These players changed their boots in 2023

Mahrez, Morata, Bernardo Silva, Hakimi or even Sanson. There are plenty of players to change arms at the start of the year.

1, both in the French administration and in world footballer January rhymes with change. Indeed, since the beginning of 2023, many players have moved from one silo to another or even changed brands. Here is a non-exhaustive list.


adidas Copa Sense > Adidas Predator

An ambassador for the Copa series since his professional debut, young Pedri will take on a new dimension for adidas football. Indeed, the Spanish international will now wear the colors of the Predator range and should be the new strong face of the silo alongside Jude Bellingham. adidas is already looking to the future.

Alvaro Morata

adidas X Speedportal > adidas COPA Pure

Like his referee, the start of the year for Spain’s Alvaro Morata was an opportunity to change his boots. During the first meetings, he performed with the new COPA Pure instead of the X Speedportal+. A sharp change between a silo cut for speed and another from leather IN THE FUSION.

Again, this change is a first for the historical ambassador of the X range.

Mateo Kovacic

Nike Mercurial Vapor > PUMA Ultra

From Nike to PUMA, there is only one step. Like two other Premier League players, Mateo Kovacic appears to have succumbed to the sirens of the German brand as he was spotted in a pair of Ultra orange.

Riyad Mahrez

Nike Mercurial Superfly > PUMA Ultra

This is probably the news of the beginning of the year. Riyad Mahrez wore a pair of PUMA Ultras during Manchester City training. What if the cat brand Algiers transfer from Manchester City?

Morgan Sanson

PUMA Ultra > Nike Phantom GT 2

A few years ago, Morgan Sanson was one of the players who chose to leave a brand to sign with PUMA. A gesture that is quite common today, but was on the fringes not long ago. Morgan Sanson, who has been with the cat brand for over four years, is now about to write a new chapter as he appears in the Nike Phantom GT.

Therefore, if the end of the contract with PUMA is recorded, it is difficult to believe that the Aston Villa player is currently under contract with the American brand. Indeed, the latter has changed its strategy for several years to focus on core assets. Therefore, it is entirely possible that Morgan Sanson is one of the players who does not have a contract with the working tool.

Ashraf Doctor

adidas X Speedportal > Adidas Predator

It’s a chef’s surprise. In the French Cup match between Pays de Cassel and PSG, the Moroccan referee Achraf Hakimi stood out with a rather interesting cramp change. The man who wields and embodies the X range and in particular the latest X Speedportal from adidas is now wearing the new Predator which will officially arrive in a few days time. What if the release of the COPA Pure and this new Predator completely overturned adidas Sports Marketing and player distribution?

Danilo Pereira

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 > Nike Phantom GX

Like his teammate at PSG, Danilo Pereira changed his style in the Coupe de France match. Facing off against R1 players, the Portuguese thrived with the modern Phantom GX, not the Tiempo Legend edition Montebeluna as he has done for several weeks.

A drastic change for this player who epitomized the Tiempo range for X years.

Bernardo Silva

adidas X Speedportal > adidas COPA Pure

Like Morata, Bernardo Silva swapped his pair of X Speedportals for COPA Pure and synthetic material with his leather. IN THE FUSION. A pair conceived to embody the touch of the ball and therefore perfectly suited to the player’s skills. It remains to be seen whether Bernardo Silva will continue to tie his laces under the sole.

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