Catalans Dragons: The 30-player roster has finally been announced

The club became the last in the Super League to release all 30 squad numbers. Remember that the competition requires players to play with the same number all season. A ceremony given by Steve McNamara this Thursday at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan, in which two French players achieved one of the first thirteen numbers for the first time.

To put it bluntly, exercise is not our English friends’ cup of tea, and certainly not the French for that matter. Laurent Frayssinous (coach between 2013 and 2017) also delayed the deadline. Requiring the coach to provide a list of names with assigned numbers for the season. Although the coaches deny it, the first indication that the players are a little protected from the famous XIII names. Steve McNamara, with a few exceptions, did not break the number of players who were already there last season. The main modification is the number 8 column, which the second row Mike McMeke inherited instead of 12. A number that rookie Manu Mau could have worn, but the coach preferred to hand it over to Frenchman Paul Seguier. A reward for a player who knows that nothing is certain compared to that figure, but a strong sign for partners and supporters to see a French player join Arthur Mourgue, Julian Bousquet, Benjamin Garcia and Fuad Yahaya in the closed club of the XIIIs. . Another surprise for Matthieu Laguerre who inherited the number 4 vacated by Dean Whare. Even if the tunic is played with Laguerre and Romano, it makes sense. “Yes, it’s great, I’m proud to get this number, I won’t say otherwise. I’m going to be 24, I’m not the new kid on the block anymore, and I know they’re waiting for me. It is up to me to prove that the coach is right in trusting me.”Between Manu Ma’u and Tom Davies, with Mitchell Pearce also in defence, the player who continues to operate on the right side of the Dragons attack responded.

“Assigned numbers do not assign owners”

Notably, of the five recruits, only Adam Keighran inherits the ‘owner’ number, with Tom Johnstone 24, Siua Taukeiaho 22, Romain Navarrete 16 and Manu Ma’u 26 recovering. “This is the game and the training that the players are used to. They know the value of form, that’s the most important thing. Assigned numbers do not identify owners.said Steve McNamara, happy to continue.
With three weeks to go before the season opener (Friday 17 February at Wakefield) the coach has a squad to put in place depending on the packs. Recorded by Fouad Yaha, Mike McMekeken and Tyrone May and possibly by Sam Tomkins. Steve McNamara named his main options against a reserve team led by Thomas Bosk yesterday. Those who put Arthur Mourgue at the back, César Rougé in the opening and Lagguerre – Keighran pair in the center of attack. The players have been urged to set the tone against France B at Gilbert-Brutus next Saturday (2.30pm) and likely Wakefield to follow. The warm-up will be without scrum-half Mitchell Pearce, the only one, to sit out the play-off defeat to Leeds (September 9, 2022, 10-20). “I don’t ask myself any questions. I practice a lot and try my best. I’ve been working on the hinge since casualty training started. I’m trying to take advantage of this experience and find the right size.”César Rougé, 20 years old, said 5 SL matches and one Cup per hour.
The finalization of the 30-man roster – with two additional recruits expected – and a boost in strength during the opposition sessions brings the squad into the final stages of preparation. Dracs technician’s favorite. Who is more comfortable among his guys, in the privacy of the locker room or video room, in front of a list of 30 players he has to put numbers next to.

30 Dragons: 1 Arthur Mourke, 2 Tom Davies, 3 Adam Keighran, 4 Mathie Laguerre, 5 Fouad Yaha, 6 Tyrone May, 7 Mitchell Pearce, 8 Mike McMicken, 9 Micky McIlorum, 10 Julian Bousquet, 11 Matthieu Paul, 11 Séguier , 13 Benjamin Garcia, 14 Alrix Da Costa, 15 Mickael Goudemand, 16 Romain Navarrete, 17 César Rougé, 18 Tiaki Chan, 19 Arthur Romano, 22 Siua Taukeiaho, 23 Jordan Dezaria, 54 Mancien, 22 ‘u, 27 Leo Laurent, 28 Hugo Tison, 29 Sam Tomkins, 30 Loan Castano, 31 Tanguy Zenon,
32 Mike Parenti.

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