50 years of the Prix de Lausanne – What happened to them? Winners from 2013 to 2022

the Prix ​​de Lausanne party Its 50th anniversary in 2023! The competition was established in 1973 to help young students enter prestigious international dance schools. And looking back, we realize that the number of Stars who passed through this Award and served as a decisive springboard for this experience is dizzying. For the relationship, DALP follows the path of the winners of this prestigious award from the world of dance.e, as well as some finalists and contestants who stand out. Because at the Prix de Lausanne, many students get scholarships even without going to the finals. Let’s wrap up our retrospective with a look at the laureates’ careers from 2013-2022, the decade after 1973-1982, 1983-1992, and the 1993-2002 generation.

2013 – Adhonay Soares Silva

Adhonay Soares Silva After the Prix de Lausanne, he continued at John Cranko’s school and then never left Stuttgart as he was hired by the company a few years later and promoted to Director in 2018.Other winners: Cesar Corrales was chosen among the finalists. The man who played the young Billy Elliot on stage as a teenager went on to ABT, then English National Ballet and finally the Royal Ballet, where he leads from 2021. Joel Woellner He became a Principal at the Queensland Ballet. Finally, note its presence Miko FogartyAfter a year as a professional dancer in England, a young dance prodigy who won all the international dance competitions before finally turning to study medicine.

Other participants – the french Elisa Lons He went to the Royal Ballet School, dancing in various European companies before joining the Ballet de Metz today. Emily Suzuki He is a junior soloist of the English National Ballet.

2014 – Haruo Niyama

Nicknamed “Flying Solor” for his fantastic freestyle, he didn’t lock himself into one company. After several years in corps de ballet around the world, including an extraordinary stint at the Paris Opera, Haruo Niyama now a freelance dancer.

Other winners – Very striking Dear Adams She had a wonderful career with the English National Ballet and is now a soloist. French language Garegin Pogosyan, studied at CNSMDL, went to American Ballet Theatre. Finally, this publication marks the beginning of the “kingdom” of Princess Grace Academy, with two students among the winners: David Fernando Navarro Judes Soloist of the Royal London Ballet and Mikio Kato Soloist of the Royal Ballet of Flanders.

Other participants – Juliet Doherty became one of the most influential dancers. And the French Diane Saller dances in the corps de ballet of French companies.

Haruo Niyama, winner of the 2014 Prix de Lausanne

2015 – Harrison Lee

Harrison Lee He chose to attend the Royal Ballet School, then joined the company as an artist in the corps de ballet, where he began playing minor roles.

Other winners: Julian MacKayAfter a stint in Russia and at the San Francisco Ballet, he is now General Director of the Bavarian Ballet and a principal guest at international galas. Rina Kanehara The soloist of the English National Ballet, and the Swiss is nervous Lou Spichtig She is a dancer with the Queensland Ballet.

Other finalists – Bianca Scudamore definitely! One of the most promising talents of the Theme and troupe at the Paris Opera today.

Other candidates – Laura Fernandez He is the director of the Georgian National Ballet. Eriko NakajimaPassed by CNSMDP and Paris Opera, now at Tokyo Ballet.

2016 – Hang Yu

Like many others, a ballerina Hang Yu He attended the Royal Ballet School before joining the company where he became a corps de ballet dancer.

Other winners – madison young, after several years with the Houston Ballet and then the Vienna Opera Ballet under Manuel Legris, is now the General Director of the Bavarian Ballet. Atypical Leroy Moggatle Works at the Zurich Ballet Junnosuke Nakamura With the Vienna Opera Ballet.

Other participants – The French of this promotion are on the way: Noam Durand He is a Principal Artist (equivalent to Choryphee) in the English National Ballet and excels in minor roles, Leah Fletux Moved to American Ballet Theater or Thomas Brown He is a dancer of the Finnish National Ballet.

Prix ​​de Lausanne 2016 – Winner Hang Yu

2017 – Michelle Esposito

Michelle Esposito Het is a dancer in the National Ballet and a regular participant in dance competitions.

Other winners – Diana Georgia Ionescu He is a soloist of the Stuttgart ballet. Marina da Costa Duarte Fernandesthe magnificent Kitri during the finale is in the corps de ballet of the Berlin Ballet after several years with Bavaria. Lauren Hunter He went to Ballet Nationale.

Other finalists – note its presence Riku OtaPromising Principal Dancer at the Bordeaux Opera Ballet, Alessandro Frola Soloist of the Hamburg Ballet Edoardo Sartori Went to Stuttgart ballet or Denilson Almeida He went to the Royal Ballet.

Other participants – Louise CoquillardTrained at the CNSMDP, after several years at the Ballet du Capitole, he is at La Scala in Milan.

2018 – Sheil Wagman

Sheil Wagman He joined the British National Ballet. He then spent a few gap years freelancing during the Covid era, before returning to the Bavarian Ballet, where he is now Principal Dancer, with the promise of a great career.

Other winners – Hannah Park is a dancer with the Royal Ballet, Lukas Bareman Demi-soloist of the Ballet de Ljubljana

Other finalists – Chloe Misseldine Three years after joining the company, he built a brilliant career at the American Ballet Theater, where he was already a soloist. Minji NamA classmate of the winner at the Princess Grace Academy, she continues at the Stuttgart Ballet.

Sheil Wagman at the 2018 Prix de Lausanne

2019 – Mackenzie Brown

Mackenzie Brown She went to the Stuttgart Ballet, where she developed a career in full swing, three years after her engagement she was a soloist and already had the chance to play leading roles. All will come beautifully!

Other winners – second in the competition, Gabriel Figueredoalso chose the Stuttgart Ballet, where he was a demi-soloist. Sumina Sasaki In the Royal BalletJoão Da Silva From 2022 at the San Francisco Ballet or Alexander Joaquimthree years ago, he performed at the Ballets de Monte-Carlo.

2020 – Marco Masciari

A somewhat special edition transferred to Montreux during the main works at the Theater de Beaulieu. Marco Masciari He joined the Royal Ballet in London, he is in the corps de ballet.

Other winners – Very striking Ava Arbuckle Engaged with the Stuttgart Ballet, Joao Vitor Santana eto St. John Neumeier’s young ballet, Catherine Pires At Het Nationale Ballet, Matei Holeleu In the English National Ballet or Chaeyeon Kang He is a student of the Royal Ballet School.

Other participants – Kotomi Yamadawas hired by the American Ballet Theatre, missing the entire competition after an injury.

2020 Lausanne Prize – Marco Masciari

2021 – Antonio Casalinho

A special year… After the Covid crisis, this release was held on video only. Therefore, we are far from the experience of the Prix de Lausanne, but the competition nevertheless wanted to keep this edition so that this generation of 2021 can still benefit from the scholarships. Winner Antonio Casalinho came from the Annarella Sanchez International Conservatory, a “small” Portuguese school that has won first prizes in international competitions for several years. Today he is a Principal Dancer of the Bavarian Ballet and will no doubt soon become a Principal Dancer.

Other winners – Luka Abdel Nur He joined the small group of Het Nationale Ballet, Ashley Coupal He is with the English National Ballet

Other finalists – Koharu Yamamoto, a Japanese student at the CNSMDP, continued his studies at the Paris Opera Dance School after the Prix de Lausanne. He is now Quadrille in the Paris company.

Other candidates – the french Anaelle-Jade M’Dallal After the Prix de Lausanne, he went to John Cranko’s school Juliette Rapenne He is at the Munich Ballet Academy.

2022 – Darrion Sellman

A masked edition in Montreux, but the same edition! won by Darrion Sellman, a student at Princess Grace Academy, which has enabled her school to claim first place four times in the last five editions. Darrion Sellman is engaged to the Royal Ballet in London.

Other winnersLuciana Sagioro, well-known on social networks, joined the Paris Opera Dance School, where he is currently in the first division. French language Dorian Plasse and went to Stuttgart ballet Maya Schonbrun He is with the Royal Swedish Ballet.

Other participants – French sides, Manon Baranger He went to the Paris Opera Dance School, while in the second divisionAlice Hidalgo He is at the Swedish Ballet School. Felicie Cunat While dancing at the Ballet de Nice or the Opéra de Paris, she continues her studies at the CNSMDP. Finally Naia Dobrotaalso a student of CNSMDP, will participate in the 2023 Prix de Lausanne choreographic project.

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