French cross-country runner-up, AJA go for cup, rugby derby: Here are the highlights from the weekend in Yonne

Discover the main sports results for Yonne, this Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29, 2023. They consist of two parts: team sports, whose scores can be found on our “Live Matches” pages, and other sports, the results of which are listed below.


In footballAJA shines because of its youth:

football results

AJA B, who was quickly reduced to 10, lost against Grasse

In rugby, The derby was held between Migennes and Toucy:

Rugby results

In handballAuxerre sank… and Sens secured, as it were volleyball :

Volleyball and handball results

Achievement of Sens Volleyball in Leader Istres

In Basketballonly CTC Center Yonne was on court in an advanced match:

basketball score

In soccer, The Auxerre Lynx lost their first game of the D3 National Championship at home against the Orleans Knights, 41 – 0.


CROSS. French UNSS Championship (National Union of School Sports), Saturday in Dijon. An Auxerrois placed second individually.

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In a young mixed enterprise : Paul-Bert high school in Auxerre is 42nd (Mina Azouagh 112th, Alienore Rousseau 165th, Danaë Corgeron 170th; Imhmed Isheil 2ndSafwan Bouhallala 93rd, Edouard Koné 118th), André-Malraux de Paron college 55th (Julia Callot 70th, Lylou Makies 74th, Jahnelly Citronnelle 184th; Ryane Cady 113th, Max15.41 -ci, More Figlinds).

In mixed minima: Chablis college finished 45th (Anaïs Pico 53rd, Manon Barbier 122nd, Line Da Mota 152nd; Joshua Da Cruz 66th, Tom Rossignol 195th, Paul Aubert 231st).

In mixed higher schools : Jacques-Amyot Auxerre placed 68th (Jeanne Juillet 49th, Camille Defert 105th, Emma Dekeyser 122nd, Sara Ulas 154th; Yann Michelet 135th, Jules Lecolle 151st).

award Find out where students from Auxerre, Paron and Chablis will compete in the French UNSS Cross Country Championships.

TENNIS. Joigny tournament final, Sunday. Lény Mitijana (Montrouge, n° 82) defeated Tom Paris (Charbonnier, n° 100), 6-7, 6-3, 6-4.

Cheroy tournament final, Sunday. Christelle Charetié (Malay-Le-Grand, 4/15) defeated Sofia Jellouli (TC Sens, 3/15), 6-4, 6-4.

Alexandre Perrichon (Chalette-sur-Loing, 15) defeated Jérémie Obsomer (TC Cheroy, 15/4), 6-4, 6-4.

ATHLETICS. Burgundy U16 zone championship (minimum), Sunday in Dijon. Elise Invernizzi (UA Sens PAPSY) 1st (Over 50m 7”54, height 1.49m, length 4.79m, triple jump 9.97m).

Gregoire Pawlak (Oserrois Stadium) 4th boys triathlon.

Full results here.

GYMNASTICS. Women’s Individual Yonne Championship in Cheny on Saturday. PALMARES. National. 18-20 years: 1. Ariane Brayotel (Joigny); 17 years: 1. Jeanelle Leblond (AJA); 10 years: 1. Dina Zenaidi (AJA); 11 years: 1. Anael Darrel Seaton-Saint-Léger (AJA); 12 years: 1. Nina Hemard (Sense); 13 years: 1. Angeline Couillaut (AJA); 14 years: 1. Zineb Lakrad (AJA); 15 years: 1. Maélisse Couillaut (AJA); 16 years: 1. Sophia Marchand (AJA).
Regional. 8 years: 1. Soline Fovet (Sense); 7 years: 1. Lucie Leeuws (AJA); 9 years: 1. Anae Galbes (AJA); 10 years: 1. Dina Zenaidi (AJA); 17 years: 1. Anabelle Chocat (AJA); 18 years and over: 1. Tiané Gueye (AJA).
Federal a. 11 years: 1. Mathilde Chan (Sense); 10 years: 1. Dilara Selhab Turgut (Sensitive); 17 years: 1. Chlea Dauvet (Sens); 18+: 1. Gwen Ferreira (Paron); 13 years: 1. Emmy Phan (Paron); 12 years: 1. Laura Matias (Paron); 14 years: 1. Kamil Magalon (Paron); 15 years: 1. Leah Chastin (Sens); 16 years: 1. Assia Merloz-Marques (Joigny).

BADMINTON. Interclubs Prénationale (Days 5 and 6) Sunday Auxerre: Stade Auxerrois 2-6 Chalon-sur-Saone; Auxerre stadium 3-5 Asptt Besançon.

ARCHERY. Qualifying competition for the French championships on Saturday and Sunday in Saint-Fargeau. Upcoming results.

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