Exclusive Interview – Sports in Chan, Niger: Mr. Sekou Doro Adamou, Open-hearted Minister of Youth and Sports in ATS

Niger’s local national team will face Ghana in the last quarter-final of the CHAN 2022 African Nations Football Championship tonight at 19:00. Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports is currently in Algeria to support the national team. In an exclusive interview with Africatopsports, Mr. Sekou Doro Adamou spoke about Niger’s run at the CHAN, not forgetting to take stock of Sports in Niger.

ATS: How do you feel about the success of the local Niger team at the CHAN?

ADVERTISEMENTS: The sheer joy that symbolizes the indomitable conquering spirit of this group confirms the epic adventures of the double clash in the CHAN play-offs and this successful match worthy of the final against Cameroon.

ATS: Mena eliminated Congo, then Cameroon, do you think you can go three overs with Ghana?

ADVERTISEMENTS: The most obvious observation is that our team is getting stronger. Also, it seems legitimate to me to confirm this dynamic against Ghana.
It’s a no-count and open match because it’s straight elimination; the youths will not hesitate to repeat this feat and enjoy honoring the people of Niger who believed in them.

ATS: Before the tournament started, did you think Niger would advance to their group?

ADVERTISEMENTS: One thing is for sure, our selection is full of experienced players as most of the locals are among the leaders in the A selection.
Therefore, our team deserves respect and accepts its rank as a serious outsider.

ATS: Is this result an achievement or a reflection of the good level of the domestic Nigerian championship?

ADVERTISEMENTS: As mentioned above, this is a manifestation of the quality of the Niger Super League, as well as the seriousness and planning at work.
This group has benefited from a long preparation program with many high-profile friendlies, often in conditions similar to the CHAN finals.

ATS: How is local football going in Niger?

ADVERTISEMENTS: As a regular in competitions organized by the federation, I would say that recent CAF inter-club results justify this progress (in the previous edition of the Confederation Cup pool, USGN and ASN Nigelec were eliminated in the play-offs this year).

ATS: Nigerian clubs do not often participate in African competitions, what is the reason for this absence?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Nigerian clubs have always participated in CAF inter-club competitions, but with varying fortunes, most of the time they were eliminated in the early stages.
After the last courses already mentioned, this trend has clearly improved.

ATS: What is the place of sports in the Renaissance 3 program?

ADVERTISEMENTS: A choice location with strategic axes to stimulate a more professional and elitist approach.
The evidence for this is the identification and training of young talents, the construction of educational centers in the regions, the construction of local infrastructure, the renewal of sports infrastructure, professionalization, etc.

ATS: Niger has not participated in a CAN for ten years, what is the reason for this long absence?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Today, the level of football in Africa is very developed, that is, there are no small teams.
In addition, after two consecutive participations, it is normal to go through a transition period, marking the end of an era with the progressive rejuvenation of managers.

ATS: Niger are 2nd in their group for the CAN playoffs, will Mena return to CAN this time?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Although the suspension of the General Seini Kountche Stadium will deprive us of our spectators, we strongly believe in it.
As for the first two days, there are real reasons to believe that the classification you refer to is fighting there.

ATS: What is missing in Nigerian football or Nigerian sports more broadly to shine on the international stage?

ADVERTISEMENTS: The quality contribution of expatriate players and the presence of Nigerian internationals at major clubs in the West.
Increasing the funding of national elections by the state remains the main concern of the government with the full participation of His Excellency the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister the Head of Government.

ATS: How do you find the CHAN organization?

ADVERTISEMENTS: A pride for Africa with exceptional infrastructure and organizational skills worthy of exemplary professionalism.

ATS: Is Niger planning to organize an international competition soon?

ADVERTISEMENTS: The priority remains to improve the infrastructures first, because with the evolution of the number of countries participating in the final stages of CAN and CHAN, the specifications remain very demanding, but we are thinking about it.

ATS: What would you say about the absence of Morocco, the current champion of the tournament?

ADVERTISEMENTS: We can only regret this situation in Africa, where we want unity and unity.

ATS: How do you find the level of CHAN considered too low by some observers?

ADVERTISEMENTS: I don’t share this opinion because let’s not forget that we are talking about locals, so don’t get the wrong perspective by being too demanding!

ATS: Nigerian sports is lagging behind, what explains it, lack of infrastructure or lack of good sports policy?

ADVERTISEMENTS: The response elements already suggested above and the national sports policy currently being formulated inform the new vision we are developing for Nigerian sports.

ATS: How far will Niger go for you?

ADVERTISEMENTS: It is accepted as much as possible with a serious outsider status.

ATS: What are your favorites for this CHAN?

ADVERTISEMENTS: For me, everything is open and that’s the flavor of football.

ATS: Last word?

ADVERTISEMENTS: My sincere thanks to your editors and my best wishes for the international success of African sports for the bright brand image of the continent!

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