10 digital marketing trends to watch in 2023

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to build new relationships with their communities, build brand awareness and increase sales. To do this, they need to constantly review their approach and be aware of key digital transformations. To help them, Brandwatch, a consumer intelligence and social media management suite, has identified and analyzed key trends in the sector. We return to four of them.


Influencer marketing is coming of age

Increasingly frustrated by the numerous advertisements they encounter every day, consumers prefer to listen to the recommendations of people they follow. As traditional sales methods fade, influencer marketing is gaining ground. If the market finally reaches maturity, it will continue to grow in 2023.

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This year, the gap between influencers and content creators should continue to widen. The former designate people with a larger following and a pre-established platform, while the latter have a smaller but loyal audience and produce great value-added content. The latter are generally cheaper than the influencers. Which profile should I apply for? Brandwatch gives you the answer in its report.

Note: Virtual influencers should not be overlooked either. These artificially created characters on social networks are becoming more and more interesting among Internet users. Prada, PacSun, Calvin Klein… Many brands have already taken this step.

Say goodbye to cookies

In order to offer more privacy to internet users, Google has announced the end of third-party cookies for 2024. The impact on marketers’ strategies is likely to be significant: Internet advertisers are used to using third-party cookies to analyze user behavior. and offer them a personalized experience.

The transition to a cookie-less future makes us all a little nervous, and that’s okay. You have to ride the wave. In return, you will market more transparently, more creatively and more ethically. “says Kirill Kirov, General Manager of Digital Development at Brandwatch.

Therefore, in 2023, advertisers will need to rebalance their digital ad spend, focusing more on brand building than over-targeting. In its report, Brandwatch explains exactly how to do this and shares other solutions for collecting reliable data.


Brands are reacting to ‘social media fatigue’

According to a report by the Global Web Index, the number of people who say they use social media less has increased by 12% since 2020. During the health crisis, the use of social networks has increased dramatically: they have become a real source of distraction and a way to connect with loved ones. Now that lockdowns are a thing of the past, the trend has taken a completely different turn.

To understand this phenomenon, Brandwatch analyzed online conversations about opting out of social media. Interestingly, between January and October 2022, 53% of the posts on this topic were classified as sad. Anger was the second most expressed emotion. Users save their accounts more out of habit and boredom.

Generation Z pays particular attention to the time spent on these platforms. More and more users should actively monitor their usage in 2023.

Brands are starting to integrate this “social media fatigue” into their digital strategies. The Brandwatch report will allow you to find examples that will inspire you.

Multi-format content is gaining popularity

Consumers are looking for a personalized and memorable experience. For this, they want blog articles, quizzes, videos… In short, rich and colorful content. The challenge for a brand is to choose a range of formats that will appeal to its audience.

Some of them have grown in popularity over the past few years, starting with podcasting. Tech giants are closely interested in this mode of distribution, such as YouTube, which has developed a page specifically for this type of content. Many brands also deal with audio.

volume of podcast recordings online

Illustration: Brandwatch.

Others try to tap into other senses, like fast food chain Chipotle did with its lemonade-scented candle. This was a reference to consumers who “accidentally” filled their water glasses with this drink.

The goal is to provide buyers with unique stories and experiences that will engage them. The style of content they are looking for in 2023 needs to be defined. Brandwatch explains how to do this in its report.

Six more trends should be discovered:

  • The rise of raw content: how to do more with less;
  • Ethics is in fashion;
  • Communities are in full development;
  • Augmented reality preferred shopping tools;
  • Metaverse focuses on games;
  • Brands continue to experiment with emerging technologies.

Along with an in-depth analysis of each of these dynamics, Brandwatch offers tips for making the most of them. It therefore makes this report a key reference point in developing your digital strategies for 2023.


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