Tarbes: Palais des Sport project modified and reduced, extended video protection, work in the Massey garden

Regarding his wishes to the press, Gérard Trémège “calls for tolerance and kindness” in the face of increasing obscenity and wants to bring elected officials and municipal services closer to citizens.

In the economic context of inflation and rising energy prices, Gerard Trémège wanted to make a point by returning to the last city council. “Our tough budget choices have resulted in a reduction in investment from 18 million euros to 20 million euros in 2022 and to 15 million euros in 2023 and the implementation of cost-cutting measures. At the same time, we have supported an increase of more than 2 million euros in civil service wages. 3.5% will be an increase of 1.2 million euros over a full year due to a completely legal revaluation of the index item, effective trade-offs regarding the city’s budget and options.

“An example of bad faith and false statements”

Apart from the structured intervention of Hervé Charles, there is not a word from Mr. Lagonel, who chose to go viral on social media saying that the city’s taxes have increased by 10.52%. This is an example of malice and distortion, misrepresentation, fueled by hatred of the mayor. I would like to re-establish the truth: in 2022, tax revenues increased by 10.52%, of which 7.1% was due to the increase in state-imposed rental values, which is fine with us. The rest is related to the income from transfer fees, in particular the evolution of the physical bases in Tarbes thanks to the results of the Coeur de ville operation, as well as tax receipts of €400,000 from the housing tax on buildings. vacancies”. “While we have invested more than 250 million euros, in 20 years we have reduced our debt by about 30 million euros,” recalled Gerard Tremège, adding that these budget choices “led the city to change the projects we planned.” Realize by 2026 as the Palais des sports du Quai de l’Adour project”: “We decided not to build new equipment, but to see how we could renovate the current Palais des Sport, the envelope of which was reduced from 15 to 5 million euros. “Similarly, the projects of the villa des Arts and the Parmentier place have been postponed.

Massey garden video surveillance and works

Despite the decrease in investment, in 2023 the city will continue to develop video surveillance in several districts, improve low-consumption public lighting, bring a number of roads up to standard and modernize, for example, the 2nd section of avenue d’Azereix or rue. Larrey, an extension of the skate park. “We will also start the first phase of the new hall at Place du Foirail, work on the orangery and cloister in the Massey garden (which will also soon have a new small electric train), the renovation project for the Place Providence”.

“There is a problem of not listening to elected officials”

In addition, the mayor of Tarbes was very concerned about the increase in incivility and intolerance observed during neighborhood meetings “we met more than 1000 people”. Wild littering, excessive speed, neighborhood riots: Gérard Trémège “appeals for tolerance and kindness” especially to “troublemakers”. And he takes responsibility: “Despite our efforts, such as the creation of a municipal police night brigade with more than 11,000 patrols by 2022, we are not communicating enough, not being understood or heard enough. There is a lack of listening to elected officials and even services.” Based on this observation, the mayor wants to re-examine the relationship between the city and citizens to “review the way we operate on the ground”, especially based on the model of the brigades of neighborhood assistants, which “need to be more involved”. proximity or anti-tag jobs.

Second municipal health center?

The mobile app will be offered from July to “simplify the daily life of the Tarbais and improve the dialogue with them”, for example to report a problem or contribute to citizen consultations. “I want to tell Tarbes that you are not alone and we are with you,” said the mayor, including in areas outside of his authority, such as health. “We have taken it upon ourselves to open a municipal health center that allows more than 2,000 patients who do not have a doctor to appoint a doctor. We plan to open a new one in another district as soon as our health center reaches the budget balance. “.

Shopping and parking

Pascal Claveri, first assistant in charge of commerce, highlighted the municipality’s effort to reduce the commercial vacancy rate in the city center from 26% to 18%, with a realistic target of 10%. “There have been 34 openings in the last three years, and our goal is to have 26 openings in two to three years.” The mayor also returned to the parking space: after a consultation in which the city received almost 1,600 responses, it was decided to restore free parking for half an hour instead of the previous hour after an interim experiment.

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