Amélie Oudéa-Castéra: “We are facing a combination of crises”

The Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games closed the joint wish ceremony of the sports world at the Maison de la Mutualité on Thursday evening after a three-year break due to the pandemic.

Accompanied by the presidents of the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees, Brigitte Henriques and Marie-Amélie Le Four, and the patron of Paris 2024, Toni Estange, Amélie Udea-Castera conveyed her wishes for success, confidence and promotion to the actors of French sports. Later, he returned to the press in connection with crises that enhanced and tarnished his image.

Psychodrama in the French Rugby Federation

“What I want to congratulate is the mobilization of the clubs with a participation rate of more than 90%. I said from the beginning, this consultation had to go well, the ethics committee had a great contribution to it. This consultation is not an administrative formality.

Tomorrow morning (Friday) I will be with all the steering committee members in Markoussis to convey my message to them, listen to them and then allow them to reflect and take their responsibilities to restore both clear and legitimate governance as soon as possible. of this federation. Bernard Laporte has the right to the presumption of innocence, he has the right to defend himself well today. Together with the other members of the steering committee, it is necessary to imagine a way to quickly solve this crisis and to do it in accordance with the interests of the Federation.

The possibility of new FFR elections and the consequences for the World Cup

“I will discuss this with all members of the Board of Directors. You will understand that I entrust my message to them. What I always say is that this is a consultation and a democratic time, it was necessary, how expected the involvement of the clubs, today we have to draw all the conclusions.

“You don’t have to worry because the GIP France 23 has refined handling”

No need to worry because GIP France 23 has a refined and very stable management with General Manager Julien Collette and GIP President Jacques Rivoal. Around the table are various stakeholders like the FFR as well as the state on their side. We are making very good progress in the preparation of this event, both in terms of security, transport and at the sporting level with the rugby villages, the various base camps and the fifteen men from France who are in excellent form.

French sport is in turmoil

“Undoubtedly, today we are facing a combination of crises in federations that are visible and very important. But the crisis in handball was managed very well, in the spirit of responsibility, very quickly and very clearly and very clearly.

I welcome this resolution on the crisis, which shows that the sports movement is capable of responding. The sports movement consists of 110 federations, there are many other actors besides the three federations mentioned (soccer, rugby, handball) the good ones. They are also reforming their administration. The law of March 2, 2022 includes improvements in this direction in the direction of parity, greater transparency, opening of management to athletes, voting of clubs.

These are very important developments and there is also the non-renewal of mandates after a certain period. While the crises we are experiencing today are being solved, because we will go to the end of solving these crises, it will probably be time to take a step back and think about how we can improve, renew the management of our federations.

Statements against the president of the French Football Federation are increasing

“The interim report will be released next Monday, President Diallo will have a copy and various people associated with this audit will also have a copy. Then there will be a conflict period of 15 days, and only at the end of this conflict period will we have a final report and we will be able to draw conclusions and potentially consider a synthesis of that report. for information.

All this (certificates) It will crystallize in the audit that it is the task of the federation to analyze well, to look closely at the conclusion that it is responsible for drawing from it. And I know they will fulfill their responsibilities. It is also a federation that is very successful thanks to the success of the French team that we all dream about. It is also the dynamics of development in the areas that should be welcomed. We have 2 million football licenses and 15,000 clubs doing good work, training boys and girls.

The question of the participation of Russian athletes in the Paris 2024 Games

“Today, we are in a situation arising from the declaration of the IOC dated February 28, 2022, where the principle of exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes is very clearly established. I think that today, unfortunately, there is no development that would justify leaving this regime.

I note in the text that the IOC has just published a very strong message of increasing sanctions against Russia at various levels: bans on all competitions on their territory, bans on athletes from participating in events other than under a neutral flag, and also bans on Russian leaders from attending these sporting events.

I also remember their very, very strong message of solidarity towards Ukraine. These are the two messages I want to remind you that ultimately it is up to the IOC and the sports movement to decide on this participation. No decision has been made yet, consultations are ongoing and we will deal with these consultations.”

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