Protect from the cold: what to take with you to winter sports?

The best care from the cold to slip into your toiletry bag during your ski holiday.

Faced with cold, dry air and temperature changes found at high altitudes, the whole body needs more than usual to be pampered with many soothing treatments. On the one hand, the skin becomes dry, tight and more sensitive to redness and other irritations. On the other hand, the hair fiber becomes brittle, causing frizz and static electricity. Therefore, it is important to adapt your skin care routine to minimize these concerns.

SOS cold care tour to take with you in your winter sports toiletry bag

Various options with effective formulas to meet the needs of cold-damaged skin and hair.

Cold treatment for the face

Simple Serum by Aime Skincare

Glycerin deeply hydrates skin, soothes tightness and soothes minor irritations, while Vitamin C stimulates radiance and collagen production, delaying the early appearance of fine lines. Guaranteed to shine at the top of the slopes!

Aime Skincare – Simple Serum

Paula’s Choice Soothing Repair Serum

A hydrating serum that soothes dehydrated skin while soothing even the most sensitive skin.

Paula’s Choice – Soothing Repair Serum

My Clarins Re-boost moisturizing comfort cream

Thanks to the moisturizing cocktail of organic coconut water, alpine rose, fig and shea butter extracts, the skin is instantly super soft and plump. All contain 95% natural ingredients.

My Clarins – Re-Boost Hydrating Comfort Cream

Vita Mineral from REN Skincare

This SOS treatment works like a bandage: it soothes and nourishes the skin, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures. Perfect for winter sports.

REN Skin Care – SOS Softening Cream

Ona-Hydratant Intensive moisturizing mask by Onagrine

The recipe for this super-hydrating treatment that wraps damaged skin in a protective coating? Evening Primrose, Pomegranate, Prickly Pear, and Hyaluronic Acid boost skin’s natural hydration to help it face the most polar temperatures.

Polaar Boreal Seaweed Revitalizing Night Cream

As the name suggests, Polaar has done a good job focusing on the beauty secrets of women in the Far North, who are exposed to fairly harsh climatic conditions. Based on scientific research, the brand has identified various active ingredients with miraculous properties on cold-damaged skin. This is the case of the night cream, which should be applied in a thick layer before going to bed: it receives its benefits from boreal algae, which removes toxins and revitalizes weakened skin.

Polaar – Revitalizing Cream with Boreal Algae

Sunscreen to apply to your face before exposing yourself

Uriage Invisible Stick SPF50+

This sun care in a portable format to take with you at the top of the ski slopes, as well as at the seaside resorts, this summer, is easily carried, protecting especially sensitive areas (nose, ear tips…). to sunlight and free radicals.

Uriage – Invisible Stick SPF50+

Mimitika SPF50 Ski Sun Brush

UV rays reflecting off the snow, irritating wind and biting cold… This smart stick provides long-lasting protection without leaving an oily film or unsightly marks on the skin. Its final advantage (more so, at the top of the ski slopes, with gloves): its brush format is designed to be applied without the use of fingers.

Mimitika – Sun face brush

Body care against colds

CeraVe Moisturizing Balm

This comfort formula is enriched with three ceramides and hyaluronic acid to continuously hydrate the skin (up to 48 hours) and restore the weakened skin barrier. Outside of the winter sports holidays, it should be a must throughout the year as the skin suffers from external aggressions.

A multipurpose moisturizing balm from Freshly Cosmetics

Are you a fan of minimalist toiletry bags? This multi-purpose balm gets right to the point by applying it to sensitive areas (elbows, heels, etc.) as well as lips or face. Its 100% natural formula includes only 7 carefully selected active ingredients. These include ucuuba oil (to combat extreme dryness), restorative passion fruit oil, healing calendula extract, or even a vegan alternative to moisturizing beeswax.

Freshly Cosmetics – Vegan Hero Multi-Purpose Balm

Aesop Breathless Body Oil

A massage oil that soothes dry areas of the body after a day hitting the slopes. Contains vitamin E, blood orange, jojoba seed and bay leaf extracts to deeply nourish the attacked epidermis. Another way to use it daily: by adding a few drops to your moisturizer to keep the skin supple.

Aesop – Breathless Body Butter

Cold hand care

Cattier Dermo-Cica Repairing Hand Cream

Its melting texture penetrates the skin instantly and leaves the hands very soft. It is based on: protective organic cocoa butter, nourishing organic macadamia vegetable oil and moisturizing glycerin. The perfect combination for hands that are permanently protected from the cold. The best part: it comes in eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable packaging.

Cattier – Cica Restorative Hand Cream

Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream

Absolutely: a small portion of this glycerin-enriched cream is enough to protect and relieve damaged hands from the most extreme external aggressions.

Neutrogena – Unscented Concentrated Hand Cream


Cold lip care

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast lip repair balm

Up to 5% panthenol and MP-lipids together soothe chapped lips and strengthen their protective barrier to help protect them from external aggressions.

La Roche-Posay – Cicaplast Lips

LaNeige Lip Sleeping Mask

It’s a hit on TikTok, and for good reason: Laneige’s overnight mask completely restores lips overnight and maximizes their hydration. When you wake up, it’s all smooth, soft and comfortable.

Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask Overnight Lip Mask

Care of feet from cold

Akileïne Hydra-Defense Balm

One copy is sold every minute in France, making it the best-selling foot treatment in France: Akileïne’s Hydra-Defense balm includes a patented complex of grape and camel seed oils and silk lipesters with protective and moisturizing properties.

Akileïne – Moisturizing Balm

Cicabiafine Dry Foot Cream

A beloved formula that holds the privileged position of the drugstore bestseller: Cikabiafin cream prevents roughness and intensively nourishes the feet that lack softness thanks to the mixture of bisabolol, an active ingredient known for its soothing properties, and allantoin with restorative properties. .

Cicabiafine – Dry foot cream

Cold hair care

Umaï High Mountain Solid Shampoo

Perfect for a trip to the summits of snowy peaks, this solid shampoo perfectly meets the needs of hair during winter, when it tends to be more fragile. Contains organic edelweiss extract and wheat plant protein that work together to nourish, hydrate and strengthen the damaged hair fiber.

Umaï – High mountain solid shampoo

Restorative Cream by Leonor Grayle

A deeply nourishing conditioner that revives dry ends and leaves a protective layer on the hair that, on the one hand, gives them shine, and on the other hand, helps to prevent external aggressions.

Leonor Grayle – Repair cream


Typological Restorative Hair Mask

It includes biomimetic ceramides, which fill hair cracks and make hair more elastic, as well as avocado oil, which is known for its nourishing properties, as well as mango oil, which regenerates.

Typology – Hair restoration mask

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