LIVE – PSG: “We have to respect and listen to Navas,” Galtier explains

This is the end of the press conference

Christophe Galtier was tight-lipped in the transfer window. More on the terrible sequence of matches that awaits PSG.

Need protection in the transfer window?

“We need offense.”

In captains and vice-captains, Galtier makes his mistake

“We will touch on a very specific point. Mea culpa, I expressed myself badly on Monday night. The choices are very clear, Kylian is one of the vice-captains of this group there. Every time Kim has been on the pitch and Marky has not been on the pitch, Kim has recovered his arm. Marky for x reason when he’s not there, there’s another captain. There was no Kim, Marco or Marky in the Lance match. I decided Kylian was the captain because he’s the vice-captain, not one of the vice-captains. I interviewed Kimpembe then , let me explain to him what I have just explained to you.”

About Ryan Cherky

“Without making any noise, we are in the transfer window period. To be honest, the questions about the transfer window are in the hands of the president and Luis Campos. I am focused on the upcoming series of matches and we will do it at the end of the transfer window. We had a start and we’re trying to make up for it, but at the end of the transfer window we’ll see so-and-so, so-and-so, so-and-so or nobody.

In the yellow aprons of the players

“It was a great moment. Obviously, a few weeks ago, when we had the plan, we decided to do two days of recovery, and as the sessions went by, I told myself that’s all I have to work on. Friday or Saturday I said that they will stay for 1 and a half days instead of 2 days and the players made me laugh a lot. But behind this laughter and this discussion with the players, we trained very well and the next sessions went very well.”

In Navas, at the beginning.

“The transfer window ends in 4 days and I am very focused on the match. Keylor is a great competitor, he has been exemplary in his work since the beginning of the season. He has been appointed the goalkeeper of the French Cup. We will see his reality. But we must respect and listen to him as a person and career.”

About Ashraf Doctor

“He had a very good World Cup, but I think he had a very good first half of the season, adapting to different systems and patterns. He is a player I trust a lot and I was happy with the first part of the season. I know and he knows that even more he can do better. I am sure we will have a very high level Achraf in the second part of the season.”

The beginning of the press conference

We also attack the calendar and matches every three days. “About the injured, Kim resumed the race, in a few days the team will consolidate the work. Nordi Mukiele is still in treatment. We recovered Marco Verratti, who is in the group. According to the sequence of the matches, the calendar is like this. That’s why the previous matches were useful for us, whether the Husband “In Riyadh, even against Pays de Cassel, it was important that many players played. We took the opportunity to train fully because we know that from Sunday the sessions will be short and we will be above all in recovery.”

In Reims, unbeaten in 13 games

“Yes, it’s a good test for us to start this series. This team changed the game system and the coach due to the force of the circumstances. This is the first problem that we faced.”

Christophe Galtier faces the club media

On the complicated schedule: “We’re training, trying to have the maximum number of players. We start an important series this weekend with very little recovery. That’s the schedule, it’s not an excuse. We have a competitive workforce. We’re getting Marco Verratti back. We’re starting to find the automatisms.

PSG were closely interested in ex-Bordelais Malcom

According to L’Equipe, PSG were interested in Brazilian striker Malcom (Zénith St. Petersburg) a few weeks ago. But the priority track is now called Ryan Cherky.

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PSG players visit the future training center in Puissy

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi presented the future training center for Poissy (78) for Paris Saint-Germain players this Thursday.

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