The best deals on ski equipment at Cdiscount

Find all the information you need to know and a selection of good deals to get it as soon as possible.

Cdiscount sales: the opportunity to prepare for the holidays with hundreds of discounts

Winter sales are on the 3rd discount. You still have a few days until February 7th to discover hundreds of great deals across all categories.

With the holidays approaching, Cdiscount has planned a wide selection dedicated to winter sports. It covers all sports, as well as plenty of warm clothes and other necessary equipment. Travel bags, winter gloves, ski jackets…

Most of the time, good deals will be in the form of immediate reductions, with some going as far as selling at a loss. But be careful: Cdiscount may also offer you additional discounts in the form of promo codes or vouchers. Plus, you’ll often be able to pay for your purchases in installments, insure your most valuable orders, and enjoy free shipping.

A good selection of plans to explore before heading out for winter sports

Among the discounts remembered from the new Cdiscount operation:

  • Gemyse women’s ski jacket €41.15 instead of €67.18: fully waterproof windproof jacket. In addition to the hood, there are warm pockets and an inner pocket to carry your smartphone.
  • Kimberfeel Beverly après-ski boots for women €99.99 instead of €121.91: their inner fur guarantees great comfort after the most sporty days. The zipper makes them easy to put on. The trendy color goes perfectly with lace and metal buckles.
  • Unisex winter gloves €13.49 instead of €14.99: these suede gloves are thick enough to withstand the lowest temperatures. However, they allow you to continue using your smartphone. They are also non-slip.
  • Men’s hiking pants for €37.25 instead of €39.39: waterproof sweatpants with multiple pockets. Designed for hiking, skiing or mountaineering, its waist is flexible. It is suitable for different morphologies and adapts to each practice.
  • 40 liter hiking backpack for €70.49 instead of €74.99: suitable for all kinds of excursions (walking, trekking, cycling, fishing, etc.), this bag is waterproof. Extremely light and breathable, suitable for strenuous hikes. It has side pockets and adjustable buckles.
  • Airsoft backpack for €22.50 instead of €44.99: a 20 liter multi-pocket bag perfect for sports training. Durable thanks to elastic, 100% polyester construction. It is water resistant and benefits from a water repellent treatment.
  • The Rossignol Rayon Black snowboard package closes at €348.12 instead of €389.03: this poplar board is suitable for beginners and people who want to improve. Its profile is designed for comfort and ease of management.
  • A pair of Morpho Trimove Kid Freeride children’s snowshoes €29.09 instead of €39.99: ideal for taking your kids out on the snow, these snowshoes fit all sizes from 27 to 40. Their elastic fastening provides a good compromise between great comfort. and persistent seizure.
  • A pair of Morpho Trimoette Light snowshoes €70.56 instead of €74.99: adult snowshoes size 47. Made in France, it offers a completely new 3D design for greater comfort and efficiency in the snow.

Find hundreds of additional offers at Cdiscount. Even before the winter holidays start, sales give you cheaper gear against the cold. In addition to your sports activities, consider the rest of your recreation. Board games, raclette or fondue sets, electric blankets… These sales have everything you need to face the low temperatures.

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