With 2023 programming, BigBoss breathes new life into business events

LesBigBoss is now a major player in organizing B2B events and one-on-one meetings. Ten years after its debut, its mantra remains the same: connecting professionals in a humane way. However, the path to this will evolve in 2023. Take a look at the brand’s goals for this new year and its upcoming events.


CSR, a priority for 2023

For several years now, BigBoss has adopted the same formula: organizing business meetings throughout the year, especially two large-scale events in winter and summer. The tradition of organizing a summer edition with air in the Mediterranean involved designing a work with a significant carbon footprint. At a time when ecology was a key issue, it was important to rethink the BigBoss approach.

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For this reason, the 2023 program is marked by the company’s CSR commitment. This year’s Summer Edition has been completely revamped. The event will now take place in France, more precisely in the Alpes-Maritimes, at Club Med in Opio. For BigBoss, this partnership with the popular trident brand is a way to benefit from their strong ethical, responsible and environmental charter. Travel will be provided by train from the capital. CSR content will be offered every 30 minutes during the journey to increase awareness among participants.

Again, for environmental reasons, business events (IT, Retail, E-commerce, HR, Data, Marketing, etc.) will be organized closer to Paris. This allows the company not only to strengthen its value proposition, but also to offer more content: keynotes, masterclasses, serious games… CSR will, of course, be rewarded at many of these events. The goal remains the same: to decipher key trends across sectors to help professionals accelerate their businesses.


New business meeting opportunities

BigBoss uses a matching algorithm to stimulate qualified meetings between experts. The latter allows you to align projects and solutions. For Fabrice Kindel, International IT and Digital Project Director at Point S, this is a real advantage. He participated in the last Winter Edition. ” The event allows us to identify potential partners for our planned projects in the coming months. In this regard, we benefit from the BigBoss algorithm to meet the right people at the right time. “, he explains.

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Always aiming to ensure that participants have relevant business opportunities, BigBoss will continue its momentum by introducing further developments to its adaptation tools. People, as always, will be at the center of the systems being built.

For us, the main added value of BigBoss events is the encounters they create. And not just with clients or potential clients: being able to take the time to talk to as many people as possible », explains Paola Fabiana, CEO of Wisecom, a partner of the 2022 Winter Edition.

In 2023, professionals from the BigBoss ecosystem will have a chance to meet in various situations. Networking dinners around e-commerce, marketing, IT and CSR will round out the year. These are real opportunities to find new players in your sector. Business mornings, evenings and events for decision-makers are also on the program. Of course, BigBoss is waiting for you for two flagships, Summer and Winter.

Many formats that will allow you to create new partnerships in an informal and authentic setting. For decision makers and partners alike, BigBoss events are essential to give their business a new dimension this year. Want to get started? Visit the BigBoss website to explore the 2023 program in detail!


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