PUB FRI, JAN 27 VETTÉ MM Félix Dufour is ready for the next step… Université Laval

The 21-year-old is having a great season at the Alberta college (ACAC). In his second year of eligibility, he started 14 of 16 games for his team, which finished first in the North Division with a 10-6 record.

Center fielder Felix Dufour is among the circuit’s leaders at his position. He explains that centre-backs attack less than his teammates on either flank, but his passing rate is excellent.

I am proud of the way I have played since the beginning of the seasonsays a former student at Ecole Maurice-Lavallée. I’m sure my stats put me very well in several categories, among players like me who play center.

Unfortunately, the statistics it presentsACAC ignore the position of the players on the field.

Félix Dufour nonetheless ranks 34th in total attacks and 36th in kills as of January 24 (kills) ranked 20th in service aces and 33rd in points.

He played very little last season, which is usually the case with first-year players.

Félix Dufour will play for Laval University Rouge et Or next year.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Danielle Bénard

You have to be really exceptional to play consistently in your first season or have a lot of injured players on your team.he adds, recalling Félix Dufour It is very difficult to replace a veteran who has been there for two or three seasons.

When he was brought in at the end of the season, he played very well after the playoffs were confirmed.

I wanted to show that I have a place in the team as a starting player for the next seasonhe said.

According to him, it worked very well, maybe too well. 15de mes16tentatives d’attaque marquantes”,”text”:”Lors du premier match de la saison, j’étais partant et j’ai joué le meilleur match de ma vie. J’ai réussi15de mes16tentatives d’attaque marquantes”}}”>In the first game of the season, I came out and played the best game of my life. I made 15 of my 16 kill attemptshe notes.

His performance allowed him to be named player of the match and also noticed by other teams.

Other teams saw how I could play and when they played us they immediately changed their game to counter me, maybe that worked against me a little bit.points to the volleyball player.

Laval University Rouge and Or

Félix Dufour always knew he wanted to take the next step, which was to play at the university level.

He decided to write to the Laval University Rouge et Or coach to talk about his goals and achievements. He immediately contacted her to get to know her better.

Felix’s email was very detailed and you could already sense his great motivation for his new project.Rouge et Or coach Gino Brousseau says. When I saw the video of Felix in action, I immediately realized that he is a special athlete because of his athletic qualities.he adds.

Gino Brousseau sat in the stands

Gino Brousseau was influenced by the young Franco-Albertan.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Carl Boivin

Email exchanges between the Franco-Albertan and the Quebec coach continued, followed by video conference meetings.

Recruiting is very complicated, especially when the athlete comes from outside of Quebecmarks the coach. Athletic qualities are one thing, but we also look for human qualities in a young person, hoping that they will fit the philosophy of our program as well as the values ​​of our university.

Gino Brousseau says that he was very surprised by the personality of Felix Dufoud.

After talking with him about family, studies, volleyball and other various topics, he was able to conclude that the young man has good values, is organized and very motivated; said he has what it takes to join his team.

Two other universities, one in Alberta and one in Quebec, also contacted him after getting a chance to see him play.

Finally, he received official offers from the three universities he contacted, and he chose Laval University.

The coach is a legend in the world of softball in Canada. Talking to him, I saw his passion for coaching and sports, it will be an honor to play for himhe said.

The 1.95m player admits that he has always dreamed of living in Quebec for a while and continuing his secondary education in French.

To start again

Félix Dufour knows that by moving to Quebec, he will have to start all over again. While this is his first year with the Rouge et Or, this will be his third year as an athlete and he is limited to five.

He understands that he will have to earn his place in the team and may not play much in his first year in the old capital.

Although he hopes to get a chance to play a regular role next year, he has set his sights on playing in the starting lineup for the next two seasons.

I want to complete my bachelor’s degree in four years and play as much softball as possible during those yearshe said.

Dufour and Dufour

This weekend was supposed to be special for the Dufour family, as Felix had to face his brother Alexis, who was part of the team. Lightning first from Concordia University.

Felix’s younger brother signed a contract with a university in Edmonton last summer, but injured his back before the start of the season. Therefore, he has not had a chance to play a match yet and will miss the meeting with his brother’s team.

Felix is ​​a little disappointed with the turn of events. He would love to face his brother, but the priority is to find form for next season.

Unfortunately, unless he also decides to make the jump to the university level, this will be his only chance to face us.comments.

The games between the Ooks and Thunder will be played on Friday at Concordia University and on Saturday at NAIT College.

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