WEDIA – Wedia – 2022 revenue up 15%, in line with goals – SaaS revenue up 34% – 26.01.2023 – 18:30.

2021 2022 Available 2022/21
Consolidated turnover in k€ 15,701 18,012 15%
Which CA SaaS 8,746 11,713 34%
Which CA Services 6,720 6.106 -9%
Of these, CA Négoce 235 192 -18%

For the entire 2022 financial year, the Wedia group – SaaS solution and consulting for marketing players – achieved a consolidated revenue of EUR 18.0 million, 15% up Compared to fiscal year 2021 (€15.7 million).

The distribution of income by types is as follows:

  • The SaaS revenues grow 34% Compared to the financial year 2021, in line with the Group’s ambitions, these revenues have been growing steadily for many years (20% per year on average in 2017-2022) and currently represent 65% of revenues. 70% by 2024;
  • As expected, the Group’s Services activity (consulting, configuration, change management) decreased by 9% compared to fiscal 2021 due to an on-demand base effect after an excellent start to 2021;
  • The international share now represents 33% of turnover17% of this is from outside the EU, compared to 27% in the previous financial year.

It should be recalled that during this financial year, Wedia group announced that it has acquired 100% of the capital of “Iconosquare” (Social Media Management SaaS solution), consolidated since May 2022 and contributed more than €3 million to revenue for the year.

Growth dynamics

Having recorded double-digit annual growth since 2017, the Group is confident that it can continue to grow despite the uncertain economic context for various reasons:

  • After more than two years of delayed projects due to the pandemic, marketing and communications teams need to modernize their software solutions, so many projects have been announced for 2023;
  • In the context of shrinking advertising budgets, brands are refocusing on their own content, “organic” content, the playground of the Group’s solutions;
  • The merger with Iconosquare allows the Wedia group to enter the world of social networks and take a position in emerging entities (“user-generated content”, NFT, Web3, etc.)
  • Finally, the explosion of generative artificial intelligence applied to text, images and videos promises to revolutionize the business of Group customers who have already integrated AI components (ChatGPT for text, StableDiffusion for images) in their solutions and in the demonstrator. .

0 approved growth targets

Complementary investments of the group’s various companies will also enable continued growth in 2023.

Wedia, a player known for its role as a consolidator of a still very fragmented market and whose position and offer are perfectly suited to the digital transformation of marketing and commerce, confirms the goal set in January 2020 to join the top 5 players in this field. to market globally and achieve a turnover of 30 million euros by 2024.

Next meeting: 2022 results, Thursday, March 23, 2023, after market close

About WEDIA (Isin: FR0010688440-ALWED) –

The Wedia group, listed on Euronext Growth, is an international player, a leader in SaaS software and consulting dedicated to marketing and communication departments.

Through its three offerings, Wedia, Galilée and Iconosquare, the group supports its clients (marketers, communicators, e-commerce, social media managers, etc.) in the sustainability, personalization, distribution and performance measurement of marketing content (photos, videos). , product descriptions, marketing offers, social posts, etc.).

As such, these offerings allow the Group’s various clients to simplify the organization of marketing content, automate their placement across various digital and physical channels, and ultimately measure their effectiveness.

The high-level and innovative positions of the group are confirmed by prestigious customers (Decathlon, Royal Canin, Sephora) and major technology analysts (Gartner and Forrester).

The Wedia group, based in France, Germany and Canada, can count on more than 150 dedicated employees to serve its 6,000 customers in more than 130 countries.

The Wedia group generated revenues of €18 million in 2022, including more than 65% SaaS revenue, and is driving its growth with a proven mix of managed organic and external growth.


Nicolas BOUTET – CEO –

Olivier SCHMITZ – CFO –

Julia BRIDGER – Partner –

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