After Recover Athletics, Strava acquires FATMAP software

Strava, known for its sports routes for walking or cycling, just did acquisition of FATMAP, a mobile app for discovering, planning, tracking and saving outdoor adventures. This purchase will give Strava subscribers access to the entire FATMAP offering, which is particularly popular. mapping dedicated to mountain sports.

Strava X FatMap

The San Francisco-based company’s press release explains that the acquisition of FATMAP is a continuation of its investment in providing a premium digital experience for people who strive for an active lifestyle. FATMAP has developed 3D global mapping technology that will be integrated into all Strava services. It will allow active people to explore and plan outdoor experiences with Waze-like suggestions along the route. So athletes will find local guides, points of interest and safety information.

fatmap software

Strava CEO and Co-Founder Michael Horvath said:

In 2022, nearly 10 million routes were recorded on Strava and recommended by active people around the world. Maps and tools are powerful triggers to support and encourage our active community on a daily basis. With FATMAP, we share a common mission: to inspire more people to get moving by enabling them to discover and experience the joys of outdoor excursions. This opportunity to reinvent the role of maps and the way they inspire exploration gives us a huge advantage in delivering a different outdoor experience.

Designed specifically for trail and mountain exploration, FATMAP technology allows users to safely navigate and share their adventures without the need for an internet connection. The community of pedestrians, cyclists, skiers and runners is already active in more than 100 countries. The combination of the two services will make it possible to create a universal card for sports activities, be it on the slopes, on the trails, on the streets of the city center or outside.

Based in several European countries (Germany, France, Lithuania and the UK), FATMAP was founded in 2013 by Misha Gopaul and David Cowell. The company has around 50 staff across the continent, including offices in Chamonix, Berlin and Vilnius, which will be incorporated into Strava’s workforce. Mischa Gopaul will serve as Vice President of Products at Strava and report to Steve Lloyd, Chief Product and Technology Officer.

Misha Gopaul said:

We launched FATMAP with a mission to make outdoor experiences more accessible. While other map platforms are designed for walking around the city, we wanted to create a map specifically designed to help people explore. Joining forces with Strava opens up exciting new opportunities and will accelerate our progress to enable millions of people around the world to explore wild places safely and sustainably.

This is Strava’s second acquisition since the summer of 2022, following Recover Athletics, an injury prevention and training program for athletes. A great addition for Strava users, as is Apple’s HealthKit integration for iPhone and/or Apple Watch owners.

Finally, Strava took the opportunity to announce the addition of 9 new sports, including racket sports, pilates and HIIT. In total, the community platform offers 50 different activities, each with mapping services, preparation guides, Beacon safety functionality, route recommendations, global and personal heat maps, and ratings by segment.

If you’re interested in joining the 100 million members, you can start a free trial by visiting

Some Strava figures in 2022

  • More than 8 billion activities have been shared on Strava.
  • Active individuals who exist in every country on the planet.
  • 40 million activities are uploaded per week.
  • Over 30 million segments.
  • Over 3,000 professional athletes on Strava.
  • Last year, about 10 billion was donated.
  • More than 10 million photos and videos are shared weekly.
  • Over 2,000 partner organizations.
  • More than 400 employees worldwide.

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