Aphromoo announces his retirement and the end of his professional football career

The 2023 season is about to start for the North American LCS, with the Spring Break starting tonight, an opportunity for Aphromoo to announce his decision to end his professional playing career and retire. After more than a decade of conflict, it’s time for support to hang up the mouse and keyboard.

The remaining warrior

Updated January 26, 2023 As the 2023 LCS season kicks off tonight, Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, an under-20 League of Legends professional since August 2011, has announced his decision to retire from the competitive scene. The two-time LCS champion and former North American league MVP has announced that he will no longer be playing competitively after more than 11 years at the top level. He is known for his time in CLG colors, the famous “Rush Hour” era with botlaner Doublelift, and reaching the finals of the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. In the video, Aphromoo says he no longer thinks. playing League of Legends; he says he’s proud of his career, but adds that his body and mind are telling him it’s time to move on from a competitive career.

After dedicating most of his life to League of Legends, Aphromoo plans to spend more time outside of the game, doing activities that include working on his car and spending time with his family, but now also plans to branch out into content creation as well as streaming. , but also keep watching the LCS.

Item December 8. 2022 : Now 30 years old and a pro since August 2011, Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black is one of the few and oldest players still active in the North American League of Legends scene, but this iconic support of the LCS could be without a team. For the start of the 2023 season. It’s been almost three weeks since the transfer window officially opened for the 2022-2023 season, and all North American teams are gradually locking in their rosters for the next competitive season in the LCS league. level and academic league level and for the moment apromoo is not in the plans of any of them.

Since the end of November and the opening of the transfer market, FlyQuest began to clean up the LCS squad, the names of Josedeodo, Johnsun, toucouille and ahromoo were removed from the database of Riot Games contracts, and for the last three, thanks to them for the 2022 season, the goals set by the club will definitely be reached even if they don’t know, the structure has not made a statement yet. FlyQuest unfortunately failed to perform this season and failed to qualify for League of Legends Worlds 2022; the team was eliminated from the playoffs in the first round of the tree, closing the Spring Split in 5th/6th place, the Summer Split regular season in 6th place, and the LCS Championship in 7th/8th place.

As for the departing players, Josedeodo has been hired by Estral Esports, Toucouille is expected on Team GO’s side to return to the LFL, while Johnsun and ahromoo could find themselves without a team, at least without a starting spot. LCS training. For American Support, this could be the end of his long career in the North American league, which, as we said above, began in August 2011 with Team Rez; In his more than 10-year career, this veteran of the League of Legends scene notably won two LCS league titles, with CLG in the summer of 2015 and in the spring of 2016, when his duo with Doublelift was nicknamed Rush Hour. three world championships (2015-2016-2018) and in the 2016 edition of the Mid-Season Invitational, they finished second after a losing final against SK Telecom T1, the team that would win the world title a few months later. .

From 2011 until now, aphromoo has gone through a series of organizations such as Team SoloMid, CLG, Team Curse, 10 Thieves, Dignitas and finally FlyQuest in 2022, but this veteran has struggled to regain his previous form in these years, but still his experience, he managed to make a name for himself with his leadership and knowledge of the game, but it seems that is not enough anymore today. At the moment, there’s no confirmation on Aphromoo’s future, both in the LCS and elsewhere, but according to all the rumors, all title support spots will be locked today and he’s nowhere to be seen. At the FlyQuest level, the team would already be looking for a new starting five for the next racing season, and ahromoo should be replaced by former Team Liquid Academy supporter Bill “Eyla” Nguyen. We should know more in the coming days/weeks.

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