Volleyball: The French lost three sets to one against Turkey, live the match

After their success in the last Europa League last June, France’s women’s volleyball team returns to action against Turkey at the Montpellier arena this afternoon. Watch the match live…

The French team won three sets 1 (20-25, 9-25, 25-14, 22-25) at Montpellier Arena. Lacking rhythm, the French women could not apply their game against a strong Turkish team. The French women still showed a good face in the third set, but they did not know how to raise their level of play throughout the match.

4th set:

22-25: It’s over in the arena, the French losing this fourth round 22-25.

20-23: It’s tense at the Arena in Montpellier, with the French women holding late point after point near the end of the fourth set.

12-20: In this 4th set, the gap widens, the French are again challenged by the Turkish team.

10-16: Team France suffer again in this fourth round, with Turkey on the move again after the French side’s tempo drops.

7-9: The French close the defensive blocks and collect in this fourth round.

3-4: The Turkish team found momentum in the attack and took the lead in this match. The French also have certain difficulties in the service.

3rd set:

25-14: the French team won the third set! Down 25-9 in the second set, the French women rallied to win this third round. The game started again.

22-14: Hélena Cazaute’s shot leads the French to +8.

18-12: Pushed by the Montpellier crowd, the French maintain their +6 lead.

16-9: the French extend their lead in this third set. The performance of Les Bleues has nothing to do with the second set. More influence, rhythm, desire, the French women returned motivated in this third round.

10-6: Team France is better in this third set. Thanks to sharper attacks and better placed blocks, the French lead the way.

3-3: With the start of the third set hanging, the French women came back better in this third round.

2nd set:

9-25: The Turks won this second set with a heavy score of 25-9. The French could not find a solution against the Turkish bloc.

9-21: the French can’t do it anymore. The Turkish attacks are linked and the French can only see a gap that continues to grow.

9-18: Break taken by Emile Rousseaux, the French have lost the thread of the match and are in big trouble in this second round.

8-15: The gap between the two teams continues to widen, the French, often caught in their blocks, unable to stop the Turkish attacks.

5-11: As in the first set, the Turks take off in the middle of the set, the French struggle to break through the Turkish block. The Turkish strikers are sharper than the French at the moment.

1-5: the French fell behind again at the start of the second period.

1st set:

20-25: The Turkish team won this first set 25-20. Slow in attack in the first part of the set, the French never caught up in this first period.

19-21: The French regain a point-to-point lead and find colors in attack, forcing the Turkish coach to leave the field for the first time.

14-19: At the beginning of the game, Turkey continues to lead the competition. The French are currently struggling to find solutions in attack.

10-16: Turkey is making some progress in this first set. The French have not fully returned to their matches.

7-10: First appearance by the French team after conceding 0-4 in the last exchanges.

6-6: The two teams that started the match between the French and the Turks in a balanced manner, surrendered to the blow. At the beginning of the match, neither team takes off.

After their success in the Europa League last June, France’s women’s volleyball team returns to action against Turkey in Montpellier this afternoon. The gala night for French volleyball is the first time that the French women’s and men’s volleyball teams meet on the same field on the same evening. “Blues” will face Brazil at 20:00.

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