Athletes investing in decentralized finance

These new features logically open up great opportunities for diverse investors looking to grow and diversify their portfolios over several years. Among them, far from lying, we almost systematically find professional athletes. The names are coming together and some have made a name for themselves for being as strong off the field as they are on it. investments and as soon as the “business” part takes over.

In this sense, it is difficult not to mention LeBron James, who became a billionaire during his sports career and was the first active athlete, who was soon joined by another legend of American sports, Tiger Woods. Still, the basketball player is known for constantly investing his earnings into the NBA franchise, especially with big advertising deals. Profitable, smart management that inspires many other athletes.

Of course, LeBron James also stepped up when it came to investing in decentralized finance, but he wasn’t the only international athlete to do so in previous years…

Professional athletes were paying in bitcoin across the Atlantic

It can be said that Americans tend to have a head start on this. Today, and despite the collapse of certain platforms or significant changes in certain cryptocurrencies, most platforms, including trade212, remain attractive to investors or simply those who believe in these currencies of the future.

The future is indeed what drives many American professional athletes who have taken a huge risk by accepting, or rather asking, for part of their annual salary to be paid in bitcoin. The most popular of cryptocurrencies is constantly being highlighted across the Atlantic, and it goes without saying that the concept of a salary paid in this way positions certain athletes in the future. They themselves are not aware of the profitable side of such an application, but this option can be profitable for several months or even years.

This is actually a direct paid investment with no real currency transaction, i.e. dollars. Several internationally recognized American athletes have therefore chosen to receive partial payment in this manner. It is difficult in this sense the famous Odell Beckham Jr. or not to mention basketball player Klay Thompsonmultiple NBA champion.

For some, more classic investments

After the scandal demonstrated by the collapse of FTX in recent weeks, the idea of ​​a common cryptocurrency has, shall we say, taken a major hit. By staying in the world of sports, the legendary Tom Brady knowingly made huge losses in a risky investment.

Therefore, some athletes try not to repeat the same mistakes and go completely out of these new ways, almost reinventing the idea of ​​​​investing in raw materials. With strong demand in agriculture, for example, Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow decided to invest in corn! Ultimately, it is an investment like any other, which is in no way compatible with decentralized finance. For example, Boston Celtics basketball player Blake Griffin, followed the same traditional path while continuing to support certain cryptocurrency platforms.

An ambivalence that can clearly be good when one dedicates oneself to any investment. After all, we always tend to remember that we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to investing. With agricultural raw materials and virtual currency, there are certainly many differences, but this very specific advice is perfectly followed!

In addition, many athletes today tend to abandon bitcoin in favor of less popular virtual currencies. A choice that clearly revitalizes the virtual market.

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