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This season there are 70 of them. Football, handball, basketball and even amateur football clubs that display national or international brands on their shirts. Unibet, Backmarket and today Uber Eats, more and more multinationals are starting to sponsor amateur clubs. The solution, for the most part, was made possible by ActforSport, a start-up created in 2019 that unites “clubs from the grassroots” all over France and very large companies. Guillaume Tanarys, founder of ActforSport, explains: “Our goal is to help brands create connected communication that will help the association ecosystem.”

Today, dozens of brands have joined the process and offer jersey games for teams in competition uniforms. Guillaume Tanarys reminds: “Match equipment is 30% of the club’s budget”. It is between 500 and 1000 euros for a complete set of uniforms.

Plougastel FC was one of the first French clubs to be sponsored by Unibet in 2019. (Photo archive Le Télégramme)

More budget to improve club life

Their latest partnership? One with Uber Eats, the title partner of Ligue 1 since 2020, sponsors fifty clubs in France, including three in Brittany. “It’s part of a strategy to invest in the whole of football,” justifies a spokesperson for the food delivery company.

Gars Saint-Majan de Plouguin club (29), which plays in D2, will be one of the beneficiaries of the first series of jerseys. “I applied a bit casually,” smiled Sébastien Bégoc, head of the Plouguin club project. But this is timely, the money we ask for jerseys from sponsors can be spent on other things: buying balls, equipment, training our young people…” Observation shared by Ergue Armel Ludovic Amalir, member of the Quimper office: “The money saved allows us to send our young people to participate in tournaments or other uniforms will allow you to update your games.

It’s time, the money we want from sponsors for uniforms can be spent on other things: buying balls, equipment, training our youth.

The money saved by Hermine Kernic, a handball club in Plouescat (29) and sponsored by Butagaz in 2021, has turned into new jerseys for other teams. But Finistère club secretary Stephanie Sulmont remembers being particularly proud of the fact that the children were wearing the same sponsored kit as the women’s first division. “It was Cleopatra Darleux who gave them the shirts, they were obviously very happy,” he enthuses.

Hermine Kernic's young U13 team received their Butagaz stamped jerseys from BBH goalkeeper Cleopatre Darleux.
Hermine Kernic’s young U13 team received their Butagaz stamped jerseys from BBH goalkeeper Cleopatre Darleux. (Photo by Stephanie Sulmont/Hermine Kernic)

“When big companies invest in training young people, it’s beneficial”

A highlight of their club is that it is timely and highlights the work of volunteers to attract other partners as well. “When big companies invest in training young people, it’s rewarding,” confirms the member of the Baud cycling club (56), whose youth team competes under Groupama colors from this season. We are warehouses of professional teams. If we die, there will be no one at the top. “It is very difficult to support the amateur clubs that will produce tomorrow’s great champions,” says Sylvie Galua, marketing manager of Butagaz, which supports 70 amateur handball clubs in France.

These different clubs’ partnerships with big brands don’t stop them from maintaining their commitment to the local businesses that always keep amateur sports alive, but allow them to breathe.

40% of private sponsorship for amateur sports

It must be said that amateur sponsorship is a big source of spending: according to the Sorasport study, in 2021, sports sponsorship by private companies is about 2.5 billion euros, of which more than 40% goes to amateur clubs, mainly supported by small and medium-sized enterprises . .

However, ActforSport is not the only startup bringing together big brands and small clubs. Some national companies, such as Orange, which are heavily involved in amateur sports, have been doing it themselves for a very long time. In addition to seminars set up to educate young people about the risks of digital technology, the telecommunications company also offers the sale of orange flocked jerseys at a low price, a “very concrete way of helping the club financially”, which always wins. A “huge success,” according to Stephane Tardivel, director of partnerships at Orange France.

After that, there are only OMs who can play with “Orange” or “Uber Eats” flowing into their stomachs, but many small District clubs, sometimes in very small towns. “It seems to me that there are not only big clubs and big cities,” concludes the teacher of GSM Plouguin, who is determined to put his small village on the amateur sports map.

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