New games: Various Daylife, NBA All-World, Mare and Madness/Endless

Today, 14 exciting video games are coming to the App Store for your iOS devices, especially Various Daylife, NBA All-Woror, Mare, and Madness/Endless.

Tuesday is video games for the cinema, so here at iPhoneSoft you can find: Thursday game trips For iPhone, iPod and iPad for years.

New free iOS games:

speed rally icon game ipa iphone ipadQuickRally (Game, Racing, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.3, 501MB, iOS 11.0, adam rogan)

Quick Rally is a casual arcade game that we love with its over the top look, hot graphic style and the ability to compete with other players in every lap.
A total of 22 tracks to unlock and cars to earn.

You’ll find a weekly test track with a new track every week and a new competition-specific leaderboard for the best time.

Download free game QuickRally

fast rally catch game ipa iphone ipad

willys wonderland icon game ipa iphone ipadWillys Wonderland (Game, , iPhone / iPad, v1.0, 1.7 GB, iOS 11.0, QUByte Games Desenvolvimento d…)

Welcome to Willy’s Wonderland! But something is wrong…

Join the janitor and Liv to fight and free the place from Willy and his henchmen!

Download Willys Wonderland for €2.49

catch willys wonderland game ipa iphone ipad

nba world icon game ipa iphoneNBA All World (Game, Sports/Adventure, iPhone, v1.10.3, 329MB, iOS 11.0, Niantic, Inc.)

The creators of Pokémon Go are finally releasing NBA All-World!

It’s time to lace up your sneakers and rule the court at NBA All-World. Get your bearings as you explore your neighborhood to meet and challenge your favorite NBA players in augmented reality. Get ready to save your life in mini-games and assert your presence in 1v1. Show off your skills by customizing your player with some exclusive gear from your favorite basketball and lifestyle brands. Show what you’re worth on the field as you explore, collect, and compete to cement your legacy as one of the game’s greatest!

Download free game NBA All World

nba world takeover game ipa iphone

punch kick duck icon game ipa iphone ipadPunch Kick Duck (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.01, 110MB, iOS 12.0, Shaun Coleman)

Fighting is all about timing, ask any duck. All you have to do is punch, kick and sweep in this original and addictive game!

The evil Baron Tigroussi has imprisoned you in his tower. Defeat the Baron’s minion hordes as you climb this tower to confront the captor.

Download free game Punch Kick Duck

punch kick duck catch game ipa iphone ipad

devolver tumble time game icon ipa iphone ipadDevolver Tumble Time (Game, Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.3.2, 204MB, iOS 11.0)

Discover a fun game based on the laws of physics with Devolver Tumble Time. Choose from a huge selection of characters from your favorite Devolver Digital games and score points by matching their cute little heads to trophies. Enter the game and unlock each character’s special power to earn more points and gain bonuses that can perform absolutely hilarious chain reactions.

Download free game Devolver Tumble Time

devolver tumble time capture game ipa iphone ipad

idle game tycoon icon game ipa iphoneIdle Game Tycoon (Game, Simulation, iPhone, v1.3, 267 MB, iOS 11.0, Sunlight Games GmbH)

Have you ever dreamed of building a successful gaming company and launching your own games? This simulation takes place in the exciting and creative industry of game development. Build a successful business, grow your development studio from garage status to highly profitable business, create fantastic games, publish them and earn money. Hire managers to help you and optimize your work in your company. Explore new technologies and new genres to keep up with the major players and support your developers so they can further improve their performance and develop the best games. Decorate the creative play area with various fun objects and decorate the offices as you like to give them your personal touch.

Download free game Idle Game Tycoon

idle game tycoon catch game ipa iphone

three sky icon game ipa iphone ipadThree Heavens (Game, Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.1, 1.2GB, iOS 12.0, Shiny Box Games, LLC)

Three Skies is a story-driven strategy RPG featuring non-linear dungeons, turn-based combat, and highly customizable heroes.

Customize your commander, collect and upgrade over 60 unique heroes, and create the perfect synergy party of dungeon explorers to unravel the mystery of Calamity and save the land of Baranor from a mysterious villain reborn from your past.

Download free game Three Heavens

three sky capture game ipa iphone ipad

New paid iOS games:

different daily life game icon ipa iphone ipadDiverse Day Life (Game, RPG, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.1, 1.4GB, iOS 13.0, SQUARE ENIX)

Square Enix’s excellent RPG has arrived. Various Daylife offers a “real life” adventure with over 20 professions and over 100 activities for them. Strengthen your strength with physical tasks or improve your magic with more intellectual work: your choices will change the characteristics of your character. This point is important for overcoming dungeons, because yes, there are strategic battles like in Final Fantasy for example.

Download Diverse Day Life At €24.99

different daylife capture game ipa iphone ipad

youtubers life 2 creators game icon game ipa iphone ipadYoutubers Life 2 Creators Game (Game, Adventure/Simulation, iPhone/iPad, v1.3.1, 1.2GB, iOS 14.0, Raiser Games)

A game for those who dream of becoming a YouTuber star.

Explore NewTube City to discover new trends and make new connections with different characters to take your channel to the top!

Every trend is a story to discover in NewTube City! Find hotspots in 3 different neighborhoods with special challenges, seasonal events, popular characters and more! Identify the top trends for your channel, find out why they are popular and create new content to grow and grow your audience and increase your reach!

Download Youtubers Life 2 Creators Game At €7.99

youtubers life 2 creators game capture game ipa iphone ipad

cardsurvival tropical island icon game ipa iphone ipadCardSurvival: Tropical Island (Game, Cards/Simulation, iPhone/iPad, v1.001, 231MB, iOS 11.0, WinterSpring Games Limited)

Card Survival: Tropical Island is a card-based survival game from the creators of Card Quest.

Experience what life would be like if you were stranded on a desert island, all in the form of maps.
Explore, create and manage your tools to survive in this harsh environment.

Download CardSurvival: Tropical Island At €18.99

cardsurvival tropical island capture game ipa iphone ipad

prehistoric isle 2 icon game ipa iphone ipadPrehistoric island 2 (Game, Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.1.0, 188MB, iOS 11.0, SNK CORPORATION)

Prehistoric Isle 2 is a shooting game released by SNK in 1999 and ported by the “ACA NeoGeo” collection.
Different types of dinosaurs appeared, big, small and even with wings!
Your mission is to get these primitive animals out of the city.
Rescue all trapped citizens and escape! Enjoy various colorful scenes and backgrounds!

Download Prehistoric island 2 At €4.99

prehistoric island 2 capture game ipa iphone ipad

mare icon game ipa iphone ipadpond (Game, Adventure/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.1, 1.8GB, iOS 10.0, Visiontrick Media AB)

Mare is a top-notch game, beautiful from start to finish, coupled with a musical score that greatly contributes to immersion. If the original version was available in VR, the “Touch” version allows you to experience this scary and mysterious adventure.

You wake up from a dreamless dream in the strange land of “Mare” in the skin of a mysterious artificial bird.
Along with a desperate traveler, you enter the depths of an unknown region for a confusing and exciting experience.

Download pond At €5.99

mare catch game ipa iphone ipad

roller drama icon game ipa iphone ipadRoller Drama (Game, Sports/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.7, 1.1GB, iOS 11.0, Open Lab Srl)

The blend of your dreams between visual novel and sports management! Lead a roller derby team, use strategy and real-time controls. Off the track, you’ll have to manage the friendships and heartaches of 5 powerful personalities in a capitalist society…

It is an original theme with a very nice realization.

Download Roller Drama At €6.99

roller drama capture game ipa iphone ipad

madness infinite icon game ipa iphoneMadness/Infinity (Game, Action, iPhone, v1.0.1, 200MB, iOS 10.0, Anthony Romano)

Enjoy unique action and stealth gameplay created especially for mobile devices. A hand-crafted pixel art world filled with terrifying creatures and hidden tragedies. Play with one hand and defeat your enemies using clever combos and special items as you zip through the environment! Discover a secret plan in this ruined world where friends will betray you and enemies will help you…

It’s beautiful, accessible, and pretty fun!

Download Madness/Infinity At €4.99

madness endless catch game ipa iphone

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