More important than the first impression: the last!

From a psychological point of view, this theory makes perfect sense. Have you ever heard of the novelty effect? This cognitive bias is explained by the fact that people tend to remember more recently experienced elements. Most of you have probably already ended one of your client meetings very abruptly. Maybe you had another meeting right after? Unfortunately, it is all too common in financial services that we pay too little attention to this last touch, which makes all the difference to the customer, especially if a relationship is formed!

So, how is it optimal to end a match to be spectacular like fireworks? Jasmin shares 7 ways to leave a WOW in the customer’s mind:

  1. Ask the customer about his satisfaction and the reasons for this satisfaction

“Are you satisfied with our meeting? », a very simple but very underused question!

In addition, Jasmin recommends following up with the customer, thanking them for their satisfaction, and asking: “What did you appreciate out of interest? “. That way, the client remembers the various positive elements of your meeting as well as telling you out loud (paying double for the novelty effect!). “It’s not only encouraging to receive positive feedback, but in addition, when the client verbalizes it, it becomes his reality and he risks repeating it around! “, Jasmine explained.

  1. End on a friendly and personal note

Too often we end meetings more robotically, talking about numbers and financial concepts or setting the next date. The ideal is to end the meeting in a more humane way, perhaps by discussing more personal elements? Take the opportunity to ask your customer about their travel plans for the coming year, their family, or their work situation. Take advantage of these last moments to build relationships and get to know your customer better.

  1. Value the customer for their approach

Unfortunately, many Quebecers still prefer to spend their income rather than save or buy insurance to protect their situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to congratulate a client who went to the trouble of meeting with you to get your advice? In addition to valuing him, you remind him that the time he spends with you is important.

  1. Reassure the customer

You’ve probably made a purchase that you regret a few hours later. Ladies, I’m talking about the clothes you buy and finally try them on again at home and they don’t fit you at all!

Often times, a buyer will have doubts after making a large purchase. That’s why Jasmin recommends taking the time to reassure the client: “You’ve made a great choice, if anything, know that I’m here for you.” With just one short sentence, you’ve just reduced the impact of this doubt that your customer will experience, thereby reducing the risk of them changing their mind.

  1. Present it to someone around you

During a face-to-face meeting, you can use the presence of your manager, assistant, receptionist or colleague to introduce them to your client. It is very flattering to meet one! Your client will feel important and you will show good team spirit at the same time.

  1. Accompany your client

This step seems trivial, but still! I’m sure you’ve already shaken your client’s hand when you say goodbye at your desk. Why not escort her to the office door or to the elevator? Use this opportunity to have a friendly conversation with him and introduce him to his colleague. You just put together a few techniques in seconds; instant WOW effect!

Jasmin even admits that he often got other opportunities thanks to this short walk while accompanying his client: “During the walk, my client asked me, ‘Do you accept new clients?’ There’s someone else to introduce you to! “, he told me.

  1. End your communication with your customer’s name

Whether it’s by email, phone, video conference, or in person, you can end your conversation by saying their name: “His is the name the person prefers to hear!” Jasmine admitted. For example, you could end your call with, “It was a pleasure talking to you Pascal,” or your email with, “Have a nice day, Mr. Tremblay.” Even if you leave a voicemail message for your customer, you can end with a personal touch that’s more sincere than a simple “See you.”

*The masculine gender is used to simplify the text.

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