LIVE – France v Sweden: Blues lead at half-time

France leads Sweden 16-12 at halftime!

The “Blues” had perhaps the best first period since the start of the World Cup. In front of a raucous crowd and beating the Swedish players, Ludovic Fabregas’ team-mates were almost imperial in defence, while also hitting well in attack. Kent’s Mahé is still 100% successful on his seven-yard shots against Palicka (4/4). Vincent Gerard also had a solid game in goal.

Johansson is in pain

Johansson’s number! The Swede followed up with a fake shot and gently tricked Vincent Gerard. 14-11 France.

14-9 France, two minute penalty for Sandell

The Blues take the lead and will thrive in the next few seconds.

First time-out Sweden, 13-9 France

Big first half for Guillaume Gille’s men. The Blues, who defended solidly in their attacks positioned to prevent spaces from being taken, put in a great performance for the moment. Especially the talent of Dika Mem and Nedim Remili carries the French team. 40% of stops for Vincent Gérard, very strong this Friday as well. First time-out for Sweden, who put the score behind. 13-9 France

Mahe dominates Palicka from seven meters

Great work from Fabregas in the Swedish zone. He gets a perfect seven-yarder by Mahe, who is three-of-three in practice. 10-8 for the Blues, back to parity after 20 minutes.

Remili also takes two minutes, but the Blues hold on

In seven, Remili also received a two-minute disqualification for a foul on the Swedish pivot. After 17 minutes of play, the blues are still ahead 9-7.

8-6 for France

Two-minute suspension for Nicolas Tournat for a minor foul. In the process, Sweden scored its 6th goal.

France more precisely, 7-5

Seven goals in 12 shots (58%) for the blue-blacks since the start of the match. 5 out of 10 (50%) for Sweden.

6-4 France

Johansson also made Gerard talk about his long-range shot to close the gap. 6-4 for the Blues after 12 minutes.

5-3 for France

After 10 minutes of play, France is ahead after the first goal scored by Ludovic Fabregas. The Blues block the Swedes’ attacks well, but they manage to find solutions, especially with Carlsbogard from distance.

Great start for both sides

A new seven-yard shot by Mahe. France collects. The early game is very tight, with strong defense on both sides;

Carlsbogard deceives Gerard

Dylan Nahi stumbled upon Palicka, who was applauded by the public. The Swedes lead the way with Carlsbogard shotguns. 3-2

Mahé beats Palicka, 2-1

Remili brings the seven-meter ball into the game from the sideline. Kent’s Mahe tricks Palicka and puts the Blues ahead, 2-1.

Account opened for France!

Nadim Remili is the first draw for the Blues. The Swedes respond immediately. 1-1 after three minutes.

Let’s get to this semi-final!

Blues deals with Dika Meme. Although it was the first attempt for the right-back, it did not work out. Vincent Gérard then immediately responds by making his first stop.

The warm atmosphere in Stockholm will bring out the Blues crowd against them

15 minutes before the start of the meeting, the atmosphere is already boiling in Stockholm. Guillaume Gille’s men will have to outdo themselves in the midst of a public that will be completely unfavorable to them. The Swedish anthem is playing in all the stands, the first tremors are there!

100th for Dika Mem

The Barça right-back will celebrate his 100th cap for France this Friday in the World Cup semi-final against Sweden. The 25-year-old football player made his first selection on November 3, 2016.

The winner will challenge Denmark in the final

Two-time defending champions Denmark qualified for the Handball World Cup final with a 26-23 win over Spain in Gdansk this Friday. The Danes, champions in 2019 and 2021, will face either Sweden or France in Stockholm on Sunday to secure an unprecedented hat-trick.

Although the Swedish playmaker is missing Gottfridsson, Palicka is there

Jim Gottfridsson, who has an injured left hand (dislocated index finger), will be a big part of this Friday’s game against France. A boon for the blues; He will not be able to find the MVP of the last seasons of the Bundesliga.

On the other hand, Ludovik Fabregas and his partners will face PSG goalkeeper Andreas Palicka. The excellent Swedish goalkeeper dashed the hopes of the French at the same stage of the Euro 2022 competition last year.

Nikola Karabatic has weakened

On the eve of France-Sweden, Nikola Karabatic did not participate in the collective meeting held on Thursday. 20 minutes into the game against Germany, the left-back survived as the pain in his left leg returned. Although Karabatic, who was first on tap, later put on his shoes, he did not start training with his other partners. It was already secured before France-Iran a week ago.


Avenger Blues

A win tonight and the Blues were just one step away from a seventh world crown (at home) six years after their last against either Denmark or Spain. That will ultimately require measuring up to these Swedes, who have met at the same stage in two of the last three competitions: WC 2021 (32-26) and Euro 2022 (34-33).

Hello to everybody !

The French team, which defeated Germany in the quarter-finals, will face Sweden in the semi-finals of the World Handball Championship on Friday in Stockholm. To follow the commentary live on the website and RMC Sport app from 21:00.

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