now prevails.

In reality, and until now I never doubted it, my intellectual vein prevented me from being rational, and the news, however infrequent, was always enough to justify a change of flagship and test the next generation Galaxy Note.

However, as the technological evolution has become more and more complex and the market has become more and more mature, leaving all innovations for the logical improvement of power and performance, as well as the currently available mobile camera, the generation gap has narrowed considerably over the years. large workforce of the industry.

Yes, most high-end, premium cell phones now are actually cameras attached to the phones, and yes, they can take a few milky pictures, but they’re really annoying.

Metal and glass sandwiches without a lot of soul, they all look very similar to each other and make the rationality more and more that I realize that I don’t need to spend more than 1000 euros every year in the first place. new smartphone.

Based on convincing leaks, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is here, leading me to believe that Samsung wants to sell me the same phone, obviously with better specs, but essentially the same… analyze!

This is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in all its primary colors

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Black

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Green

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Lilac

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but with vitamins

For starters, what we see from the Galaxy S23 Ultra is that the design hasn’t changed at all, we have the same phone from the outside and we can’t tell it apart, but now there are a few new colors that aren’t even there. new but inherited from the Galaxy Z Flip3.

It’s true that with the Gorilla Glass Victus 2, there’s an improvement in materials, and it’s true that there are some minor details that have changed, like the size of the sensors, but the design lines are the same and the layout of the elements is just as good. nothing new here.

Yes, there are more moves I think are important at the hardware level, as memory evolves to include new technologies, UFS 4.0 in storage and LPDDR5x for RAM, which are effectively the highest levels available.

What’s even better is Qualcomm’s integration of Snapdragon 8 Gen2 into all units, no matter what market they’re targeting, which is a significant change, but really, I don’t know if it’s due to the power boost it would bring. worth such a large expense.

The other notable difference will be Samsung’s own ISOCELL HP2 model, but the main 200-megapixel sensor retains all the features of the other lenses, which Samsung claims to have definitely improved through software.

Like other manufacturers, it would be better to put a 1-inch main sensor and not increase the resolution that much, although I would like to check how Samsung squeezes this 200 megapixels with the garbage technology.

Samsung Galaxy S23 with Snapdragon

This is Samsung’s entire Galaxy S23 family.

There are only three new features that adjust the balance: a 200-megapixel sensor, Snapdragon 8 Gen2 and LPDDR5x + UFS 4.0 memory… The question is: will the improvements be noticeable enough to justify the large costs of the change? ?

For the rest, all the buttons of the terminal are the same, from the Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with 120Hz, HDR10+ and a maximum brightness of 1750 nits, to the charging system that is inexplicably limited to 45 watts and even worse than the 15 watts of the S22 Wireless. Ultra , will now increase to 10 watts on this Galaxy S23.

The fingerprint reader, the USB Type-C connector in version 3.2, the S-Pen stylus, the Armor Aluminum chassis, the battery of connection protocols and even the audio system, which is tuned by AKG with stereo and audio, are the same. bit and 384 kHz.

What I’m telling you, basically the same phone. Once again. The decision is becoming more and more rational, so I probably won’t own one of the first Galaxy S23 Ultras to come to France for the first time in years and I won’t sign up for the presale.

Of course, I am neither a demagogue nor a cynic, so I admit that I will definitely buy it sooner or later, although the logic is that I am doing the ideal this time, that is, wait and buy it at once. a significant discount in just a few months will further justify the cost and therefore the change. Either that or it will be time to make the leap into folding…

Relax, discover the evolution of the number of smartphones sold by the brand over time in the video below:

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