France is aiming for a seventh world championship, facing Denmark in the final

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22:32 : No, but after a loss, giving 40 seconds to the end without going for the last goal for the sake of honor makes my hair stand on end!

22:32 : There is nothing to say that the Danes are stronger in all areas. I congratulate the French on the silver medal

22:32 :?? sad. Thanks to our players, they fought well. Nice finale. The Danes won this bravo final. Reaching the final is already an honor for our French ❤️???

22:32 : Handball: There is nothing to say that the Danes deserved to win. Congratulations to them and our undeserving Frenchmen ??

22:33 : “Blues” lost in a match that they entered very badly and Denmark mastered from start to finish. The Danes are avenging their defeat in the final of the last Olympic tournament. This is their third consecutive world title, unheard of.


22:26 : Disappointment for France, who lost to Denmark in the World Cup final (34-29).

22:23 : It’s always three points with two minutes remaining and every French hope is snuffed out by a Danish strike. Denmark’s keeper just stopped a penalty, looks bad for the Blues (32-29).

22:21 : I don’t have the stats for the Blues’ two goalkeepers tonight (I’m curious if the purists know where to find them), but I can tell you that the Danes have a shooting efficiency of 76%, 69% against. French certainly partly reflects the level of porters on both sides.

22:19 : Disastrous – every shot is a goal… Do you have the statistics of our goalkeepers?

22:19 : There are six minutes to play in the World Cup final and Denmark have taken a small lead against France, leading 31-27. The task of winning this seventh title looks complicated.

22:09 : Unpleasant meeting due to stadium announcer’s shouts and background music, we can barely hear our commentators!

22:09 : So is this the world final or a disco? The music is unbearable!!

22:08 : Denmark continues to maintain its small advantage in the World Cup final (23-24), thanks to the imperial goalkeeper Landin, especially against the French attackers. Heavy blow for Blues: Valentin Porte appears to have injured his ankle and is out. In a very musical atmosphere in Stockholm, which did not please all the commentators – is there tension ahead of this close match?

21:52 : In any case, this final holds the promise of a clash between France and Denmark, the best teams in the world for more than 10 years. Our sports editor recalls seven legendary matches between the two countries, with analysis and memories from former Blues player Jérôme Fernandez.

21:50 : We breathe a little better! Go Blues!

21:50 : “Blues” started the match in diesel mode, they behaved badly. It reminds me of the match against Germany where the blues went behind before winning.

21:50 : The difference is in the guards, the effectiveness of the backs…. And the wing players who stay in their posts!!!! At the other end the wingers didn’t go and too many holes in the Danish Defense at 6m!

21:53 : The second round will start in Stockholm, where France is leading Denmark (15-16) by a small margin.

(JESSICA GOW / TT News Agency / AFP)

21:34 : Guardian of Denmark is the Baltic wall.

21:34 : Up to that point, it was probably the worst game I’ve ever seen a French team play…

21:34 : France is waking up! The Blues are coming back to score against Denmark (14-15) in a game that is increasingly closed to defense. Which is good, because we felt that you were not very optimistic in the comments.

21:21 : Denmark continue to master the start of this World Cup final against France and lead 13-10 after 18 minutes. The French coach made a strong choice a few minutes ago, replacing his goalkeeper Vincent Gerard with the subbed Rémi Desbonnet.

21:09 : Time France claimed the death at 6-2. “We breathe”, head coach Guillaume Gilles asks his players. The good news, though: Nikola Karabatic, uncertain with a foot injury, is on the field for the last World Cup final.

21:06 : Needless to say, it didn’t start well for France, who had to wait almost five minutes to deceive the Danish goalkeeper. Since then, the goals have been pouring in for both sides: 5-2 for Denmark.

21:04 : Our sports editors reviewed the three keys to the match: containing the Danish attacking armada; to deceive the goalkeeper of the red and whites, one of the best in the world; and with multiple injuries limiting France’s options.

21:01 : France-Denmark started! The Blues are aiming for a seventh world title.

20:58 : The same room earlier saw Sweden lose to Spain (36-39) in the third-place match. It is the host country that France won in the semi-final.

20:57 : French and Danish players enter the Stockholm room where they will fight for the world title. It’s an absolute shocker at the scale of their sport: the Blues are the most successful team, having won six World Cups, the latest in 2017, and are the reigning Olympic champions; On the contrary, Denmark won the last two World Cups.

20:15 : Will Nikola Karabatic be able to play in the World Handball final tonight? The 38-year-old star is on the Blues’ match sheet. With a leg injury, he missed two games in the group stage, withdrew in the quarter due to new pains and did not play in the semi-final against Sweden. The absence of Thibaud Briet, who has an injury to his right hand, is confirmed.

20:18 : It’s 20.00, let’s review this Sunday’s news:

• SNCF and RATP predict heavy traffic disruptions on Tuesday, a day of strikes and demonstrations against the pension reform project.

Elisabeth Borne tells franceinfo that the legal retirement age is not to be postponed to 64. “non-negotiable”, nor acceleration of contribution period extension. He “Shouldn’t come forward”Marine Le Pen thinks, and Fabien Roussel a “provocation”.

• A Palestinian was killed by Israeli guards near a settlement in the occupied West Bank this morning. The Israeli army claims that the killed young man had a pistol in his hand.

• The French men’s handball team will try to win their seventh world championship against arch-rivals Denmark at 21:00. We explain the keys to this match, let’s watch it live.

19:05 : Good evening @Mumu. The World Cup final between France and Denmark at 21:00 is broadcast by TF1. But I can only recommend you to watch this meeting live!

19:05 : Hi FI, good to say the handball blues are playing the final game tonight, if you tell me if it is broadcast and how it will be broadcast, it would be even better!

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