The municipality apologizes to EC Orléans volleyball, but Julien Rassat leaves the presidency

“I decided to resign today”: Julien Rassat is no longer president of the volleyball section of EC Orléans after the club’s general meeting held this Saturday, January 28, in Argonaute. This is, of course, a turning point in the life and organization of the structure, as the resigned family of eight years in office leaves, together with Philippe and Caroline Rassat, who no longer appear in the new management committee. .
Julien Rassat said that his departure was due to professional and personal reasons, the desire to take time to see his daughter grow up. Currently, there is no successor at the head of OIC. The newly launched management team will meet this Monday evening, January 30, to lay the foundations for the future modus operandi.

A blow

The withdrawal of members of the Rassat family, historical figures in the development of softball in Orleans, is a new, very heavy blow. Especially since it takes place in an at least ambiguous context regarding the position of the municipality.

Since the summer of 2020, Thomas Renault, deputy of sports of the city of Orléans, and Romain Lonlas, municipal councilor in charge of major sporting events, have continuously reiterated that ECO players have been promoted to the Elite. It was intended to integrate the championship with the professional world as soon as possible and allocate resources, especially finances, in the budget according to the ambition of the project until the European Cup.

Serge Grouard and his “unfortunate statements”

A will that was flatly rejected by Orléans Mayor Serge Grouard in December. A statement that immediately chilled both potential future partners and banks, appealed to the top for a loan.
Julien Rassat spoke about the “awkward public communication problems caused by increasing difficulties in the movement of funds”. Thomas Renault, who took part in the video conference, addressed the council verbatim and apologized for the unfortunate comments made by Mayor Serge Grouard.

The deputy in charge of sports mentioned the “necessary development of women’s sports in our region”. “Support is our duty, our role. We cannot do everything, we cannot succeed in everything. We are doing our best. We are behind you, we are behind everyone to overcome this,” he said. Emphasizing that he is ready to accept the new office “in the near future”. To be continued…

According to the OIC, Serge Grouard is available for the Elite Championship game between the Comets and Mougins, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, January 28, at Argonauts.

Deducts 58,958 euros
The future of EC Orléans’ volleyball division will depend on the arrival of new private partners, promised by Thomas Renault and Romain Lonlas, or on the level of municipal financial support. The club said it was waiting for the 2023 subsidies, knowing the “exact amounts”. On January 16, Serge Grouard spoke of a grant of just over 120,000 euros, which will not increase. Meanwhile, the financial situation of EC Orléans, with a total budget of about “€900,000”, was presented as critical, “fragile” with a deficit of €58,958. “Cash-wise, we’re at zero. The money coming in is used to pay off debts and we’re working on time. It’s hot. We won’t be able to cover the extra deficit next season. We won’t have any options. Last December, the players and coaching staff had to deal with salary arrears…

New ECO Steering Committee
Jean-Michel Martin, Julie Lemoine, Sophie Charderon, Frédéric Rivière, Jac Fauve, Olivier Percollet, Laurent Cahu, Marion Géa, Honorine Bellanger, Emeline Rolandeau, Guillaume Lecomble, Lysiane Maggiacomo, Chevéricee, Chevrérie, Chevélie, Mélécae, Melina F.

Laurent Coursimault

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