How to become a full stack javascript developer?

Today is no secret! The professions of the future are almost all based on the Internet, be it communication, marketing, or sales, and definitely all the tools that allow you to benefit from this ecosystem. Behind all these tools are developers who create solutions to meet the needs and expectations of both businesses and consumers.

Developer profession It is the new noble profession in the 21st century, just as the artist was a few decades ago and is now for the happiness of all.

web developers

Among all these web professions, it is therefore obvious developers are part of the lot and represent Internet artists to some extent. If you tend to spend several hours on social networks, then you benefit from the work done by developers to access this channel.

The same goes for all websites and every mobile app you can download from the store. Without these talented developers, paper and pen would still have a bright future ahead of them!

However, did you know that some programming languages ​​differ? This is the case JS or JavaScript language, this is a safe bet and a skill sought after by many companies. It is rather a Java Script Full Stack that integrates the entire JS environment and its many tools.

Is it possible to do so? Learn JavaScript Full stack ? Yes, we will cover that in this article by defining and discussing the JS language. Full Stack JavaScript training separated by Oh watch.

JS FullStack O'clock exercise

What is JavaScript and what does JavaScript Full Stack mean?

JavaScript is a programming language, is undoubtedly the most widely used and also the most common in the world. Both websites and mobile apps incorporate JavaScript like HTML and CSS.

It is a complex language, despite all that is said about it, but at the same time it is in high demand and relatively undervalued in terms of salary. Therefore, finding a job as a JavaScript programmer should not be a problem.

Train as a JavaScript developer

A JavaScript developer, moreover, Full Stack, can demand a very comfortable salary depending on the structure he will develop and/or the projects he will work on as a freelancer.

How does JavaScript stack up against HTML and CSS?

JavaScript controls everything dynamic part and especially the relationship between the server and the users. When you see a website, you often only see the visual aspect added to the HTML and CSS. These 2 languages ​​are easier to approach, but are by no means sufficient on their own, except to work on site cosmetics when necessary.

However, these 2 important and relatively simple to understand languages ​​appear in the JS developer course.

JavaScript is the language that almost everything is based on, and many frameworks are based on it, e.g Angle (JS) and Nodes(JS) React, the dominant JS library also created by Facebook. So, Frameworks are frameworks that make it possible to work on creating websites and/or applications.

Angular, for example, is a Framework developed by Google, but it is not the only one, hence the term FullStack, which provides many tools added to JavaScript, of which Frameworks are a part.

JavaScript Full Stack in all this?

So Full Stack is a bit like the full package! i.e. all tools, frames, etc. Those related to JavaScript. If Full Stack JavaScript Developer is rare, it should be known that it can answer almost all queries related to JavaScript, while a JS Angular developer will only master this Framework.

FullStack JavaScript language

If the latter needs to work on a UI project, you’ll probably need to know the JS React library, and maybe turn to another developer. Therefore, especially in web projects related to mobile applications, you have several JS developers who will work on the bricks of these.

However, a Full Stack developer will rarely work alone on large software projects, except as a freelancer. His knowledge and skills put him at the top and he can also be the main interface for an ambitious project. As you can see, a JavaScript Full Stack developer has it all The JavaScript ecosystem and Rear End whom The front side (server and user side).

JS FullStack O'clock exercise

Become a Full Stack JavaScript Developer: O’Clock Training

O’Clock’s school specializes in training programming languages become a developer. No cooking classes or drawing, this is web development. ? As they say!

Full Stack JavaScript Developer Training suggested by O’Clock School of Development it will also be a wise choice and a good investment in this fully digital era. Thus, the training offers to follow different modules, called chapters, and is positioned as a complete course accessible to all.

We always bet that a real appetite for code and the web in general is required and highly recommended. The training takes place within 6 months and allows obtaining a state-recognized professional title. However, a diploma in these professions is not particularly authentic, as you can quickly see what a profile knows how to manipulate language and what it is capable of.

Anyway, O’Clock will talk about it better than I can because they can talk about it for hours and you may not have it for me. So, to understand the learning method better, here it is:

Clock Method

Some highlights of the JavaScript FullStack tutorial

here they are O’Clock workout highlights, we will also add acquired skills in JavaScript. And if these questions arise: Is it easy to find a job after such training, can you start freelancing, etc. ? Yes and yes, because these are sought after skills and depending on the motivation of the profiles, a freelancer can go far and make a good place for himself in this universe.

A selected piece from O’Clock, I will return it in many formations, I respond to the true motivation and willingness to invest oneself to capture the whole quintessence of discipleship.

The developer profession requires seriousness and determination. Of course, it is not easy.

But it’s a job that allows you to see work as an unlimited playground. Every technical problem is a challenge for developers who must use sophistication and ingenuity to succeed in solving it.

The game in the clock has a special place in our learning system. The student is immersed in a light and comfortable atmosphere that helps him realize himself and overcome himself.

JS training is open to “motivated” beginners

If the training is done by professionals, it remains accessible to beginners without the need for any background. However, we recommend having a base, that is, the basics to follow the program. Training in programming languages ​​is generally pursued by profiles with a certain appetite and strong motivation.

So you still need to take a registration course to determine your motivation, but also to validate your computer skills and logic. In all cases, follow-up is carried out during this short course.

6-month distance learning course

Because you are comfortable at home and have everything you need; computer, internet and slippers. So the exercise is the distance after the school method (it’s the frame above if you’ve already forgotten it). It stretches for more than 6 months, and I don’t think it’s too much, because you have to admit one thing, being a coach, it’s clear that there’s a big digestion period behind.

Thus, the menu should be studied to suit everyone’s appetite, but without leaving you hungry.

The theory! but above all a lot of experience

Theory is the framework, but practice will make the difference and bring experience. Thus, O’Clock emphasizes the experience and is good for those tasks where you need your hands in the mud in the code. No need to say more!


We could find many other strong points, but I wouldn’t want to cut O’Clock either, he’s still going to be better than me, even though I’ve always been drawn to code. Whereas in my day it was the dawn of computers and everything was jammed, but I wrote endless lines of BASIC to a result that would be funny today.

Special note for the school: the language used on the site!

We’re done with JavaScript and programming languages! It is an idea to learn more on the school’s website to know all the details. The site that caught my attention in terms of words! Respectful but relatively funny and truthful colloquialism.

I wanted to be inspired by it sometimes, but maybe I got a little confused! Of course, if we are talking about the language, it is the developers who master it.

Therefore, the words create a smile and connect with the Internet user, which is another good point that relaxes the reader to better master the proposed course. As for me, it makes me want to meet the team!

JS FullStack O'clock exercise

Written in collaboration with O’Clock

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