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On the occasion of the overhaul of the Neovadiol series for mature skin, Vichy laboratories (L’Oréal group) chose to deal with a taboo topic: menopause. Accompanied by the agency Ctzar, the brand prioritized positive and loyal communication thanks to the concept of #Menopause.

Taboo topic, bold campaign. Although menopause affects 10 million women in France and more than 500,000 women every year, Vichy, a brand of the L’Oréal group, has chosen to get ahead of the topic. If it was with the first intentioninstall the rebranding of its Neovadiol* range – addressing the mature skin concerns of pre- and post-menopausal women (wrinkles, sagging, blemishes, etc.) – and the brand quickly recognized its contribution to making Vichy a specialist player in menopausal skin. could enter liberating women’s speech and changing the way society views women over 50. “Based on the repositioning of the Neovadiol range with new packaging, a new formulation and a new product, we envisioned a media campaign that went beyond the product statement – the latter became almost an excuse – to emancipate women’s voices”says Fanny de Jenlis, then France director of communications and influence at Vichy and Skynceuticals and director of sustainability communications from April 2022 (Director of Sustainability Communications) from the L’Oréal group.

The brand is turning to several agencies, including influencer marketing agency Ctzar, to meet its ambitions “To provide experience and suitable products, and developing an impact campaign to complement the Neovadiol commercial”Fanny de Jenlis continues: “Ctzar brought us a very loyal and positive opinion: #The concept of menopauseHe was immediately accepted within the L’Oréal group.Although the topic of menopause is rarely discussed on social platforms, the marketing agency is really quick to notice. opportunity represented by social networks, vectors of change in society, Shares Camille Olivier, managing director and co-founder of Ctzar, Me Too and ‘body positivity’ movements. We wanted to draw this parallel with the #Menopause movement, which means that menopause is definitely inevitable, but the way we experience it can be positive.“.

From Instagram posts… to an engagement letter

#Menopause – a positive menopausal contraction – is therefore based on the sorority trend in networks and invites all women, menopausal or not, to engage with the topic. “In order to remove the taboo, it is important to educate people on this topic widely, including men“, Camille Olivier says. The campaign is taking shape with the first part in October 2021 to generate interest. from 1er On October 11, a woman (3 free profiles with less than 30,000 followers, 3 paid profiles with between 3 and 30K followers, and 7 paid profiles with an average of 125K followers) posts a testimonial about her menopause experiences on Instagram and announces Vichy’s commitment. topic. They also encourage their communities to share #menopositivity content.

This first highlight is completed by the organization of a round table moderated by Virginia Guilhaume, a journalist in her forties. At this event, sociologist Gaël le Fur, MD and author of the Peau M report Charles Taieb, Hélène Giuliano director of marketing in France Vichy Laboratories and influencers – discuss the topic. The roundtable is broadcast on the Vichy website on October 18 World Menopause Day, as well as a local ad on, which targets a large audience. Idea: To show that Vichy has a role in the general support of women not only from a dermatological perspective. For this occasion, all participants wear a scarf created in collaboration with artist Léandre Cornette de Saint Cyr. “Every movement needs an emblem“, Defends the managing director and co-founder of Ctzar. The latter, produced in 2,000 copies, was sent to influencers, L’Oréal management, as well as Neovadiol consumers for any online purchase. In parallel, commitment letter published in the magazine He : “The letter is a positive statement, a symbol of liberation and support for Vichy“, Fanny de Jenlis comments.

Finally, to increase the visibility of Vichy’s commitments, Ctzar partnered with personalities such as podcast creator Valérie Tribes. Clothactress Juliette Tresanini or even journalist and founder of the Sisterhood brand Elsa Wolinski.

An achievement 157 times higher than the target

The second part is open in April 2022 Promotion of Menocoach, a support program for women before or after menopause all associated symptoms (especially gynecological, dermatological, weight gain, fever and loss of self-esteem). 10 influencers, including 5 who have already participated in the first part of the campaign, with an average of 100,000 followers, watch the program for a month, then share their impressions on Instagram in a “reel”, a video. Excerpts from the October roundtable are shared, as well as #Menopause gifs created for the occasion.

“The results exceeded our expectations.Please Camille Olivier and Fanny de Jenlis. As expected, instead of one or two posts per influencer, they did more and opened spontaneous lives on their social networks. Feedback from their communities has also been very positive.So, 9 months after the start of the campaign, more than 547 permanent posts and stories were created by influencers, including 339 free entries as a “bonus”. Levels 1 and 2 reach 4.9 million, 157% over target. Commitment 2.7% – “We are happy to influence a brand from 2%“, Camille swipes Olivier.

Although the third part of the campaign will be deployed in October 2022, the move aims to be long-term. “There is still a lot of work to be done to break the taboo, and there is a role for influence to get the general public to take up the topic through authentic statements.Camille Olivier notes again.

* Number 1 in menopausal skin care in Europe

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