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Need an NRJ Mobile review to get the best deals? This 2023, there are some attractive offers that the non-compulsory operator has to offer. It offers you a clear and particularly affordable offer, as well as the privilege of an optimal Internet connection with 5G.

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Options available on NJR Mobile

Like any telecom network, NRJ Mobile intervenes with additional features for subscribers who require more services than what is included in each basic plan. According to NRJ Mobile users, the most popular options are first of all the duration of communication abroad. These free minutes are highly valued by foreigners for calling or texting people around them.

One of the offers mainly includes communication through unlimited calls to landlines for 4 euros per month. It also includes 1 hour of calls to other mobile networks and landlines within the EU, as well as to other mobile networks and landlines in Switzerland for an additional €5 per month. 30-minute calls to some Maghreb countries and Turkey are available for just €7 per month or twice as much for €12 per month. The blocking function is also available and costs an average of 1 euro per month.

NRJ Mobile’s service offering

NRJ Mobile’s service offering is truly diverse and accessible to all budgets. Thus, the operator offers special affordable packages with unlimited SMS/MMS, calls and a large data package, all of which are a non-binding and affordable offer. Unfortunately, the company does not have in-store customer support. Most of the offers are smartphone-free. However, NRJ Mobile also has slightly more expensive packages considering the fairly new phones.

It’s still possible to find a cheap mobile plan that works for you.

Basic prices of packages offered by NRJ Mobile

NRJ Mobile offers six packages in particular:

  • 130 GB 5G data and 17 Giga on 4G with unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: €24.99 per month
  • 140 GB 4G data and 15 Giga with unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: €14.99 per month
  • 10 Giga with 50 GB 4G data and unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: €9.99 per month
  • 12 Giga with 100 GB 4G data and unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: €12.99 per month
  • 13 Giga with 100 GB 4G data and unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: €10.99 per month
  • 18 Giga with 100 GB 5 G data plus unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: €17.99 per month

It should be noted that NRJ Mobile SIM card offers are given only without time commitment. This means that if you are not satisfied with the operator, you will have to cancel your subscription and switch to another phone network, keeping your old phone number by simply using the RIO code. On the other hand, all NRJ Mobile offers have 4G to connect to the internet, not forgetting 5G, which represents the most expensive package. It provides optimal flow which is pleasant for navigation.

Apart from non-binding offers, NRJ Mobile also has formulas with the latest generation of smartphones. In such cases, the offers are a little more expensive and often cover a commitment of twenty-four months. What’s special about these offers available at NRJ Mobile is that the company highlights refurbished mobile phones.

Generally, if you can get a mobile phone with your package, NRJ Mobile offers very good plans. It is more cost effective to opt for a bundle plus smartphone rather than investing in a mobile phone that cannot be unlocked during the SIM card activation process. Hence, this benefit must be kept in mind during the first purchase as it cannot be offered later.

Importance of 4G and 5G internet connection quality

NRJ Mobile uses very sophisticated antennas to ensure good coverage. The operator covers almost the entire territory of France and its population at a rate of 100%.

NRJ Mobile phone network is offering 4G and 4G+ this year 2023. It has also been rolling out 5G for some time now. In terms of fluidity and speed, users’ opinions often urge them to join the latter of these formulas, but the choice depends primarily on consumers based on their geolocation and nearby relay antennas. The 130 Gigas 5G connectivity plan is very good value for money to take advantage of the latest mobile connectivity technology.

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